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 Zhao Fu looked at this second monster and a look of delight appeared on his face. It was not just that he had gained a powerful monster, but the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's abilities had also reached the second stage and the two monsters would become more powerful as well.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and the two monsters both turned into demonic qi and dissipated. Zhao Fu returned to the City that Ye Ye was staying at and found that the faction had descended into chaos because the leader had died.

There was news of a black-cloaked figure and a terrifying monster devouring demons. He had incredibly terrifying and cruel methods, and the leader had been killed by that person.

Ye Ye and Ye Zhi naturally knew who that person was. They had never thought that Zhao Fu would be able to easily instantly kill the faction's leader and cause such a big ruckus.

Zhao Fu returned and quickly brought the two people to leave to the next place.

Now, Zhao Fu was not in a rush to go to the historical remnant and instead wanted to have his monsters devour large numbers of demons in order to make the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower more powerful and provide more demonic qi for the Demon Star.

However, as they traveled, Zhao Fu and the two others were stopped by a group of six people. Their cultivations were all at least at the Saint Realm and their leader had Earth Realm Cultivation. Just as expected, they wanted to rob Zhao Fu's group.

Zhao Fu had not come to this area for very long, yet he had been in this position twice; it could be seen just how chaotic this region was.

There were four men and two women. Of the four men, one was a ferocious-looking big man, one was an ordinary-looking middle-aged man, one was a vicious-looking young man, and one was a cold-looking young man.

Of the two women, one wore a red dress and rested in the ferocious-looking big man's embrace and looked quite flirtatious; one had a slim figure and had decent looks but seemed quite ruthless.

The leader, which was the ferocious-looking big man, had Earth Realm Cultivation and domineering pointed at Zhao Fu and called out, "Boy, hand over everything of value and that woman next to you for us to play with and we'll spare you today."

Facing so many powerful people, Ye Zhi could not help but feel quite anxious. Ye Ye disdainfully laughed, "You trash want to touch me? You're seeking your own death without even realizing it."

The big man's expression became furious and he cursed, "You slut! Everyone, attack together and kill those two men; you can play with that woman however you want."

Suddenly, demonic qi spread out and a tall figure appeared behind the big man. It was a demon-like figure with a powerful body, and it gave off a terrifying aura.

Right after the big man had spoken, that figure had suddenly appeared, causing his expression to fall. His body froze and he started to sweat cold sweat as he felt a sense of terror.

The Evil Flower Demon stretched out its massive claws and grabbed the big man's head and gave a savage laugh as it gripped, causing the big man's head to explode.; brains and blood flew everywhere, and the woman in his embrace cried out and ducked to the side.

The monster grabbed the man's headless corpse and opened its mouth, devouring it in one bite before attacking the others.

The other people looked terrified and did not understand what was happening, but they knew they had encountered a monstrous opponent. They naturally did not have any thoughts of taking revenge for the big man because they had only gathered because it was in their interest to do so. As such, they immediately scattered and ran.

Demonic qi once again spread out and an Evil Flower Demon appeared behind Zhao Fu. It swung out its hands and its arms quickly extended as the two palms became large mouths that savagely bit towards two people.

The two people were given a big fright and immediately raised their defensive barriers, but the two hands seemed like they were illusory and passed through the defensive barriers. This caused the two people to look incredibly confused and they could not react in time before they were devoured by the two mouths, causing blood to fly everywhere.

The other Evil Flower Demon caught up to another person and one of its massive and sharp claws pierced through that person's chest before it bit down, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

In order to differentiate between the two Evil Flower Demons, Zhao Fu named one of them Long Arms and the other one Demon.

Long Arms' hands shot out and dragged the two women in front of Zhao Fu. The two women looked terrified and the flirtatious woman pleaded, "Sir, as long as you don't' kill us, I'm willing to do anything."

The ruthless-looking woman also said in fear, "Please don't eat me! I'm willing to submit to you."

Ye Ye glared at Zhao Fu somewhat unhappily; she knew why Zhao Fu was keeping these two women, and she said angrily, "Am I not enough?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "It's not what you're thinking; they said that they wanted to toy with you so I naturally need to toy with their women."

Ye Ye still angrily harrumphed, turned her head away, and ignored Zhao Fu.

Ye Zhi tactfully left, and soon intense sounds rang out. He not only heard the two women's lewd cries but also his big sister's voice.

"Thank you, sir, for giving me your love; you're more capable than the men I've had in the past by hundreds of times," the flirtatious woman said in an infatuated manner with a red face.

The ruthless-looking woman's face was also red and she panted but did not say anything.

Ye Ye did not say anything either as she strengthlessly lay in Zhao Fu's embrace. She no longer looked angry and instead looked quite happy and pleased.

Zhao Fu found out the two women's names - the flirtatious woman was called Lou Li and the ruthless-looking woman was called You Qingleng. He asked them about the situation in this area and found out about the factions here, as well as the treasures and demonic creatures.

Zhao Fu heard from them that there was a large mountain where a terrifying demon wolf lived. It committed all sorts of evils but no one had the ability to kill it as it was incredibly crafty. If any powerful enemies appeared, it would run away.

It was also said that the demon wolf had the ability to turn into human form and liked handsome men. It would often capture handsome men to toy with before eating them; however, the demon wolf was also a male.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu decided to head to that mountain as he needed to devour high-grade demonic creatures.

On the way to the mountain, Zhao Fu entered another few groups of bandits, who were all eaten by the Evil Flower Demons. Zhao Fu also destroyed a few strongholds and the Evil Flower Demons devoured 20,000 to 30,000 people, causing news of a demon-eating monster appearing to spread.

A day or so later, Zhao Fu and his people arrived at the large mountain. The aura coming from there was quite terrifying, and Zi Yue, the little mouse, shivered in fear against Zhao Fu's chest.

Zhao Fu smiled, because the more powerful the demonic beast the better.

Zhao Fu could clearly sense that the demon wolf was in the mountain, so in order to prevent it from running away, Zhao Fu planned on luring it out.

Hearing that the demon wolf liked handsome men, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and touched his face. He felt that he could use himself to lure out the demon wolf, and because he only had Earth Realm Cultivation, it was likely that the demon wolf would take the bait.

Following this, Zhao Fu's group showed no wariness and started to relax near the mountain. They plucked some wild fruits and started to have a picnic.