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 The handsome young man said coldly, "Just kill me! I won't do such a thing. You must be that incredibly daring and domineering perverted demon; how could I have Jiu'Er come and fall into the hands of someone like you?"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and had never expected the handsome young man to immediately guess his identity. He lightly laughed as he said, "With your status, you can never be with her; why not help me and receive all kinds of benefits from me?"

The young man coldly replied, "Hmph! I'll never help you; I like Jiu'Er and would be willing to give everything up for her, even if I die. If you really liked her, I would give you my blessings, but what kind of person are you? You're a perverted demon, an evil scoundrel, someone who only knows how to violate women and not care about their feelings. I feel ashamed of people like you."

Zhao Fu felt quite angry and he raised his hand and slashed downwards, sending out a sword light that cut the young man's arm off.

The young man endured the pain, and blood continuously flowed out of his arm as he looked at Zhao Fu coldly. "Just kill me. I won't do anything for you. Your plot will never succeed."

Zhao Fu coldly laughed, picked up the young man's arm, and poured some medicine on the young man's wound, helping him recover. "With your arm, that should be enough. If she truly loves you, she'll hurry over at all costs."

The young man realized Zhao Fu's goal and cursed furiously, "You scum, you beast! I won't let you off!"

Zhao Fu ignored his threats; this kind of person would be stepped on by others for the rest of his life, and he would not be able to change his circumstances.

Zhao Fu did not pay any more attention to the young man and left with the arm.

A while later, Zhao Fu brought back a slim and beautiful woman in a blue dress, who gave off a gentle aura.

"Jiu'Er, why did you come? Hurry up and leave, don't mind me," the young man looked at Wu Jiu'Er with confusion and hurriedly shouted out.

Looking at the young man, who was missing an arm and had a weak aura, Wu Jiu'Er's eyes danced with tears and shook her head as she said, "Xuan Zhe, I came to save you. Don't worry, he won't harm you anymore. Also, this spatial ring has many treasures. I prepared it for you; please take care of yourself in the future."

Hearing her words, the young man naturally understood her intentions and said in pain, "You agreed to him? Why are you so stupid? He's that perverted demon, and you'll be harming yourself!"

Wu Jiu'Er's eyes were filled with tears as she nodded. "I know, but I want to save you. As long as you can live well, I'll be happy."

Zhao Fu looked at how loving the two people seemed and felt quite displeased. He hugged Wu Jiu'Er and brought her to one of the rooms.

Wu Jiu'Er cried as she vigorously struggled and hit Zhao Fu; she understood what Zhao Fu was going to do to her.

The young man furiously roared, "I'm going to kill you! Hurry up and let Jiu'Er go; otherwise, even if I turn into a ghost, I'll tear you into a thousand pieces!"

Zhao Fu did not mind and came to a room with Wu Jiu'Er, and he said to her lightly, "Don't forget our agreement; otherwise, don't blame me for killing him later."

Wu Jiu'Er stopped struggling and took off her clothes.

Hearing the sounds coming from the room, the young man felt as if his heart was being torn apart. Thinking about how his beloved woman was being ravaged by another man, he felt worse than dying and felt immense despair.

However, what happened next caused him to be filled with even more pain. His beloved woman started to lewdly call out under another man's body, pleading for that man to continue ravaging her.

After four or five hours, the young man sat there paralyzed, his face covered with tears as if he was no longer alive.

Zhao Fu hugged Wu Jiu'Er and walked out. By now, Wu Jiu'Er's aura had greatly changed; she no longer just seemed like a gentle and beautiful young woman but also like a gentle and beautiful young wife. Wu Jiu'Er had been a virgin, but Zhao Fu had not cared too much about that.

Seeing the young man like this, and thinking about how lewd she had been under Zhao Fu, Wu Jiu'Er started to cry out of guilt. She felt that she had no face to see him, so she turned her face away.

Zhao Fu hugged her and threw a spatial ring to the young man, which was filled with demonic treasures. He smiled and said to Wu Jiu'Er, "Let's go!"

Wu Jiu'Er looked at the young man worriedly, and she asked Zhao Fu, "What about the restrictions within his body? Also, are you going to send him away from here? If my family knows I came out for him, he'll definitely die without a doubt."

Zhao Fu frowned and said, feeling displeased, "I don't think that has anything to do with me."

Wu Jiu'Er pleaded, "Husband, I'm begging you. I'll be your woman in the future and definitely won't betray you."

Seeing her like this, Zhao Fu breathed out and agreed.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu brought Wu Jiu'Er to where everyone else was. Seeing the red-faced women lying strengthlessly on the bed, Zhao Fu knew what had happened.

"Husband, they..." Wu Jiu'Er's face went red in embarrassment. She knew that all of the women on the bed were Demon Beauties, and yet they had done something like this.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite calm because he had seen much before. The women in his harem would often help each other out, but they would still need to rely on Zhao Fu for ultimate relief.

At the same time, Zhao Fu knew who had started this. When Zhao Fu was ravaging Zi Lingye, he knew that she not only liked men but also women.

He did not pay much mind to the scene in the room and said to Wu Jiu'Er, "Stay here for now; I'm going to capture the remaining Demon Beauties."

Wu Jiu'Er gently nodded. Because Zhao Fu had helped her beloved, she felt better about him and said caringly, "Be careful."

Zhao Fu smiled and kissed her before departing again.

Of the Ten Demon Beauties, there was now only the first and third ranked Demon Beauties. News of Wu Jiu'Er disappearing had also long since spread.

Countless people felt as if they were going to explode from anger; this perverted demon was simply too daring and did not place anyone in his eyes. The various Demon Beauties' factions all hated him to death and wanted him to blast him into ashes so he could never reincarnate.

Countless people were searching for Zhao Fu everywhere, and the entire Multitude Demon Region became chaotic. This perverted demon was simply too arrogant.

Now, he had captured eight of the Ten Demon Beauties, and they had definitely been violated by that bastard. Now, there were only two left, so they had to protect these last two Demon Beauties and not allow that perverted demon to take them as well.

However, the situation was quite strange. The Multitude Demon Region's top factions and powerful people did not get involved, and they allowed the situation to continue developing like this.