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 Seeing You Qianyue and Zi Lingye look so worried, Zhao Fu comforted them, saying, "Don't worry, everything will be fine; I know the reason behind all of that now."

Hearing this, You Qianyue felt much more at ease and sweetly smiled, saying, "Mm! I trust you, husband."

Zi Lingye was in Zhao Fu's arms and looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes as she said coldly, "Now that my life is bound to yours, you can't allow anything to happen to yourself. Do you understand me?"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Seeing Zhao Fu nod, Zi Lingye's expression became gentler, and she lightly hugged Zhao Fu and rested her head against Zhao Fu's chest.

"Husband, let's continue to capture all of the Ten Demon Beauties and have the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower reach its final stage. I can't wait for to gain that ultimate power when it reaches its final stage," Mo Wulin said excitedly.

Zhao Fu nodded and the four of them put on their clothes and headed to their next destination.

Their goal was the ninth-ranked Mei Lingling. She was someone from a large family and already had a husband, who was the Prince of an Imperial Kingdom. Zhao Fu received news that the two of them would go to a certain City.

Zhao Fu had You Qianyue and the others wait for him elsewhere; after capturing Mei Lingling, he would immediately leave and not stay longer than necessary.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu found the two of them in a City. The Prince looked quite fair, clear, and tall, but he was quite weak.

He only had a few Divine Realm guards with him, which showed that he did not have an important status within the Imperial Kingdom. Otherwise, the guards would at least be at the Extreme Divine Realm and the Prince's cultivation would not be so weak.

As for the woman in his arms, her figure was incredibly enticing and she was quite beautiful. She wore thin muslin clothes, which somewhat revealed much of her body. She did not pay attention to other people's gazes and had a calm and flirtatious smile, and she seemed quite sultry.

Dealing with a woman like this would be quite simple. Zhao Fu directly walked over, and Mei Lingling immediately noticed Zhao Fu, as if there was some kind of power attracting her gaze over. As Zhao Fu walked closer, her heartrate sped up.

Zhao Fu gave off his Six Desires Demonic Qi, which greatly attracted her. Zhao Fu controlled the Six Desires Demonic Qi to move towards Mei Lingling, who continuously breathed it in.

Zhao Fu continued onwards, and even though they only passed each other by in a moment, Mei Lingling felt as if a long time had passed, and she felt as if she had fallen in love with Zhao Fu. Her eyes became hazy and her body gave off a mature charm.

As she watched Zhao Fu walk away, Mei Lingling could not help but say, "Husband, I have some matters to take care of; can you wait for me here for a moment?"

Seeing Mei Lingling look like this, the young man felt quite confused, but he understood what that look on her face meant. He lightly laughed and said, "You want to do it? Let's find an inn."

Mei Lingling said flirtatiously, "My good husband, you find an inn and I'll come over soon. Please, is that alright?"

Hearing Mei Lingling plead with him, the young man could not say no and said, "Alright, come quickly then."

Mei Lingling happily nodded and hurriedly ran off, and she found Zhao Fu in a small alleyway with no one else around.

"Sir!" Mei Lingling looked quite happy and expectant as she excitedly called out.

Seeing Mei Lingling run over, a slight smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face; things were progressing exactly as he had expected. After all, with her sultry appearance, she was unable to withstand the Six Desires Demonic Qi at all.

"Come!" Zhao Fu opened his arms and did not bother with any flowery language.

Mei Lingling happily leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and tightly hugged him, greedily smelling sniffing his scent. Zhao Fu hugged her as if he was hugging a lover he had been with for a long time.

As the fair and clear looking young man walked along and thought about how Mei Lingling had been acting, he felt more and more that something was off. He hurriedly chased after Mei Lingling and saw the two of them going about it intensely in an alleyway.

"Arghhh!" The young man's face became red as he became extremely furious. Even though he had suspected such a thing, the scene was even more intense than he had expected; his wife was being even lewder with another man.

"I'll kill you both!" The young man angrily roared as he took out his weapon and charged at Zhao Fu, wanting to cut him into pieces.

The guards with him also charged over murderously.

Zhao Fu pushed aside Mei Lingling and gave a cold smile as his Nation Armament's power exploded out; Zhao Fu wanted to quickly deal with these people.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

After some muffled sounds rang out in the alleyway, all was silent and no one knew what had happened inside.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu walked out hugging Mei Lingling.

Mei Lingling leaned against Zhao Fu while eating a white finger. There were traces of blood on her lips, which gave an eerie sense of beauty in contrast with Mei Lingling's pretty face.

"Husband, it's very tasty; can you give me another?" Mei Lingling asked coquettishly after finishing the finger.

Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "We should leave this place quickly. Even though his talent was quite low, he was still an Imperial Prince and him dying here will be a big matter. It's best to refine him into a medicinal pill later, the effects will be better."

"But husband, I want to eat him raw; can you not refine him?" Mei Lingling said as she pouted.

Zhao Fu asked in confusion, "Why do you want to eat him raw?"

Mei Lingling laughed as she replied, "Only then will the Imperial Clan's blood taste rich; that's something medicinal pills don't have."

Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "Alright, but you can only have a hand because I want to use his bloodline to create the next Evil Flower Demon."

Mei Lingling happily hugged Zhao Fu and said, "Thank you, husband! I'll serve you well later!"

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged Mei Lingling as he turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky before disappearing.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Massive monsters suddenly appeared in a City and gave off terrifying auras as they devoured countless people. Blood flew everywhere as howls continuously sounded out, and countless people ran in terror, wanting to escape the City.

However, many people were still eaten. Only a small portion of people were able to escape, and the news about the monsters spread to even more places. After hearing about the monsters, countless people looked terrified.

Zhao Fu did not eat the Imperial Prince raw and had You Qianyue refine him into a pill before devouring it. The pill instantly melted and a massive wave of demonic qi flowed out from Zhao Fu's body, creating a large gale.

The demonic qi continuously gathered and formed another monster, and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower reached its seventh stage.