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 The Big Madam Yue Mu angrily harrumphed, "You're pointing fingers at us but you should think about yourself first. After our man has tasted you, had 100 men do you, and then sold you off, then you'll know what a slut is."

Hearing those words, You Qianyue's expression became quite unsightly; that kind of end was worse than death.

The Second Madam Chang Qianling was much more tactful. She felt that her beauty was not inferior to the other two Madams', and with her demeanor, many men wanted to conquer her, so she had the confidence to make Zhao Fu like her.

She said flirtatiously, "My good husband, in the future Qianyue and I can serve you together. Surely you wouldn't bear to let other men do us."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and undid the power binding Chang Qianling, but he did not undo the power sealing her strength.

After regaining control over her body, Chang Qianling came up and hugged Zhao Fu as she said flirtatiously, "Husband, I'm yours now; can you treat me and Qianyue a bit better?"

Yue Mu felt slightly dissatisfied; she had never thought that Chang Qianling would give in so easily. It was as if the three of them had changed husband together.

"Husband, how is my father?" You Qingleng looked at Zhao Fu who was hugging beauties on all sides and asked in concern.

Zhao Fu replied, "I did not harm your father, but he has some kind of strange illness; he most likely only has a few years left."

It was precisely because You Wuli knew that his body was failing that he decided to choose the next family leader. This was why the Third Madam Qiu Xueli was willing to leave with Zhao Fu; she had to think of her future and she did not want to be a widow for the rest of her life.

After hearing this familiar voice, the Big Madam looked at You Qingleng. Hearing her call Zhao Fu husband, her face became pale because she still remembered You Qingleng. Now, it was clear why Zhao Fu had come to the You family.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, You Qingleng looked a bit sad. Looking at her stepmother, her gaze became cold as she said, "Long time no see, stepmother."

The Big Madam felt somewhat afraid because You Qingleng had known Zhao Fu for longer than she had, and she was afraid that You Qingleng would take revenge against her. After all, she had gone a bit too far in the past.

Zhao Fu smacked Yue Mu's round bottom and smiled as he said to You Qingleng, "I'll punish her well for you!"

Yue Mu's face became red and she let out a breath of relief as she said seductively, "Husband, now that I'm your woman, you can punish me any way you like."

You Qingleng looked quite cold and did not say anything, and after talking with each other, the others realized You Qingleng's identity.

Zhao Fu looked at You Qianyue and understood why the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower was so determined to obtain her. Zhao Fu licked his lips and felt incredibly hungry.

He let go of the Big Madam and Second Madam and came over to You Qianyue. He lifted her chin and his eyes danced with a hungry light.

You Qianyue looked at Zhao Fu coldly and said somewhat arrogantly, "I'm a future Empress; you know the consequences if you touch me."

Zhao Fu harrumphed somewhat angrily and directly ripped off You Qianyue's clothes and started to do it with her. Apart from the initial resistance, You Qianyue soon became quite cooperative.

A wave of demonic qi flowed out from Zhao Fu's body and Zhao Fu's eyes once again became Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers. The demonic qi continuously flowed into You Qianyue's body, causing it to shine with a faint demonic light.

Black flowers started to grow on her body, and her eyes became pure black. There were two Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers imprinted on her pupils, and her aura also went through big changes; she now seemed somewhat seductive and evil.

The Second Madam Chang Qianlong looked at Zhao Fu ravaging You Qianyue for so long and said in concern, "Husband, it's Qianyue's first time; please show mercy on her. Let me serve you!"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and hugged Chang Qianling's mature figure, and the other women also could not help but join in as well.

While Zhao Fu was having fun here, the outside world was going through chaos.

The Empire was completely enraged; the Crown Prince's fiancée had been stolen, and this was a massive humiliation to the Empire. No matter who had done this, they would have to pay a great price.

The Empire's higher-being personally moved out, and everyone believed that with a higher-being acting, the situation would be resolved very soon. However, contrary to what everyone expected, the higher-being did not find out anything. He had wanted to use a heaven-defying technique to divine what had happened, but he had received Heaven's Secrets backlash and had been heavily injured.

This matter immediately spread throughout more than half of the Demon Domain. An Empire's higher-being not only personally had massive amounts of Fate but also had support from the Empire's Fate, yet he had suffered a backlash.

Just who had done this? Who had such terrifying abilities that even a higher-being could be injured so heavily?

It was not just this Empire who took this matter incredibly seriously, sending out billions of Stage 5 soldiers, hundreds of thousands of Emperor Heaven Realm experts also came, as well as three Void Realm experts.

The various other factions also paid attention to this because it might have been done by a higher-being. However, why would a higher-being steal the fiancée of a Crown Prince? no one could understand this, so they all sent spies to investigate this.

All of the You family's women had been stolen away, which was quite humiliating, but it was because of this that the You family was able to continue surviving. After all, if the Empire investigated the You family, the entire family might perish.

In the end, the next family leader was chosen to be the Eldest Young Master. After losing the support of two important people, the Third Young Master no longer had enough power to fight for the position of family leader.

You Nan also felt quite confused as to why his personal bodyguard had disappeared as well. He did not know that that personal bodyguard was currently doing it with his mother and his big sister.

Back at the mountain cave, You Qianyue had woken up, and seeing her mother lying in Zhao Fu's embrace with a look of infatuation on her face, You Qianyue understood their current situation.

However, she did not feel angry because under Zhao Fu's body, she had felt the same way. She was wondering why Zhao Fu had such a terrifying ability; if it was an ordinary man or woman, they would not be able to make someone else feel this way. She guessed that Zhao Fu most likely had practiced some kind of special Art.

Now, within her mind, there was a rose-like black flower that gave off demonic light. This flower continuously enhanced her constitution and power, and it gave her a higher-tier power.

You Qianyue did not understand why Zhao Fu had given her such benefits despite her attitude towards him.

Zhao Fu looked at You Qianyue and brought her into his embrace. You Qianyue did not resist and lay in his embrace because she did not have any strength to resist, and her body had already been taken by him.

Zhao Fu carefully examined the changes in You Qianyue, and he found what had happened. It seemed that a portion of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power had flowed from him and fused into You Qianyue's body.