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 Zhao Fu thought for a moment before nodding and agreeing, "After everything is settled, I'll let take you a trip back and won't restrict any of you. However, if any of you betray me, don't blame me for being merciless."

The women all happily smiled and agreed, and Zhao Fu looked at Ye Leihua.

Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, Ye Leihua harrumphed dissatisfiedly, "I understand! But you have to treat me sincerely in the future."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and nodded.

Seeing this, Ye Leihua's expression softened and rolled her eyes at Zhao Fu as she said, "You're really a bastard. Not only did you take our bodies, you want us to be your women."

Zhao Fu laughed and brought her into his embrace. Ye Leihua did not struggle, and even though she looked quite displeased, she still wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's waist.

Following this, Zhao Fu started making preparations to capture the seventh-ranked Demon Beauty Lin Yating.

Lin Yating was a gentle and quiet-looking young woman, and she wore a light green dress. She had a tall, slim figure and supple skin, and she gave off a refined aura.

The family she was from was not only incredibly powerful but also well-known for their literary reputation. Lin Yating did not go out much and liked to stay inside to read all kinds of books. To her, this was the happiest thing.

She did not seem to know about the other Demon Beauties being captured, and even though many people warned her to be careful, she did not pay this matter much mind. After all, she did not go out much, and that person would not dare to sneak into her family's territory.

Lin Yating quickly forgot about this matter and did not put much thought to it, and she focused on her books.

At that moment, a letter and a book were delivered from her, and it was said that it was from her friend.

Lin Yating opened the letter curiously and saw that it was written by Zi Lingye. She said that she had not seen Lin Yating in a while and missed her, and she invited her out to appreciate some sceneries together and relax. She also gifted her a book, which was called 'The Analects,' written by a person called 'Confucius.'

Lin Yating flipped through the book and gave a bright smile, feeling quite interested in this book. She put it away and left for the meeting location.

She had a good relationship with Zi Lingye, so she did not suspect anything and greatly trusted her. She did not know that Zi Lingye was one of the Demon Beauties who had gone missing, and she was not worried about the perverted demon capturing Demon Beauties.

When she arrived at the meeting location, a figure suddenly hugged her, and they disappeared.

Lin Yating was unable to react in time and her body was instantly restricted by that person, unable to resist at all. After teleporting, that person hugged her and flew off.

By now, she could clearly see Zhao Fu's appearance; he was peerlessly handsome, and his extraordinary aura could cause anyone to feel moved. Within his embrace, she lightly sniffed at his scent.

Lin Yating's face became red and she asked softly, "Sir, why have you captured me?"

Zhao Fu looked at Lin Yating in surprise; she was not scared at all and instead looked at him with a hint of curiosity. He smiled as he replied, "You'll know soon! Don't worry, I won't harm you."

Lin Yating lightly laughed and nodded; she did not connect Zhao Fu to that perverted demon. Following this, Zhao Fu and Lin Yating arrived where the other women were.

Lin Yaintg looked at Zi Lingye and the other Demon Beauties and wondered why they were all together. Out of the Ten Demon Beauties, she was only familiar with Zi Lingye.

Seeing Lin Yating, Zi Lingye smiled and said, "Yating, did he bully you?"

Zhao Fu had already let go of Lin Yating, and she looked at him as she smiled and shook her head before asking, "Lingye, can you tell me what's going on?"

Zi Lingye came up, linked her arm with Lin Yating's arm, pulled her to the side, and told her about the situation. She then told her about some other matters, causing Lin Yating to look quite embarrassed, lowering her head and not daring to look at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite confused and did not understand what was going on.

"Hurry up and get over here, Yating has already agreed to be your woman," Zi Lingye said as she glared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted and went up to hug Lin Yating. Lin Yating's body was a bit stiff and her body was bright red as she buried her face in Zhao Fu's chest. What happened next was obvious.

Furious! After all of the Multitude Demon Region's people heard that another Demon Beauty had disappeared, they all felt incredibly furious; that person was simply too arrogant! The entire Multitude Demon Region's people were looking for him and hunting him down, yet he dared to continue.

It was as if he was mocking them by completely ignoring their existence and continuing to capture Demon Beauties. As such, it was only natural for them to feel furious.

Envious! This was the second emotion that everyone felt. That perverted demon had already captured six of the Ten Demon Beauties, and they were all nation-toppling beauties with exceptional talent and prestigious identities. Anyone imagining enjoying them together would not be able to stop themselves from yelling in excitement.

They could imagine themselves with those women, but if it was anyone else, they would not be able to accept such a thing.

The Ten Demon Beauties had countless admirers, and after hearing about this, they felt as if their hearts were being torn apart by knives, and tears flowed out of their eyes as they roared, "We have to kill this perverted demon!"

Now, the entire Multitude Demon Region was in an uproar, and more and more clamored to have that perverted demon killed. Even more people joined in the hunt.

Some people who normally flirted with women or sexually harassed them were now mercilessly hunted down. Even if they pleaded for mercy, their heads were chopped off and hung on City walls.

In just one day, over 1,000 heads were hung on City walls. Such bloody methods made it so that most offenders did not dare to do anything.

Under such bloody methods, the chaotic and evil Multitude Demon Region became orderly, and the general atmosphere became better.

Many residents could not help but thank that perverted demon; without him, such changes would not have happened and they would have lived every day in fear.

"Husband!" Lin Yating called out in a soft and sweet voice, and Zhao Fu looked quite surprised. It seemed that Lin Yating had really fallen for him, and out of all the women, none of them truly liked him, including Mei Lingling - she only wanted him for his body.

Facing Lin Yating's feelings, Zhao Fu felt quite unused to it and thinking about how he had taken her, he could not help but feel a bit guilty.

However, Zhao Fu quickly tossed those thoughts asway and smiled as he nodded, and he continued with his plan to capture other Demon Beauties.