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 This monster was three meters tall and had no head, and it was naked from the waist up. Its body was quite swollen and above its massive stomach was a large mouth. Its hands were like sharp claws, its feet had black fur, and it looked quite terrifying.

The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower had now reached its seventh stage and the Evil Flower Demons could turn 200 meters tall and their individual abilities had been greatly raised. Zhao Fu could also control them within an entire region.

Sensing their terrifying power, Zhao Fu grinned. Now, Zhao Fu had seven Evil Flower Demons, and soon he would be able to reach the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's final stage and awaken the Demon Star.

Now, he would continue capturing the Ten Demon Beauties.

His next target was the eight-ranked Ye Leihua. She came from a Sect that was even stronger than the Demon Saint Sect, and it was one of the stronger factions in the Multitude Demon Region.

Her big brother was Ye Hua, one of the students at Nine Hell Demon College, and he was quite famous.

Nine Hell Demon College was one of the Heaven Awaken World's Seven Great Colleges. Its strength and history were comparable to the Human Domains' Emperor Path College and was incredibly powerful. No one dared to offend it. It was a holy land for the Demon Race's geniuses, and countless people dreamed of entering.

Next year was Nine Hell Demon College's recruitment for new students, and it was said that Ye Leihua would also participate. She was currently participating and would participating next year.

Zhao Fu remembered that Emperor Path College's examination was also next year, and most of this year had passed already. He felt that time was slipping away and there were many things he had not done yet.

However, if he could awaken the Demon Star, it would greatly increase his strength, and he would have more confidence in facing those terrifying geniuses in the future.

Zhao Fu heard that Ye Leihua was going through training in a dangerous zone. Zhao Fu had You Qianyue and the others wait elsewhere while he entered the dangerous zone to find Ye Leihua.

This took quite some time because the dangerous zone was quite large and Zhao Fu did not know exactly where Ye Leihua was. Zhao Fu could only enter deeper and deeper. Since Ye Leihua's goal was to go through training, it was likely that she would head to the depths.

"Roar!!" A ten or so meter long demon lion gave a massive roar and a terrifying aura as it leapt towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu swung his sword and a crescent of sword light flew out, cutting the demon lion in half.

Zhao Fu was now in the inner region of the dangerous zone and there were all sorts of powerful demonic creatures here. Zhao Fu thought about it and let out the Evil Flower Demons; they could devour demonic creatures while helping him search for Ye Leihua, which was killing two birds with one stone.

Within one day, Zhao Fu was able to find Ye Leihua; currently, she was fighting a 1,000 meter tall demon grass.

Seeing that demon grass, Zhao Fu looked quite startled. This demon grass had a few long leaves on its head, but on the stem, there was a human face. It also had hands and feet and gave off a powerful demonic qi.

This demon grass was not an ordinary demon, as its body itself was a valuable demonic grass. It was more similar to a Spirit Race creature with demon attributes.

With Ye Leihua's power, she could easily kill the demon grass, but she did not immediately kill it and instead tried to subdue it.

After all, this demon grass had immense value and if she could subdue it, it would be better than killing it by hundreds of times.

Zhao Fu looked at the demon grass and also felt quite tempted. This sort of monster was quite rare, as it was also a precious treasure, and it was quite useful to Zhao Fu.

Clang, clang, clang...

Massive chains shot out from the ground with ferocious power. The demon grass and Ye Leihua were in the heat of the moment and the demon grass could not react in time before being bound by the chains.

Ye Leihua was given a fright and immediately became wary of her surroundings, while Zhao Fu walked out with a smile.

"Who are you? This demon grass is mine," Ye Leihua said somewhat angrily as she looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "I can give it to you; after all, what's yours will all be mine."

Ye Leihua somewhat did not understand what Zhao Fu meant but her expression became quite serious, as she could sense that Zhao Fu was quite dangerous.

Zhao Fu did not waste any time and exploded out with his Nation Armament's power. A powerful aura of killing and conquering swept out like a wild gale, causing the countless creatures to look terrified and run away.

Sensing this power, Ye Leihua's expression fell and she did not hesitate before choosing to run. She had not been too wary of Zhao Fu as he only had Earth Realm Cultivation, and she had never thought that he would be able to explode out with such terrifying power.

Seeing Ye Leihua try to run away, Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed coldly and stretched out his hand, and a massive bronze aura flooded out, turning into an enormous bronze hand that grabbed towards Ye Leihua with a horrifying aura.

Ye Leihua looked quite terrifying as she swung the sword in her hand, sending out sharp sword lights, but she was unable to deal any damage to the bronze hand.

The bronze hand grabbed Ye Leihua and a massive power flowed into her body, restricting her power, before pulling her in front of Zhao Fu.

"Let me go!" Ye Leihua angrily glared at Zhao Fu as she vigorously struggled.

Zhao Fu laughed as he looked at Ye Leihua. She had a voluptuous figure, wore a black palace dress, and was quite beautiful, but she had a fierceness about her.

Sensing Zhao Fu's gaze, Ye Leihua could guess at Zhao Fu's intentions and she cursed out, "You pervert, I'm from the Demon Cloud Sect and my big brother is a student at Nine Hell Demon College. If you dare to do anything to me, you definitely won't have a good outcome."

Zhao Fu had already offended many higher-beings and Empires, so how could he care about the Demon Cloud Sect and her big brother? He grinned as he brought her into his embrace and came to where he had bound the demon grass.


Zhao Fu's body exploded out with his Divine Bloodline's aura, which weighed down on the demon grass. If he wanted to have it submit, he had to use a terrifying power that it could not resist.

Sensing Zhao Fu's bloodline power, the demon grass looked quite terrified, and Ye Leihua also looked at Zhao Fu in shock and fear. Her body froze and she felt as if she had fallen into a boundless abyss.

"Now, will you submit to me?" Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes fell on the demon grass as he spoke, his voice filled with might.

Under the Divine Bloodline's terrifying might, the demon grass did not dare to resist at all and immediately submitted.

Zhao Fu smiled and set down restrictions within the demon grass' body before putting it into his spatial ring.

Ye Leihua's expression was quite unsightly; not only did Zhao Fu have terrifying power, but his bloodline was also completely superior to hers; just who was this person? He was possibly much more terrifying than she had expected; no wonder he did not fear the Demon Cloud Sect and Nine Hell Demon College.

Zhao Fu ignored Ye Leihua's expression and hugged her as he flew over the horizon.