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 Those powerful people included higher-beings. Now that the situation had escalated to such a level, many higher-beings knew about it, and if they wanted to interfere, Zhao Fu definitely would not be able to succeed. However, they did not get involved, as if they were waiting for something.

Moreover, the various factions' experts above the Emperor Heaven Realm did not interfere either, allowing Zhao Fu to turn the Multitude Demon Region upside down.

The experts did not act, and the common people felt quite sullen and clamored to hunt down and kill Zhao Fu. They would not give up until he was dead.

Zhao Fu now set his sights on the third-ranked Demon Beauty. She was called Shi Yeya and was from a Sect. Her identity was quite prestigious, and she was the daughter of the Sect Master.

There were many people guarding her, making it impossible for Zhao Fu to get close. He could only observe from a distance, and he found that there were 20 or so Emperor Heaven Realm experts hidden in the air; fortunately, there were not any people above the Emperor Heaven Realm.

Zhao Fu thought about it and came to a City near the Sect. He stood at the center of the City and a massive wave of demonic qi flowed out from Zhao Fu as his eyes became Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers.


Zhao Fu squatted down and pressed a hand against the ground. A massive wave of demonic qi entered the ground and spread out, covering the entire City.

At that moment, countless people in the City stopped, and the City seemed to freeze. Black roots rose up from the ground and stabbed into the people's bodies, causing their eyes to become black.

Zhao Fu gave a satisfied smile; with the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's powers, he could control all of the people in the City.

Following this, Zhao Fu controlled the City's people to attack other places and cause a lot of chaos. If he could lure out some of the people protecting Shi Yeya, he would be able to make a move against her.

Zhao Fu's plan was quite successful, and most of the people by Shi Yeya's side were drawn away, leaving behind only five or six Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

However, even though there were only five or six Emperor Heaven Realm experts, Zhao Fu could not deal with them all. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to use 'that' method.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Seven massive roars sounded out as seven enormous monsters appeared within a crowd of people and started a massacre as they madly devoured people. Blood sprayed everywhere and limbs flew all over the place.

The people in the surroundings attacked the seven massive monsters and the Emperor Heaven Realm experts also prepared to attack and kill the monsters.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." However, at that moment, the hidden Zhao Fu performed hand seals and the seven monsters gave off pained roars that shook the surroundings, causing everyone to feel quite startled.

The seven monsters looked incredibly pained and massive roots spread out from their bodies and stabbed into the ground. Some of the roots grabbed people and the monsters devoured them as they continued to grow.

Countless traces of demonic qi madly gathered as a formless aura spread out, causing the clouds to swirl as thunder boomed.

The seven monsters madly grew, turning into seven massive plants that were hundreds of meters tall. The roots became pale white colored and had a few sword-shaped leaves, and at the top massive black flower buds grew, giving off terrifying and evil auras.

After these seven flowers appeared, the hearts of the people in the surroundings sank, as if they had fallen into a deep abyss. They felt an extreme danger and their bodies instinctively trembled.

Demonic qi flooded into the flowers and a terrifying power spread out, causing everyone's terror to rise to its peak.

The seven flower buds gradually bloomed, and evil, beautiful, and devilish black light spilled out, illuminating the heavens and earth, making the entire world seem dreamlike.

Coquettish laughter sounded out as countless flirtatious-looking beauties appeared in the sky.

Everyone present froze on the spot as they dumbly stared at the demon women, unable to move at all, and this included the Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

This was a preliminary stage of the Evil Flower Bewitching World, which was the final stage, and it could only be called a fragment of the Evil Flower Bewitching World. Zhao Fu did not yet have 12 Evil Flower Demons; only when he had 12 Evil Flower Demons could he unleash the true Evil Flower Bewitching World.

However, this level of the Evil Flower Bewitching World was already quite terrifying and could pull Emperor Heaven Realm experts into the illusion.

If ordinary people were within the Evil Flower Bewitching World, their bodies and souls would be corroded by the Evil Flower power and become emotionless and painless Evil Flower Puppets.

Of course, this level of Evil Flower Bewitching World was unable to corrode Emperor Heaven Realm experts and could only bewitch them for a short while, but this was enough.

Zhao Fu did not waste any time and rushed into the courtyard, and he saw a sweet-looking young woman with a graceful figure standing there, looking transfixed. She was Shi Yeya, the third-ranked Demon Beauty.

She was also affected by the Evil Flower Bewitching World and Zhao Fu smiled as he went up to hug her and turned into a ray of light as he flew away.

Zhao Fu had thought that he would be unobstructed until he reached the other women, but not long after flying away, he was stopped by a woman in white. She was quite tall and was extremely beautiful, and had a cold aura.

This woman had Extreme Divine Realm Cultivation and was quite powerful, and she gave off an intensely dangerous aura.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite confused because this woman was the first-ranked Demon Beauty, Jue Tianling. As expected from the first-ranked Demon Beauty, her looks were superior to even the second-ranked Luo Yanhuo. In front of her, the world seemed to dim.

"What are you standing there for? Hurry up and leave!" Jue Tianling's cold eyes fell on Zhao Fu's body as she spoke calmly.

Zhao Fu did not understand what was going on and stared at Jue Tianling in confusion, not understanding what she meant. However, now that she had delivered herself to him, he was quite tempted to capture her.

Seeing Zhao Fu stare at her, Jue Tianling explained, "I'm your woman now. If you don't trust me, you can set down restrictions in my body first."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused and retreated ten or so meters. It was the first time he had met such an assertive woman, and he was worried that there was some kind of trap. As such, he was incredibly wary of Jue Tianling.

Jue Tianling slightly frowned and said coldly, "If you don't hurry up and the others catch up to you, don't regret it."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu understood that time was of the essence, and he asked, "Why are you doing this? I'm not that charming to make you do this."

Jue Tianling replied, "You'll know soon!"

Zhao Fu felt quite confused, and still did not know what Jue Tianling meant. However, since she had delivered herself to him and was not resisting, wouldn't he be stupid if he did not accept her?

Zhao Fu thought about it and carefully set down restrictions within Jue Tianling's body, during which she did not resist at all.