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 You Wuli's expression was quite unsightly; he had never thought that his daughter would not give him face and pressure him like this, directly asking for her little brother to become the next leader.

The other elders of the family all disapproved because the Eldest Young Master You Qianqu was evidently much more powerful than the Third Young Master You Gouhe. He was also superior in terms of character and personality, so he was definitely the most suitable one to become the next leader.

Hearing so many oppose him, the Third Young Master said coldly, "You should all know clearly that the You family only obtained the backing of an Empire because of my big sister. Without her, the You family would have nothing. Also, I'll remember all those who opposed me today; don't blame me for being merciless in the future - you brought this on yourselves."

Hearing those words, everyone else in the You family felt quite furious because those words were incredibly disrespectful and did not place them in his eyes at all.

"Hmph! Even without an Empire's support, even if the You family is not extremely powerful, we're still one of the largest factions in this area. We don't need to curry favor with an Empire."

"This brat's character is so contemptible; he must not be allowed to become the next family leader."

"That's right! I'm determined to support the Eldest Young Master to become the next family leader. If the Third Young Master becomes the next family leader, I will leave the family."

Chang Qianling, the Third Young Master's mother, said domineeringly, "Then all of you can scram; the You family doesn't need you all. My son will lead the You family to the pinnacle; you should know that my daughter is a future Empress."

Those words caused many people to hesitate because the Empress of an Empire was an unapproachable and terrifying figure and could affect an Empire's decisions, and she could even gather massive armies.

The Eldest Young Master You Qianqu sighed and did not want the family to split apart because of this, so he said, "I'm willing to give up the position of main Young Master and give it to Third Brother!"

The Big madam, Yue Mu, immediately said determinedly, "Absolutely not!"

Everyone else was also quite unwilling and the hall became quite chaotic. Because of You Qianyue, some people supported the Third Young Master You Gouhe.

You Qianyue slightly frowned and looked at the elder next to her. The elder stepped out and a terrifying power covered the entire hall, causing it to fall deathly silent.

Everyone looked at the elder next to You Qianyue with fear. Even if he was injured, he was not someone to be offended. The most powerful person in the You family was only at the Extreme Divine Realm.

You Qianyue coldly said, "I will stay in the You family for a few days, and I hope you can resolve this quickly. I hope I won't have to do anything that I don't want to do."

After saying this, You Qianyue took the elder with her and left.

Everyone in the hall had unsightly expressions because they had heard the threat in You Qianyue's words. She had an Empire behind her, and no one would not fear such a terrifying Empire.

Chang Qianling coldly laughed and took You Gouhe and a few others and left. She was determined to have her son obtain the position of family leader, and with You Qianyue's support, her son should be able to become the next family leader.

As Zhao Fu watched You Qianyue leave, he had to suppress the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power with all his strength. The instant You Qianyue had appeared, the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower had madly wanted to devour her.

Zhao Fu did not know why, but You Qianyue was definitely very important to the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower, so Zhao Fu started to think.

At night, countless stars appeared in the black sky. The stars looked quite majestic without a moon, and a slight breeze brought with it a coolness.

Zhao Fu lightly knocked on a door three times as a signal, and a woman's voice sounded out from within, "Come in!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu pushed open the door, and a beautiful woman was waiting for him there - she was the Big Madam Yue Mu.

Yue Mu's expression was quite serious as she asked in doubt, "Do you really have a way to preserve my son's position as main Young Master?"

She had seen this young man in the hall, but he only had Earth Realm Cultivation and was You Nan's personal bodyguard. How could she believe that Zhao Fu could help her son?

After all, You Qianyue was a future Empress and had the backing of an Empire, and she also had an Emperor Heaven Realm expert protecting her. That Emperor Heaven Realm expert could suppress all of them.

Zhao Fu slightly smiled as he released some of his Nation Armament's power, causing Yue Mu's expression to change, and he said, "I don't care how you do it, but if you can injure that Emperor Heaven Realm expert again, I can kill him. I will also take away You Qianyue and without her, no one can threaten your son's position. However, I want the demon god corpse."

Yue Mu looked incredibly shocked and felt that Zhao Fu was quite crazy, to dare to kill an Emperor Heaven Realm expert and steal the future Empress of an Empire.

Even though this plan was quite crazy, for her son's future, Yue Mu still agreed as she had no other choice.

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted and inwardly let out a sigh of relief. With her help, he would feel much less pressure. He then looked at Yue Mu's fiery figure with interest and hugged her.

After smelling Zhao Fu's enticing aura, Yue Mu's face became slightly red and she resisted but was unable to break free from his embrace, and Zhao Fu carried her to the bed.

After an intense round, Yue Mu's face was quite red as she looked at Zhao Fu and said, "I'm betting everything on you and I even gave my body to you; you have to succeed or else I won't let you off."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "I can guarantee to you that I will succeed. Also, Madam, you should understand that this matter is quite dangerous, so I want the demon god corpse first."

Hearing this, Yue Mu nodded; she had the key to the secret room, which was why Zhao Fu came to find her.

After going to the secret room, Zhao Fu looked at the demon god corpse lying on a stone stage, as if it was sleeping there.

The demon god was covered with black scales and was three meters tall. It had a powerful-looking body and sharp claws as well as a pair of wings covered with scales. It looked quite savage and had four short, bony horns on its forehead, and it gave off a powerful aura.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased and waved his hand, putting the demon god corpse into his spatial ring. Just as he was about to leave, he discovered a very precious-looking treasure box by the side.

This treasure box was made out of gold and was as big as a palm. It was also on the stone stage and gave off faint golden light, which attracted Zhao Fu over.

Zhao Fu opened the treasure box and found a black piece of metal as big as an egg. It was covered with cracks and gave off a dense Darkness aura and an intense might.

Zhao Fu felt quite interested and examined the black piece of metal. He was then wildly delighted to find that this was a Den that could nurture Darkness Demon Snakes, which were Stage 10 creatures. After maturing, they would have Saint Realm power.