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 Zhao Fu came to the You residence and found that the You residence's Fourth Young Master was recruiting people. As such, he thought about it and took off his cloak and signed up. Of course, he did not use his real name, and he instead made one up - Mo Ye.

The Fourth Young Master was quite domineering, arrogant, and stupid. He was the least favored of the four successors, so he seemed relatively easy to control.

Now that he was recruiting subordinates, Zhao Fu wanted to mix in and use the Fourth Young Master to obtain the demon god corpse.

After signing up, Zhao Fu followed the butler to the courtyard, where there were 20 or so people gathered. Most of them had Saint Realm Cultivation and a few of them had Heaven Realm Cultivation, so Zhao Fu's Earth Realm Cultivation seemed quite ordinary.

There was an arrogant-looking young man dressed in luxurious clothes sitting on a chair as he watched two people fight. As Zhao Fu arrived, everyone's gazes fell on his body.

After Zhao Fu's bloodline had reached the Divine Bloodline level, his appearance and aura had risen to the peak. Zhao Fu did not like to attract attention to himself, so he normally wore a cloak, but he could not wear his cloak now that he was applying for this position.

"Mo Ye greets the Young Master!" Zhao Fu walked in front of the luxurious-dressed young man and cupped his hands as he spoke.

The luxuriously-dressed young man was called You Nan and was the Fourth Young Master. He was the youngest out of all of the successors, and seeing this incredibly handsome and excellent-looking young man paying respects to him, he felt quite good about himself and liked Zhao Fu.

"Alright, This Young Master will be taking you in," You Nan said as he smiled.

The butler next to him said, "Young master, we don't know what Mo Ye's strength is like. It's better to have him compete with the others. Since young master likes him, if he has sufficient strength, young master can nurture him to be a personal bodyguard."

Hearing this, You Nan smiled and nodded as he said, "Mo Ye, This Young Master wants to see what your strength is like. If you perform well, This Your Master will put you in an important position."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and he picked a young man with Heaven Realm Cultivation. The young man looked quite pleased at an Earth Realm Cultivator challenging him.

The two of them came to an empty area, and the young man looked quite savage as he clenched his fist and shot forwards incredibly quickly, reaching Zhao Fu in an instant. His fist swung towards Zhao Fu's handsome face, wanting to destroy Zhao Fu's looks.


A muffled sound rang out as the young man was sent flying backwards. Just as the young man had attacked, Zhao Fu's fist had shot out like lightning and sent him flying.

The young man flew back ten or so meters, crashed to the ground, and coughed up a large mouthful of blood. He looked at Zhao Fu furiously and pointed at him, but before he could say anything, he fainted.

Everyone gasped in shock; they had never thought that an Earth Realm Cultivator would be able to defeat a Heaven Realm Cultivator with one strike; this strength was quite terrifying.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite calm. Even a Harmony Realm expert would not be able to take a few blows from him.

You Nan excitedly stood up, looking as if he had found a precious treasure, and he loudly laughed as he said, "Mo Ye, This Young Master hereby makes you his personal bodyguard!"

Zhao Fu smiled as he cupped his hands and said, "Thank you, Young Master."

Following this, Zhao Fu followed a butler around in order to familiarize himself with his surroundings. The butler did his best to tell Zhao Fu everything and tried to curry favor with him, as he was now very popular with You Nan.

At that moment, a slightly sultry-looking middle-aged woman with a mature figure walked over with a few servant girls.

The butler immediately bowed, "Third Madam!"

Zhao Fu also followed in suit, and he understood who this beautiful woman was. It was You Qingleng's father, You Ye's third wife. She was called Qiu Xueli and was You Nan's mother.

Qiu Xueli ignored the butler, but after glancing at Zhao Fu, her eyes brightened and she could sense an incredibly enticing aura, causing her face to become slightly red and her eyes to become somewhat hazy.

"Who is he?" Qiu Xueli asked the butler, her voice slightly flirtatious.

The butler replied, "Third Madam, this is the Fourth Young Master's new personal bodyguard. This lowly one is showing him around the You residence."

"I see, you can all leave; I have some matters to ask him about." Qiu Xueli nodded as she stared at Zhao Fu, her eyes becoming incredibly watery.

Hearing this, the others all left.

Qiu Xueli slightly smiled and said to Zhao Fu with a serious tone, "Come with me!"

Zhao Fu nodded and followed Qiu Xueli to her room.

After entering the room, Qiu Xueli no longer hid it anymore and gave a flirtatious smile as she stroked Zhao Fu's face before kissing him. She wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's waist and said seductively, "You're too handsome and give off some kind of aura that has stolen my heart; you need to take responsibility."

Zhao Fu smiled, hugged Qiu Xueli, and walked towards the bed.

After doing it, Qiu Xueli's face was red as she tightly hugged Zhao Fu and said, "Why didn't you appear earlier; I feel like I've wasted my life before I met you."

Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "You're such a slutty woman!"

Qiu Xueli's face became redder, and she thought about how crazy she had been as she said somewhat angrily, "I'm not that kind of woman; it's the first time I've done it with someone apart from my husband. It was evidently you who seduced me, or else I wouldn't have been tempted like that."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, knowing why. At that moment, someone knocked on the door and You Nan's voice sounded out, "Mother, have you seen my personal bodyguard? The butler said that you took him away to ask him about things; why hasn't he returned yet?"

Qiu Xueli's face went red because Zhao Fu was lying on the bed next to her and was hugging her. You Nan never would have thought that the bodyguard he had just hired had already tasted his mother.

"Nan'Er, keep looking around; I sent him back long ago." Qiu Xueli did not want You Nan to know about this, so she could only lie to trick him. You Nan greatly trusted Qiu Xueli, so he obeyed and left.

"Hurry up and leave; if other people discover you here, you won't be able to stay alive. Next time you want me, just secretly tell me so I can prepare," Qiu Xueli said softly as she nestled against Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu still had not achieved his goal so he naturally would not leave. He said, "I want to know about the You family and the demon god corpse."

Hearing this, Qiu Xueli immediately became wary as she said angrily, "I see, so you had ulterior motives, and you even took my body. You bad person!"

Zhao Fu comforted her saying, "Don't worry, I won't harm you; trust me, alright? You can leave with me after and I'll give you a better life."