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 After returning to where the others were, the women were all quite surprised to see that Zhao Fu had brought back both the first-ranked and third-ranked Demon Beauties.

By now, the third-ranked Demon Beauty had come back to her senses and was no longer affected by the Evil Flower Demons. Seeing the Demon Beauties around her, she angrily crossed her arms as she stood there, but she did not say anything.

Within this room were gathered the Multitude Demon Region's Ten Demon Beauties, and ordinary people would never be able to imagine or do such a crazy thing. To be able to enjoy the Ten Demon Beauties was something that would earn him the admiration and envy of countless people.

"Come, give me your power." Jue Tianling seemed quite cold as she took off her clothes and looked at Zhao Fu as she spoke calmly.

Zhao Fu looked at the extraordinarily beautiful Jue Tianling and felt quite tempted as he walked over. He hugged her and they started to go at it, and the other women smiled as they joined in.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu hugged the red-faced Jue Tianling and he asked in confusion, "Can you tell me now why you took the initiative to find me?"

Jue Tianling breathed raggedly as she looked at Zhao Fu and thought to herself. Since she had become his woman, there was no need to hide anything, so she replied, "For your Evil Flower power and to become an Evil Flower Emissary, isn't that your goal in capturing the Demon Beauties?"

Zhao Fu felt quite confused and asked, "How do you know about the Evil Flower power? And how do you know about my goal?"

Jue Tianling replied, "There's no need to say now; you'll understand in the future."

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased, but he did not bother asking anymore and put this matter aside.

By the side, seeing Zhao Fu focused on Jue Tianling, Shi Yeya felt quite displeased. They had both been taken by Zhao Fu together and yet she was now being ignored, so she angrily hit Zhao Fu's chest lightly.

Zhao Fu looked at the aggrieved Shi Yeya and lightly laughed as he asked, "What is it?"

Seeing Zhao Fu turn his attention to her, Shi Yeya felt a bit better. However, she was still quite angry about Zhao Fu forcefully taking her, so she angrily harrumphed as she ignored Zhao Fu's words and pouted as she glared at him.

Seeing how cute she looked, Zhao Fu felt like doing her again. However, Jue Tianling climbed on top of him and said, "You've now collected the Ten Demon Beauties and are two away from gathering twelve Evil Flower Emissaries. I want to be the head of the Evil Flower Emissaries - no matter if it's looks, talent or status, I'm superior to all of these other women, so I'm the most suitable to be the head."

Zhao Fu looked at Jue Tianling in surprise and never thought that she would be so assertive. However, her words caused the other Demon Beauties to feel quite displeased. Even though they knew that what she said was true, they did not want to accept it.

After being trained by the other women, Luo Yanhuo had also submitted to Zhao Fu. As the second-ranked Demon Beauty, she was unwilling to fall behind Jue Tianling. Her relationship with Jue Tianling had never been good and they were rivals.

"Husband, I also want to be the head of the Evil Flower Emissaries. I'll serve you well," Luo Yanhuo said flirtatiously as she hugged Zhao Fu's arm.

Mo Wulina and Zi Lingye also spoke, "Husband, I also want to be the head of the Evil Flower Emissaries."

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated; these women all wanted to be the head of the Evil Flower Emissaries, who would lead the Evil Flower Emissaries in Zhao Fu's absence. She would make important decisions and gain more Evil Flower power than the others.

Jue Tianling had started taking the initiative to serve Zhao Fu and the other women were not willing to fall behind, and an indescribable scene unfolded.

Afterwards, Jue Tianling powerlessly lay in Zhao Fu's embrace with a red face and gave a confident smile. "Now, I'm the head of the Evil Flower Emissaries."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Even though the other women were not very pleased, they could only accept this outcome. After all, Zhao Fu had done it with Jue Tianling the longest, and her body had absorbed far more Evil Flower power than them. They were unable to last that long and their bodies could not hold so much Evil flower power.

After resting, You Qianyue said, "Husband, where are we going now?"

Zhao Fu thought about it and answered, "Now that I've reached my goal, it's best to leave the Multitude Demon Region; it's too dangerous here. As for our destination, we can go deeper into the Demon Domain because there's a historical remnant there."

Hearing this, the women all nodded.

At that moment, Jue Tianling said, "husband, I have something to give you, and it should be quite useful to you."

As she spoke, Jue Tianling took out a heart that was as big as a rubber ball from her spatial ring. This heart was bright red and vigorously thumped, and it contained an intense masculine aura. She explained, "This is a Primordial Tiger Demon's heart. If you eat it you should be able to create another Evil Flower Demon."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; he felt that Jue Tianling already knew a lot about him, and she seemed to know a lot about the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower as well.

However, Zhao Fu was quite at ease towards Jue Tianling because her body and soul were now within Zhao Fu's control. Moreover, if Zhao Fu died, she would die too, so there was no need to worry too much about her goal.

Zhao Fu received the Primordial Tiger Demon's heart and ate it, and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower quickly digested it.

However, the other women did not like this, seeing Zhao Fu bloodily eat the heart.

Zhao Fu felt that the heart was quite delicious. It was very tasty and quite tender, and it was quite hot as well.


A wave of demonic qi flowed out of Zhao Fu's body, and Zhao Fu looked quite pained. The demonic qi quickly condensed and a three meter tall monster appeared.

This monster had a humanoid body and a tiger's head. It was covered with black fur and only had one massive eye with a black vertical pupil. It had a very large mouth and its teeth were not only big but sharp as well, giving off cold lights.

Now, Zhao Fu had eight Evil Flower Demons and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower reached its eighth stage. The eight Evil Flower Demons all became much stronger and could become 500 meters tall, and Zhao Fu could control them within ten regions.

Now, Zhao Fu still lacked two women and four Evil Flower Demons. He felt that he was getting closer and closer to awakening the Demon Star.

Zhao Fu started packing their things, and he took the women with him and quickly left the Multitude Demon Region.

The people in the Multitude Demon Region almost went crazy with anger. When the third-ranked Shi Yeya had been captured, the first-ranked Demon Beauty had also disappeared, and she had definitely been taken by that perverted demon as well.

Now, the Multitude Demon Region's Ten Demon Beauties had all fallen into that bastard's hands, and this was done under the gaze of everyone too. Even a few Emperor Heaven Realm experts had not been able to stop that perverted demon.