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 Everyone saw a black-cloaked figure holding a terrifying sword, giving off a supreme aura that caused countless creatures' souls to tremble.


A terrifying sword light slashed out, bringing with it a terrifying sword energy as it slashed against the magic formation. The sword formation was blasted apart, causing massive shockwaves to ripple out.

Luo Yanhuo's expression became quite unsightly, and she had never thought that he would be able to break apart such a powerful sword formation in one strike. However, she had more preparations. A large formation gradually appeared - this was her trump card, the most powerful formation out of the three formations.

However, before that magic formation could be fully activated, the seven terrifying monsters leapt onto it and bit at it as if they were devouring the magic formation.

This caused Luo Yanhuo's expression to become quite grave because she could sense the magic formation's power being devoured by the seven monsters. Before she could react, a figure descended from the sky and easily subdued her before turning into a ray of light and disappearing.

Everyone could only watch on in admiration and envy. That person would be able to enjoy the Multitude Demon Region's second-ranked beauty. Everyone was quite curious as to who that person was.

However, everyone quickly realized something - wasn't that terrifying figure the perverted demon?

After all, none of them had seen him before, so they did not know what the perverted demon looked like. However, from the feeling they had, they could essentially confirm that he was the arrogant and domineering perverted demon.

"Fudge!" countless people came to their senses and roared; that perverted demon had taken away another of the Ten Demon Beauties right under their eyes, causing them to feel incredibly furious.

Everyone had thought that with the various factions hunting him down, the perverted demon would not dare to act. However, he had indeed acted and been successful. Now, seven Demon Beauties had been caught by that bastard.

However, they had gained some information because this was the first time that perverted demon had appeared in front of everyone, and he was quite strong.

Luo Yanhuo had brought this on herself and had underestimated that perverted demon's strength. She had refused to allow anyone protect her and had publicly provoked him; now, she had been captured.

It was not just Luo Yanhuo; everyone else had also underestimated that perverted demon. They had never thought that he would have such terrifying abilities. If he was not a perverted demon, he would be one of the top geniuses in the Multitude Demon Region.

However, despite having such talent and strength, he was a perverted demon who everyone wanted to kill, and he acted so domineeringly.

Within a forest, Luo Yanhua raggedly panted as she was continuously ravaged by that thing that she wanted to cut off. Even though she was furious, she was lost in the ecstasy.

"Bastard!" Afterwards, Luo Yanhuo powerlessly collapsed into Zhao Fu's arms, her face completely red as she glared at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "What are you cursing at me for? Didn't you say anyone who could capture you could do what they wanted to you?"

"You're a bastard!" Luo Yanhuo was still angry and continued to glare at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased and went at it again with her. In the end, he held Luo Yanhuo, who seemed to have become a pile of mush, and he returned to where the other women were.

"Husband, why did you already give her love outside? Don't you know we've been waiting to serve you together?" Mei Lingling said unhappily.

Luo Yanhuo's face went red in embarrassment and she buried her head in Zhao Fu's chest. Seeing that the other Demon Beauties were not resisting and seemed to have already submitted to Zhao Fu, she felt quite surprised. As for the reason why, she could somewhat guess it.

Zhao Fu laughed and replied, "It's becoming more and more dangerous and there are more and more people looking for me, so perhaps one day I'll be captured by your factions. If I take you first, perhaps I can stay alive because of you."

"Since it's so dangerous, are you still going to continue capturing Demon Beauties?" You Qianyue asked.

Zhao Fu thought about it and nodded, "There are only three left, so I might as well try; if it's impossible, I'll give up. Don't worry about me. Also, I'll give her to you to look after because I have to go out again. They won't expect that I'll strike again immediately."

Zi Lingye smiled, took the powerless Luo Yanhuo, and said softly, "Be careful, husband. We don't want anything to happen to you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

"Husband, can we do it once before you go?" Mei Lingling hugged Zhao Fu with both arms as she said flirtatiously.

Because time was tight, Zhao Fu refused, turned into a ray of light, and disappeared.

Zi Lingye hugged Luo Yanhuo and sighed in amazement, "As expected from the second-ranked Demon Beauty; even I'm quite touched by her beauty. Husband must have done it with you for a long time for you to become like this, right?"

Luo Yanhuo's face became quite red as she thought about what had just happened, and she asked somewhat bitterly, "Were you all bullied by that perverted demon like this?"

The other women could all sympathize and had all gone through similar experiences, though they had accepted it now.

Zi Lingye laughed and nodded. Looking at the beautiful woman in her arms, she kissed Luo Yanhuo's lips, causing her to feel quite surprised. However, because of the Six Desires Demonic Qi, she started to respond to Zi Lingye.

Mei Lingling happily joined in, and Mo Wulin seemed to also like this so she joined in as well. Soon, indescribable sounds could be heard throughout the room. When Zhao Fu was not around, they could only rely on each other.

Zhao Fu's goal this time was the fourth-ranked Demon Beauty. She was called Wu Jiu'Er and came from a large family. She was quite gentle and kind; she was not like a spoilt big miss at all, and she was liked by many people.

She now had Emperor Heaven Realm experts protecting her, so Zhao Fu naturally did not dare to be careless. Even with his Nation Armament, he would die facing experts of such a level. However, Zhao Fu had an idea, which was to target Wu Jiu'Er's weakness: those she loved.

Now that her family was on high alert, Zhao Fu could not make a move against her relatives. She had a little brother, and if he captured her, he would be able to blackmail Wu Jiu'Er. However, this was impossible, so he decided to make a move against her beloved. Wu Jiu'Er's beloved was the young sir of a small family. Even though he was quite graceful and elegant, his strength and his faction's strength were not very strong. Her family naturally opposed this, so they banned them from meeting.

Of course, the young sir of a small family would not have anyone strong protecting him, and because he would not be able to resist Zhao Fu, capturing him would be quite easy.

Zhao Fu looked at the young man in front of him and said, "Write a letter telling Wu Jiu'Er that you're in my hands and have her secretly leave her family, or you'll die. If you do this well, I'll give you unimaginable benefits and allow you to grasp terrifying power."