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 In the end, Zhao Fu found out that You Qianyue had become his Evil Flower Emissary, and it was an Evil Flower Demon Seed from the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower that had fused with You Qianyue's body. It not only enhanced her power and constitution but also gave her abilities similar to his.

You Qianyue could also summon Evil Flower Demons and could also give out Evil Flower Demon Seeds to create Evil Flower Followers. Her Evil Flower Followers could also summon Evil Flower Demons and give out Evil Flower Demon Seeds to create Evil Flower Spirits.

Zhao Fu could have 12 Evil Flower Emissaries, who could have 24 Evil Flower Followers, who could then have 48 Evil Flower Spirits.

Just like that, Zhao Fu could form a large army that all had the Evil Flower Demon's abilities; such an army would be incredibly terrifying.

Moreover, this army would be fully controlled by Zhao Fu and no one would be able to resist Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu was the nexus of this army, and once Zhao Fu died, everyone else would die.

The Evil Flower Emissaries all had to be women and had to have great talent. That was why the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower had such an intense reaction to You Qianyue.

Without realizing it, Zhao Fu was once again surrounded by women, and there was the miserable Ye Zhi outside. Zhao Fu discussed with the women and found a place to have them reside before Zhao Fu finished his matters and picked them up.

They naturally were not willing to be separate from him, but Zhao Fu explained that what he was going to do would be quite dangerous, so they could only obediently stay behind. However, they required that after everything was done, Zhao Fu would properly satisfy them.

Zhao Fu settled them in a small mountain village in the wilderness. Zhao Fu knew that the current situation as quite dangerous, so it was best that they stayed away from people. This mountain village was somewhat secluded and was a good place to hide.

Zhao Fu only brought You Qianyue with him; she was not only a future Empress but also the disciple of a terrifying Demon Sect. That Demon Sect was in the Multitude Demon Region and was a top-tier faction.

You Qianyue knew a lot about the Multitude Demon Region, so Zhao Fu asked her if he had any questions.

However, her attitude towards Zhao Fu was somewhat cold, although she would not resist if Zhao Fu did anything, and she would often take the initiative.

Soon, Zhao Fu brought You Qianyue to another place. Zhao Fu released the four Evil Flower Demons to attack the Cities in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers. He needed them to devour large amounts of demons to create a fifth Evil Flower Demon.

The four Evil Flower Demons charged into Cities and started to slaughter. Arms swung its long arms and devoured people, while Demon charged about, shoving people into its mouth.

Wolf was just like a wild beast, leaping on anyone it saw and devouring them, while Demon God flew in the sky and opened its mouth, giving off a massive suction force that sucked terrified people into its mouth.

There was blood everywhere, staining streets and walls. There were also countless fragmented corpses everywhere, and countless people screamed in terror.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows containing terrifying power shot out towards the Evil Flower Demons, but all of them passed through their bodies and were unable to harm them at all.

Wolf leapt into a group of soldiers and bit at the soldiers with its massive mouth, devouring dozens of people in a single bite. It then used its claws and sent soldiers flying.

Arms opened its massive mouth and exploded out with a massive suction force that dragged in countless soldiers.


A Saint Realm Cultivation City Lord loudly roared and exploded out with power as he rushed towards the Demon God with a spear.

However, the Demon God grabbed the City Lord with a massive hand, causing him to look shocked. He did his best to break free, but he was unable to resist at all and was shoved into the Demon God's mouth. The Demon God bit down and blood sprayed everywhere, and a Saint Realm expert died just like that.

The City quickly turned into ruins and the people there were either eaten or had escaped elsewhere.

Afterwards, the four Evil Flower Demons headed to the next City.

Because the Evil Flower Demons continuously attacked Cities and devoured countless demons, the news of the demon-eating monsters spread more and more, and more people heard about it. Some factions started to investigate what was going on.

By now, Zhao Fu's Evil Flower Demons had eaten millions of people, and Zhao Fu ate the Emperor Heaven Realm expert's body from before.

You Qianyue watched as Zhao Fu actually ate this corpse, the Emperor Heaven Realm expert who had been protecting her. A trace of fury appeared on her cold face and she gripped her fists, but she could not do anything.

There was not only the Six Desires Demonic Qi within her body but also the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's control in her mind; she could not do anything to Zhao Fu at all.

"Why are you doing this? I've already been taken by you and am your woman. Can't you show me a bit more care or respect? That person died protecting me and yet you're eating him; if it's like this, I will never truly submit to you."

Zhao Fu was eating the elder's corpse and his face was covered with blood. Hearing her words, he thought about it before ripping off one of the corpse's arms and handed it to You Qianyue.

Seeing this, You Qianyue became even more furious, wondering what Zhao Fu meant by this. Did he want her to eat with him? How could she...

However, You Qianyue suddenly felt an intense hunger as the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower in her mind gave off a faint demonic light. You Qianyue could not control herself as she took the arm and started to eat it with large bites, looking quite savage.

Zhao Fu continued to eat the elder's corpse and a massive wave of demonic qi flowed out of his body as an expression of pain appeared on his face. The demonic qi continuously condensed and formed a monster.

This monster was three meters tall and was quite skinny and withered like an elderly person. It had silver-white long hair that reached the ground and did not have a face. Its throat had two large mouths, one on the outside and one on the inside, which looked quite horrifying.

This was the fifth Evil Flower Demon, which Zhao Fu decided to call Elder. Zhao Fu's Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power now reached the fifth stage and each Evil Flower Demon's body could now become 100 meters tall and Zhao Fu could control them within 10,000 kilometers.

Suddenly, You Qianyue came up and hugged Zhao Fu, looking flirtatious and shy. She looked at him hazily and took the initiative to kiss him.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and understood that You Qianyue was affected by the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower and the Six Desires Demonic Qi, as well as the fact that she had just eaten the elder's arm.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and the Elder turned into demonic qi and dissipated, and Zhao Fu started to do it with You Qianyue and helped her gradually come back to her senses.

Afterwards, You Qianyue lay powerlessly on Zhao Fu's body and weakly hit Zhao Fu as she said angrily, "What did you do to me?"