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 Now, the situation was quite dangerous and capturing Demon Beauties would be quite difficult. All of the factions were quite wary and most of the Demon Beauties had experts protecting them. If Zhao Fu appeared, he would die a horrible death.

Out of the Ten Demon Beauties, Zhao Fu had captured six of them, and they were the ones ranked from fifth to tenth. There were now four left, ranked first to fourth.

Zhao Fu collected information on the four of them to see if it would be possible to capture them. If not, Zhao Fu would leave the Multitude Demon Region.

Now, everyone knew that the perverted demon's target was the remaining Demon Beauties, so they all waited around them. Zhao Fu felt that there would not be much of a chance to act, so he waited and so did the various factions.

It was only when something happened that this stalemate was broken.

The second-ranked Luo Yanhuo found out about the recent matters and felt quite interested in that perverted demon. She announced that she wanted the perverted demon to take her away and was willing to be his woman.

Moreover, there would be no one protecting her, including experts from her faction.

This caused countless people to feel incredibly shocked, not understanding why Luo Yanhuo was acting like this. Was she really not afraid of being captured by that perverted demon and becoming his woman?

Everyone felt quite envious of the perverted demon; if only Luo Yanhuo had said that anyone who could capture her would have her. Luo Yanhuo was the second-ranked beauty and had nation-toppling looks, and countless people were infatuated with her.

The next day, everyone's wishes were fulfilled, because even despite this, Zhao Fu did not dare to act, as he was worried about a trap.

This made Luo Yanhua feel quite displeased, and she announced that for anyone who could capture her, she could spend the night with them and allow them to do whatever they wanted with her body.

After everyone heard about this news, they almost went crazy, and countless people madly gathered together, wanting to play with the Multitude Demon Region's second-ranked beauty. Their hearts raced and their blood boiled as they looked incredibly excited.

However, after arriving, everyone realized that the matter was not as simple as they had thought; even though Luo Yanhuo had no one protecting her, she was within a massive formation.

This formation covered the entire courtyard that she was in, as well as the surrounding 10,000 meters. Anyone who entered the range of the magic formation would be attacked.

This formation was extremely terrifying, and it was quite famous in the Demon Domain. After entering it, one would be greatly restricted and would not be able to use any equipment or Nation Armaments. They would have to rely on their own abilities instead of external things.

In order to enjoy this second-ranked beauty, countless people disregarded everything and charged in.

"Arghhh..." Cries sounded out as the people who rushed in saw countless traces of demonic qi turn into demonic heads.

These demonic heads were five or six meters tall and had ferocious gazes. They had two horns on them, two massive green eyes, and a mouth filled with fangs. They looked incredibly terrifying and attacked the people who entered, devouring them one after another.

Many people were given a big fright and retreated. Even though enjoying beauties was a very blissful thing, there was only a point in that if they were alive.

Of course, many people chose to continue. There were many well-built people with powerful strength. Because they could not use external things, they could only rely on their bodies.

They rushed up and started to fight with the demonic heads, engaging in an intense fight.

Some people punched out, sending out powerful energy that caused the demonic heads to explode into demonic qi; others charged up and kicked with their legs, sending the demonic heads flying.

Some people were bitten by the demonic heads and their bodies were torn in half. Ear-piercing howls sounded out as blood spurted out. Others were devoured in one bite and caused crunching sounds to sound out.

Of the countless people who charged in, barely anyone was able to make it out alive, scaring the others into not daring to try.

In the face of so much death, the crazed people gradually calmed down. Looking at the blood and broken limbs everywhere, they understood that they could not break past this formation.

At the center of the formation, a slim and peerlessly-beautiful woman giving off a flirtatious aura coldly laughed, "These people really thought it'd be so easy to obtain me? They're simply seeking death."

However, the person who she was interested in still had not yet appeared.

This caused her to slightly frown; she wanted to take this opportunity to catch that perverted demon and see just what sort of person he was, to be so daring as to capture the Ten Demon Beauties. He was treating them like prey, and she felt quite displeased about this.

After catching the perverted demon, Luo Yanhuo planned to chop off his vile thing, feed it to dogs, and then strip him naked and parade him everywhere. That was what he would get for trying to capture the Ten Demon Beauties.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Suddenly, seven massive roars sounded out as seven monsters that were 200 meters tall appeared in the sky, giving off massive amounts of evil demonic qi.

They opened their mouths and sucked at the magic formation, and large amounts of demonic qi were absorbed into the seven monsters' mouths.

The magic formation continuously lost demonic qi, while the seven monsters continuously devoured the demonic qi, and the magic formation started to grow dim.

Everyone was not sure what was going on, or who was doing this. However, if the magic formation was being destroyed, there would be nothing stopping them from snatching Luo Yanhuo, which made them feel delighted.

There were already some people who had rushed into the magic formation and charged towards the courtyard with lewd smiles on their faces, as if they could already imagine the second-ranked beauty panting under their bodies.

Luo Yanhuo looked quite shocked, but she was prepared and activated a second magic formation.


An enormous storm of sword qi erupted out of the courtyard, giving off power that seemed to be able to cut through anything as it swept out.

The people who had charged up looked terrified as they faced the storm of sword qi, and their hair stood on end. Before they could do anything, they were chopped into countless small pieces of meat by the sword qi.

The storm of sword qi did not stop, and gave off unstoppable momentum as it continued towards the people outside the magic formation. Everyone's faces became pale and they immediately turned and ran.

Luo Yanhuo coldly smiled as she controlled the sword qi formation and continued to attack. Anyone who had come here was not a good person, so she naturally did not hold back. Slaughtering so many men who had ill intentions towards her made her feel quite pleased.


A sword hum tore through the sky, causing the surrounding space to tremble, and an enormous and icy sword intent covered the surrounding 1,000 kilometers.