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 "Leave this place with me. Don't tell me you want to stay in this small stronghold forever," Zhao Fu said to Ye Ye as he smiled.

Ye Ye coldly replied, "I'm not leaving with a bastard like you."

Zhao Fu slightly smiled and said, "A small stronghold like this can be destroyed at any moment; it's better to disband it earlier and find a better place for these people. Moreover, with your strength and abilities, staying in a place like this is a great waste."

Lying in Zhao Fu's arms and hearing Zhao Fu's acknowledgement, Ye Ye felt a trace of happiness and started to consider the current state of the stronghold.

In the end, Ye Ye nodded and agreed to disband the stronghold, and she angrily hit Zhao Fu a few times. "I can leave with you, but you killed so many people from our stronghold so you have to give us compensation. I want you to give them a large sum of money."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed; this was not a problem at all and he directly agreed.

Following this, the two of them put on their clothes and came outside. There were many people gathered here and they looked at Zhao Fu with expressions of fear and anger. Zhao Fu had not only killed their people but had also violated their leader.

However, Ye Ye's words caused everyone to look incredibly confused, and they had never expected their leader to disband the stronghold.

Ye Ye's little brother, Ye Zhi, immediately objected, saying, "Big sis! Did he use some kind of method to bewitch you? Why are you doing this? He treated you like that and yet you want to leave with him."

Hearing those words, Ye Ye replied with a cold expression, "The stronghold cannot continue to exist in its current state. Our strength is far too weak; today was a good example. I will find a better place for you all.

"Also, are you all happy to stay in a stronghold like this for the rest of your lives and live such mediocre lives? His identity is very mysterious and he is incredibly powerful; following him is the best decision."

Hearing this, Ye Zhi was unable to refute her words.

Following this, Zhao Fu took out a large amount of money and gave it to Ye Ye, who distributed it to everyone. She then brought them to a City and had them take residence there.

Even though Ye Zhi was unwilling, he still left this place with his big sister.

The faction that had the Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone only had the strength of half a world. In Ye Ye's eyes, it was extremely powerful, because having a faction like this in the Demon Domain was more difficult than conquering two worlds in the outer domains.

This faction was one of the weaker factions. This was because this chaotic boundary region was incredibly big, and the top-tier factions here were not inferior to Empires.

Also, for some reason, this Multitude Demon Region had never been unified before and had always been chaotic like this. Zhao Fu did not know why, but anyone would be interested in such a big piece of land. Moreover, it was in the Heaven Domain.

Because that faction was nearby, Zhao Fu quickly reached that faction. However, he did not directly charge into that faction to steal the Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone. After all, that would make too much noise and this was the Heaven Domain where there were Emperor Heaven Realm experts everywhere. As such, Zhao Fu did not dare to act too arrogantly.

However, Zhao Fu obtained information about this faction; it was within Zhao Fu's abilities to deal with it and it would not be too dangerous.

It was said that in two days, the faction's leader would come out to hunt, so Zhao Fu decided to wait.

After hearing that Zhao Fu wanted to assassinate the leader of the faction and steal the Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone, Ye Zhi looked incredibly shocked. He felt that Zhao Fu was simply too daring and was even a bit mad. With his strength, he did not dare to offend that faction's leader at all; if he ever met him, he would only be able to kneel in awe.

Ye Ye nestled in Zhao Fu's embrace. After doing it with Zhao Fu many times, her aura had become somewhat more flirtatious and mature.

Their relationship had also become better and when she had heard about the Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone, she knew that Zhao Fu wanted to take it, and she trusted that he would be able to do it.

She could instinctively sense that Zhao Fu's identity was incredibly terrifying; after all, the aura he gave off was monstrous. Whether it was in terms of his aura, bloodline, or Fate, she could not resist at all and was completely suppressed.

"Make sure you're careful," Ye Ye lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes as she said caringly.

Zhao Fu nodded and began to prepare to assassinate the leader of that faction.


In order to quickly end the battle, Zhao Fu directly released the power of his Nation Armament, and a terrifying sword light slashed out, bringing with it a ferocious sword qi as it slashed towards the leader of the faction.

The leader of the faction was leading a group of horsemen and was chasing after a demon tiger, and he had never expected such a terrifying attack.

Great Qin now had six worlds and the power that its Nation Armament contained was simply terrifying. The leader of the faction had Divine Realm Cultivation but was still killed by the attack. The group of horsemen with him were also torn apart by the sword light, and their blood and broken corpses littered the ground.

A circular stone giving off black light and immense demonic qi hung in the air - this was most likely the Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone. Zhao Fu had never expected that it had fused with the leader of the faction; if he had not killed him, he would not have been able to obtain it.

"Kill him! He killed our leader!" Over 10,000 demon soldiers hurried over, and they all had Stage 4 strength. Seeing Zhao Fu kill their leader, they looked incredibly furious and raised their weapons as they roared and charged over.

Facing these demon soldiers, Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed. He released the Evil Flower Demon and said, "Eat your fill!"

The Evil Flower Demon opened its massive mouth and sucked, and an incredibly powerful attractive force burst forth.

The demon soldiers' expressions fell and they unleashed energy barriers, but it was completely useless. Their bodies were quickly sucked into the Evil Flower Demon's mouth.

The soldiers on the outside hurriedly shot out arrows, and these arrows contained immense power as they shot towards Zhao Fu.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Without Zhao Fu needing to do anything, the Evil Flower Demon unleashed a defensive barrier to block the arrows, and it continued to suck in the demon soldiers.

In the end, of the 10,000 demon soldiers, only fewer than 100 of them were able to escape and the rest were all devoured by the Evil Flower Demon. These were all Stage 4 demon soldiers and contained large amounts of demonic qi.

Zhao Fu did not stay here as the other side's army would soon arrive. He found a place with no one around and ate the Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone.

A massive wave of demonic qi exploded out from Zhao Fu's body and an expression of pain appeared on his face as the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower appeared in his eye sockets.

The massive amount of demonic qi continuously condensed and formed another three meter tall monster.

This monster looked like a demon and had powerful-looking muscles and massive claws. It also had a massive mouth, blood-red eyes, and a pair of cow-like black horns. It gave off an evil aura that made it so that no one would dare to step close to it.