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 This was a massive humiliation, and that perverted demon was far too arrogant. Everyone wanted to rip him to shreds, but it was a pity that Zhao Fu had already left and headed deeper within the Demon Domain.

A few days later, Zhao Fu and the women were resting on a grassy plains. Zi Yue, the little mouse, was so fat that it looked like a round ball, and it lay on Zhao Fu's shoulder. It seemed incredibly lazy, as if it did not have any strength, and it started to look cuter and cuter.

Shi Yeya greatly liked Zi Yue and often took it to play with. Perhaps it was because of Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline, but Zi Yue quite liked to stay by Zhao Fu's side.

Mei Lingling and Luo Yanhuo were nestled against Zhao Fu, and they were the ones who were the most infatuated with Zhao Fu. Back when Luo Yanhuo had been taken by Zhao Fu, she had been quite aggrieved, but now she was just as lewd as Mei Lingling when doing it Zhao Fu.

After being given a lot of love by Zhao Fu in the past few days, the women's complexions all became rosier and even more beautiful.

Suddenly, a massive sound came from the distance as a massive aura of killing and conquering flooded over. A great crowd of people and horses appeared, and there seemed to be around 200,000 of them. They were all Stage 5 soldiers, and they gave off immense demonic qi and were not any weaker than tens of millions of Stage 1 soldiers.

Seeing the large numbers of Stage 5 soldiers, Zhao Fu understood that they were in the inner regions of the Demon Domain.

The one in the lead was an evil-looking young man, and there were a few people with strong auras next to him. Because the grassy plains that Zhao Fu and the women were resting on was a place they would pass through, it was impossible for them not to see Zhao Fu and the women.

When the evil-looking young man saw the ten peerlessly-beautiful women next to Zhao Fu, his heart trembled, and it was the first time he had seen so many beauties. He felt as if his heart was going to leap out, and his eyes lit up.

"Go and capture those women for me and kill that man," the evil-looking young man stared at the women in infatuation and ordered the people around him. He wanted them to obtain those women at all costs; if he could enjoy them, he would be willing to do anything.

However, a big man next to him said, "Young master, I feel that those people aren't simple; normally, people who see our army will quickly retreat to the side and not dare to block us. However, they dare to ignore us, which means that they have great power. Also, young master, we're going to suppress the rebellion in the White Shell City under orders from your mother; it's best not to make any trouble."

The evil-looking young man angrily called out, "Are you under me right now or under my mother? Do you believe I won't slaughter you if you refuse to obey your elder's orders?"

After seeing those ten women, the evil-looking young man felt that he had desperately fallen for them, and he would do anything to obtain them. How could he give up so easily?

The big man's expression became quite grim, and after thinking about it, he could only agree. He led over 200,000 Stage 5 soldiers and surrounded those people, wanting to force them to submit. With the army present, he felt more confidence.

"Our young master has taken interest in the lot of you. Come with me, and if you serve our young master well, not only will you live, but that man with you also won't die," the big man rode on a horse as he spoke in a high and mighty tone.

Luo Yanhuo, who was resting against Zhao Fu, disdainfully laughed as she said, "Who does your young master think he is, wanting us to serve him? Any one of us is more prestigious than your young master by a hundred times."

Hearing this, the big man's heart sank, and he felt that what Luo Yanhuo had said was true. They were simply too beautiful and were one in a billion.

At the same time, the big man felt that these people were quite dangerous. Even though they were hiding their cultivations, he could sense that they were quite terrifying.

After thinking about it, the big man decided to go back to persuade his young master.

Seeing this, Zi Lingye coldly harrumphed as she said, "You think we're that good-natured to allow you to come and go as you please? Husband, the Evil Flower Demons need blood and flesh, and you can eat all of them."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Hearing this, the big man felt a chill in his heart and prepared to give the order to kill these people first.


If he could kill them and bring them back to the young master so that he could have them while they were still warm, he would still complete his duty.

However, before he could react, an incredibly sharp sword light flashed out and blood spurted everywhere as the big man's head fell off.

It was Jue Tianling who had acted, instantly killing a World Realm expert with a sword strike. Her power was incredibly terrifying; only by using his Nation Armament's full power would Zhao Fu be able to suppress her.

The army around them was also greatly startled and prepared to attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as massive amounts of demonic qi flowed out. Eight massive monster that stood 500 meters tall appeared, starting to attack the countless soldiers.

Even though the countless Stage 5 soldiers were powerful and courageous, Zhao Fu's Evil Flower Demons were immune to even ordinary attacks from Emperor Heaven Realm experts; how could these Stage 5 soldiers hit the Evil Flower Demons?

Facing the Evil Flower Demons, they were unable to resist at all and could only die.

Seeing how terrifying the Evil Flower Demons were and how tens of thousands of soldiers had died, the remaining soldiers could only run towards where their young master was.

The young master's expression fell and had never thought that Zhao Fu and the others would be so powerful. Even though he had 200,000 soldiers, they were not a match for the Evil Flower Demon, so the young master could only give the order to run.

However, now that things had come to this, Zhao Fu naturally could not spare him, so he gave the order for the Evil Flower Demons to chase after him and continue to devour these Stage 5 soldiers.

The Ten Demon Beauties all had at least Divine Realm Cultivation and were quite powerful. No one could stop them, and they also easily killed those soldiers.