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 Now, Zhao Fu had created a third Evil Flower Demon, and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower had reached its third stage. Zhao Fu could now make the Evil Flower Demons ten or so meters tall and the speed at which they devoured things and their strength had greatly increased.

Moreover, the Evil Flower Demons could now leave Zhao Fu's side and move by themselves within 100 kilometers. If they went more than 100 kilometers away from him, they would dissipate. After all, the Evil Flower Demons' core was Zhao Fu and without Zhao Fu's power's support, they would naturally dissipate.

Zhao Fu could sense a massive hunger from the three Evil Flower Demons, so Zhao Fu allowed them to go and search for their own food.

The three Evil Flower Demons excitedly became ten or so meters tall and rushed away in three separate directions.

The Demon found a ten or so meter tall demon bear and leapt on it, biting with its enormous mouth. The demon bear furiously swatted at it with its paw, but the paw passed through the Demon's body as if it was illusory.

This caused the demon bear to stare in surprise before howling in pain in the next moment. The Demon's massive mouth bit on its body and ripped off a large chunk of flesh.

The demon bear was immediately seriously wounded and did not have much strength to retaliate, and it was eaten by the Demon.

As for Arms, it found a large group of goats. It opened its mouth and sucked, sucking the terrified goats into its mouth. Its two arms continuously stretched out and devoured the remaining goats that tried to run away.

The Wolf headed into a small town and opened its massive mouth and sucked in many residents, and then it bit down, eating seven or eight people and sending blood and limbs flying.

The terrified residents ran for their lives, and some soldiers shot out arrows. However, those arrows passed through the Wolf's body and were unable to harm it, as if it was an illusion.

The Wolf continuously devoured residents and it came to a large street. It opened its massive mouth and sucked, and countless residents were sucked in before going silent.

The Evil Flower Demons had the ability to go between being incorporeal and corporeal. Moreover, Zhao Fu had a Divine Bloodline and they had come from Zhao Fu's body, so all kinds of terrifying abilities were useless against them.

Zhao Fu found a small creek and washed away the blood along his body before returning to Ye Ye and the others.

The other people felt an instinctive fear towards Zhao Fu and could not understand what kind of person Zhao Fu was. Zhao Fu smiled and brought the three women into his embrace. After an intense session, they no longer felt as afraid.

"Husband, where are we going now?" Lou Li, the flirtatious woman, looked at Zhao Fu with a reddened face as she asked.

Zhao Fu thought about it before replying, "We'll leave here first; we've made a big ruckus here which might attract some attention. I don't have a destination in mind; do you know where there are any powerful demonic creatures or demonic items?"

The ruthless-looking woman, You Qingleng, hesitated before saying, "My father has a demon god corpse!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked quite delighted; demon god corpses had massive amounts of demonic qi, and he quickly asked about it.

It turned out that You Qingleng's father was the ruler of a faction but her mother had died early on and her stepmother often abused her, so she left when she was still quite young. She had lived with great difficulty so she often joined with others to kill people. That was why she had such a ruthless personality.

Even though You Qingleng's father had treated her coldly, she still hoped that Zhao Fu would not kill him and would only take the demon god corpse.

This demon god corpse was their faction's supreme treasure and gave them demon god's power; it was incredibly important to them.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu decided to head towards You Qingleng's father's faction.

The three Evil Flower Demons continuously ate, and the people and beasts in the surroundings were either devoured or had run away. Zhao Fu thought about it, and since he could control them within 100 kilometers, he did not bring them back and allowed them to continue to eat and obtain more demonic qi.

Zhao Fu brought his group and had them follow him.

Two days later, Zhao Fu and his group came to a City. This was within You Qingleng's father's faction. Her father's faction was only a mid-level faction and was not very big.

Zhao Fu found an inn in the City and planned to gather some information about this faction to make things easier.

At that moment, there were a few people in the inn discussing recent matters. One person seemed quite afraid as he said, "Hey, did you all hear? I heard that there's a monster that specifically eats demons and many people have been eaten. Its methods are incredibly cruel and it does not let off anything living."

"Really? Is it some demon beast? How could such a monster appear and eat demons so unrestrainedly in the Demon Domain?"

"It's definitely true, apparently hundreds of thousands of people have been eaten. Do you know about the Demon Wolf Mountain's demon wolf? It was eaten by that monster and died horribly."

"What monster is that, daring to eat us demons? It doesn't place demons in its eyes at all."

"I don't know, but rumors say that it's incredibly terrifying and devours anyone it sees. What's more, it's like it never gets full. Its stomach doesn't change even after eating tens of thousands of people, and everyone in that place has escaped elsewhere."

"I heard those monsters are heading towards us and the people of the villages nearby have been eaten. Right now, our City Lord is sending people to investigate."

"What? They're headed here? Shouldn't we hurry up and leave then? That monster could even eat the demon wolf, so if our City Lord brings an army, they'll just be going to their own deaths."

"Mm, hurry up and finish your food and leave!"

After hearing this, Zhao Fu had never thought that he had caused such a ruckus. It seemed that everyone knew about this and there were most likely quite a few factions paying attention to this. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu dispelled the three Evil Flower Demons. After all, this was the Heaven Domain and it was best to be careful. The people around him naturally did not know that Zhao Fu was the master of those demon-eating monsters.

Following this, Zhao Fu easily obtained information about this faction and You Qingleng's family's situation.

Her father had taken two concubines and had one wife, and he had four sons and two daughters.

After many years, no one remembered You Qingleng. Her little brother, her stepmother's son, had become the young master. He was handsome and was quite strong, and he had the support of many people.

However, the others wanted to steal the spot of young master, so there was a lot of tension in the family.