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 "Really?" Qiu Xueli asked in disbelief. Now that she had done it with Zhao Fu and had fallen for him, if her husband found out about it, she would die a horrible death.

Hearing that Zhao Fu could give her a better life, Qiu Xueli felt quite moved and wanted to be with Zhao Fu. She just was not sure if Zhao Fu was serious, or if he was just tricking her to achieve his goals. If he was tricking her, she would be left with nothing.

Zhao Fu smiled as he said gently, "Of course, I wouldn't lie to you. I've never lied to any woman like that before."

Qiu Xueli lightly nodded and started to tell Zhao Fu about the You family's various matters.

The demon god corpse was sealed in a secret room which had all sorts of restrictions protecting it, and even an Emperor Heaven Realm expert could not force it open; only a key could open it.

Zhao Fu slightly frowned; it seemed that this matter would not be very simple. Zhao Fu had thought that he could directly snatch it and leave, and he had never expected that he would have to open a secret room to obtain the demon god corpse.

"My good husband, you really have to leave or else you'll be discovered. Come and do it with me again later," Qiu Xueli said somewhat reluctantly.

Zhao Fu nodded. He had been in Qiu Xueli's room for around five to six hours now.

However, at that moment, a woman's voice sounded from outside, "Mother, are you there? I'm so angry, Wu Niu doesn't support my little brother to become the You family's next leader."

There was a seductive-looking woman standing outside; she was the You family's second young miss and had already married out to a large faction. She was called You Baihua.

Qiu Xueli's expression became quite awkward; she had never thought that her daughter would arrive at such a time. She naturally could not allow her to see this scene, so she could only say, "I see, wait for me at the drawing room. I'll be with you soon."

However, You Baihua impatiently said, "Mother, I'm not just here because of that; there's another big matter. No one knows about it yet, hurry and open the door."

Hearing this, Qiu Xueli felt quite frustrated and had Zhao Fu stay on the bed before putting on some clothes and she opened the door.

After the door was opened, seeing her mother with a red face and giving off an enticing aura, as a young wife, she naturally understood what had happened.

She charged into the room and Qiu Xueli wanted to stop her, but it was too late. After charging in, You Baihua stared at Zhao Fu on the bed; she had never thought that her mother would do it with someone else behind her father's back.

You Baihua did not feel angry and only felt somewhat shocked, because even though her mother had considered it before, she had never done it before.

However, seeing Zhao Fu's peerless looks, his extraordinary bearings, and his enticing aura, her heart and soul trembled. She looked slightly flirtatious as she pouted, saying, "Mother, you found such a good man and yet you wanted to keep him to yourself. You don't even want to share him with your daughter."

Qiu Xueli bitterly laughed; she understood that her daughter had already fallen for Zhao Fu, and she reminded her, saying, "Baihua, don't be like this; you have a husband and he treats you well."

Thinking about her husband, she felt quite angry, directly walked over to Zhao Fu, and kissed him.

Looking at the two people starting to do it on the bed, Qiu Xueli could only close the door and join in.

Afterwards, You baihua's face was quite red as she looked at Zhao Fu in infatuation, "Husband, can I be your wife in the future?"

Zhao Fu smiled and lightly nodded; this young wife was quite alluring.

Qiu Xueli lay on Zhao Fu's other side and was quite unwilling to see her daughter develop a relationship with Zhao Fu. After all, she had a good life with her husband, but now she could only leave with Zhao Fu.

"That's right, what were you saying before, Baihua?" Qiu Xueli remembered that You Baihua had come looking for her because of something.

Only then did You Baihua remember. She replied seriously, "Big sister is going to return and might support her little brother to become the next leader. She seems to have also brought an Emperor Heaven Realm expert for protection."

Hearing this, Qiu Xueli looked quite dispirited as she sighed and said, "Looks like your little brother won't be able to become the leader of the You family. That's also good though, because he isn't really cut out for it."

Zhao Fu's expression also became serious because the You family's Big Miss was quite famous. Not only did she have extraordinary talent, she was peerlessly beautiful and was called one of the top ten beautiful women in the Multitude Demon Region. Moreover, she was the fiancée of a Crown Prince of an Empire.

The Crown Prince would one day become the Emperor and the Big Miss would become the Empress, gaining an incredibly prestigious status.

She had brought an Emperor Heaven Realm expert back with her, and with her status, no one would dare to resist her. Zhao Fu felt that the situation had become quite difficult and felt quite annoyed.

Zhao Fu wanted to quickly obtain the demon god corpse but had never thought that the Big Miss You Qianyue would arrive back ahead of time, causing the entire You family to become nervous.

There were already many people from the You family gathered at the main hall, and Zhao Fu followed You Nan to the hall.

The You family's leader, You Wuli, was a pale-faced, good-looking middle-aged man. The Eldest Young Master looked quite handsome, the Second Young Master looked quite refined, and the Third Young Master looked quite cold.

The Big Madam had a fiery figure but looked somewhat unkind. She was the Eldest Young Master and the Second Young Master's mother, and she was called Yu Mu. The Second Madam was quite tall and slim and gave an intense feeling, and she was called Chang Qianling. She was the Third Young Master and the Big Miss' mother.

The most eye-catching person was the woman at the center. She had a graceful figure and white skin, and her beauty surpassed those of everyone else to the point that it was quite suffocating, and she gave off a cool and elegant feeling.

The elder next to her gave off the aura of the Emperor Heaven Realm, but his aura was a bit weak, as if he was injured. This was because on the way back, they had been ambushed by an enemy of the Empire, and as the fiancée of the Crown Prince of the Empire, she had an important status, so many people targeted her.

You Wuli slightly smiled and said, "Yue'Er, why have you come back this time?"

You Wuli felt quite proud of this granddaughter of his; not only did she have good talent and was quite strong, she was the fiancée of a Crown Prince of an Empire; this was beneficial to the entire You family.

You Qianyue did not feel much for this family and coldly replied, "I heard that you're going to pick the next leader of the You family; I feel that my little brother is suitable and I want you to choose him."

You Qianyue was mainly doing this for her mother, the Second Madam. This was why her mother had asked her to come back.

Right after You Qianyue had spoken, everyone else felt quite displeased, and the most displeased was the Big Madam Yue Mu. She had made her son the main Young Master of the You family with great difficulty, so how could she allow someone else to usurp him?

"The Eldest Young Master has the support of everyone and should inherit the You family; no one can move his position."