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 They did not want to leave yet because there was still something else that they had to do, which was the matters of the demonic creatures and demon women.

You Qianyue gave a happy smiled and hugged Zhao Fu's arm with both hands. Her Senior Apprentice Brother was a good judge of people and for him to praise Zhao Fu like that, it meant that Zhao Fu was quite extraordinary. She knew that Zhao Fu was quite special and was definitely superior to the Crown Prince.

Moreover, with the terrifying power that Zhao Fu had given her, even an Empire would not have a power like this.

"Senior Apprentice Sister, open up!" You Qianyue hugged Zhao Fu as they came to a large courtyard. She lightly knocked and called out.

The door was quickly opened and a woman appeared before them. She was wearing tight-fitting clothes and had a seductive figure. She was peerlessly beautiful and had a heroic air about her. The aura she gave off was quite powerful, and her cultivation had reached the Divine Realm.

After opening the door, the woman looked at You Qianyue in surprise and called out, "Qianyue! Why are you here?"

The woman looked like the carefree and casual type, and seeing You Qianyue appear, she immediately called out loudly. This gave Zhao Fu a small scare, and fortunately there was no one else around or else You Qianyue would have been exposed.

You Qianyue immediately signaled for the woman to be quieter, and she had You Qianyue and Zhao Fu enter her courtyard.

After coming to a room, the woman looked at You Qianyue in confusion; she did not know why she had come to find here. Right now, almost all of the Multitude Demon Region knew about her matters.

You Qianyue could only repeat what she had said to Mo Zizhi to this woman. Afterwards, the woman looked at Zhao Fu and You Qianyue in respect and said, "I also want to have an intense relationship like this."

You Qianyue introduced the woman to Zhao Fu. She was called Mo Wulin, who was one of the Ten Demon Beauties of the Multitude Demon Region. She was not only extremely beautiful but was also incredibly talented.

"Senior Apprentice Sister, I have a piece of good news for you; look at this power of mine."

You Qianyue stretched out her hand and countless traces of demonic qi gathered above her palm, forming a black flower that gave an evil and dark aura.

Mo Wulin looked at the black flower above You Qianyue's hand and stretched out her hand to touch it, but she found that she could not touch it. Moreover, she could not touch it unless she used all of her cultivation power.

She understood that this power was a very high-grade power, which was much higher-grade than her own. She asked You Qianyue curiously, "What power is this?"

Seeing that Mo Wulin had taken the bait, You Qianyue smiled as she said, "This is Evil Flower Power, which is a very strong power. It is more powerful than even an ordinary Emperor's power; Senior Apprentice Sister, do you want this power?"

Mo Wulin innocently and vigorously nodded, wanting this power very much. With her naïve personality, it was quite easy to trick her.

You Qianyue smiled and had Zhao Fu take off his cloak, and she asked, "What do you think about my husband?"

Mo Wulin looked at Zhao Fu's peerlessly handsome face, sensed his extraordinary aura, and said, "He's very good-looking! I feel that he can rank in the top rankings in the Demon Domain. Why do you ask?"

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless being looked at like this, as if he was a product.

You Qianyue smiled as she said, "This power is quite easy to obtain; you just have to do it with my husband. Also, doing it with my husband is a joy that ordinary people will never be able to enjoy. I have a good relationship with Senior Apprentice Sister, so I'm willing to share my husband with you; otherwise, I definitely wouldn't be willing."

Mo Wulin said gratefully, "Thank you, Junior Apprentice Sister. However, he's your husband; can I really do it with him?"

You Qianyue gave a slightly insidious smile as she said, "If Senior Apprentice Sister feels bad, you can give me some compensation. I heard that Senior Apprentice Sister has a Demon Dragon Pearl; this doesn't seem to be of much use to Senior Apprentice Sister - how about giving it to me?"

"That's no problem, here you go." Mo Wulin was so pure to the extent that she was quite cute. She took out a round, black piece of jade that was as big as a fist. There were dragon inscriptions on it and gave off a powerful demon dragon might.

Zhao Fu felt that this Mo Wulin was a bit too easy to trick; how could she be this naïve? Didn't she know that she was selling herself off and was helping others get rich? If it was under normal circumstances, Zhao Fu could not bear to trick a person like this.

You Qianyue took the Demon Dragon Pearl and gave a happy smile as she said, "Senior Apprentice Sister, my husband is yours now. Enjoy!"

Mo Wulin happily nodded and asked, "Qianyue, I trust you a lot. Can I really obtain that high-grade power by doing it with your husband? I don't need to do anything else?"

You Qianyue smiled and nodded with great certainty.

Seeing this, Mo Wulin looked quite excited, directly jumped on the bed, and started to wait.

You Qianyue looked at Zhao Fu and said quietly, "You're lucky to be able to do it with a big beauty like my Senior Apprentice Sister. Make sure you're gentle with her."

Zhao Fu smiled, nodded, and came to the bed, preparing to take off Mo Wulin's clothes.

However, Mo Wulin grabbed Zhao Fu's hands and said somewhat angrily, "What are you doing? Why do we need to take off our clothes?"

Zhao Fu felt quite confused; why was Mo Wulin resisting now?

However, now that things had come to this, Zhao Fu would not stop because the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower wanted to have her greatly. Zhao Fu sent large amounts of Six Desires Demonic Qi into her body, and even though the process was quite complicated, Zhao Fu soon started to do it with Mo Wulin.

You Qianyue also joined in, and the room was filled with an erotic scene with cries continuously sounding out.

"You tricked me!" Mo Wulin's face was quite red as she said angrily to Zhao Fu and You Qianyue.

Zhao Fu hugged Mo Wulin and smiled as he said, "We didn't trick you; haven't you obtained that power now?"

However, Mo Wulin was still quite angry and said, "I thought that it would just be lying on the bed. I even resisted at first, but you still did it."

Speaking about that, Mo Wulin's face became redder and she could not continue speaking.

Zhao Fu smiled gently as he comforted her, saying, "You're my woman now, and I'll take care of you for your entire life."

You Qianyue also said, "Senior Apprentice Sister, don't you like husband? Didn't you feel very happy doing it with Zhao Fu? If it wasn't for the fact that I can't deal with him by myself, I wouldn't want to share him with you. Also, Senior Apprentice Sister you're getting older and the Sect might arrange a marriage for you. If that happens, what will you do?"

Hearing those words, Mo Wulin thought about it and hugged Zhao Fu with both arms as she said seriously, "Then you can't betray me, or else I won't let you off even if I die."