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 Wu Ling chose the Void Equipment Set, which gave him Void Power. Void Power nullified most attacks and could cause his body to vanish, which would allow him to carry out dangerous assassinations.

Wu Qing chose the Light Equipment Set, which had some Light element skills. One would think that Light element skills did not suit an Assassin, but they could be used to bend light, reflect light, and scatter light, aiding one's assassination skills, and it could even be used for healing.

Yue Zhongchang chose the Terror Equipment Set, which had a mental-type legacy, and its skills were used to strike fear into enemies during the day and terror at night, making it so that they could not sleep. This would slowly torture and torment the enemy, making it easier to assassinate them.

Tuoba Qing, who Zhao Fu valued the most, chose the Blood Equipment Set, which gave the owner a type of Blood Power. It could use one's blood to recover and kill, and as long as some of one's blood remained, one would always be in a half-unkillable state. It was quite an exceptional power.

In the end, out of the 12 Assassin equipment sets, only the War, Kill, and Battle Equipment Sets were left. They were all as powerful as the Blood Equipment Set, so it would most likely be more difficult to find suitable owners for them.

However, this was already quite good: 9 of the Assassin equipment sets now had owners, and Tuoba Qing had chosen the powerful Blood Equipment Set. Zhao Fu eagerly anticipated her growth - after all, she was SSS grade like Bai Qi and had outstanding potential.

Following this, Zhao Fu took the four of them back to the Great Qin Town and told them to get used to their new powers while raising their cultivation. When he had any spare S grade Orbs, he would give them to Wu Ling, Wu Qing, and Yue Zhongchang.

Following this, Bai Qi and the exploration team returned to the Great Qin Town, and he reported the matter about Xianbei Village to Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu was quite delighted - with these 7,000 captives, Great Qin's overall population was now a bit more than 46,000, and they were slowly growing to a size that could rival a main city.

At the same time, Bai Qi handed the Xianbei Tear to Zhao Fu, and after looking at the Xianbei Tear, Zhao Fu also felt that it was not very useful and put it inside his King's Ring.

At this moment, Li Si brought a few Xianbei elders and beautiful young women into the room. He paid his respects to Zhao Fu before saying, "Your Majesty, these people requested to see you."

Zhao Fu nodded and looked towards the elders and the beautiful young women.

At this moment, the group of people kneeled down and spoke in a language that Zhao Fu could not understand. However, because they had submitted to him, he could understand their intent.

Their words were along the lines of, " _Respected Majesty, we have completely submitted to you and will live under your glorious light in the future. We would like to present our most beautiful women to serve you; please accept them._ "

Zhao Fu understood that most minority clans would offer their most beautiful women to those who conquered them. After all, they lived in a world where the strong devoured the weak, and their traditions and culture were different to those of the modern day.

Zhao Fu wanted to refuse because he already had a few female attendants, and he did not want too many people trying to serve him. However, when the elders saw Zhao Fu hesitate and frown, their faces paled - in their eyes, if Zhao Fu did not accept, it would mean that the Xianbei people's lives would be tough from now on.

Li Si could understand what Zhao Fu was thinking, so he advised him, "Your Majesty, it's best that you accept them to put the Xianbei people at ease."

Zhao Fu thought about it and nodded to show that he accepted the Xianbei women. Smiles broke out on the Xianbei elders' faces, and the Xianbei group left with Li Si.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to talk with Bai Qi. Bai Qi would continue to lead the army and explore outside of Great Qin's territory, while Zhao Fu would go to Battle City, as the restaurant and Merchant Alliance had formally opened.

The restaurant's business was very good, and it did as well as the one in Holy Light City.

Just as the restaurant opened, the various factions in Little Valley started to become wary, and they were particularly worried because the restaurant was opened by an unknown faction. They sent people to find information about the restaurant, but they were unable to find anything.

Most players were incredibly jealous of the restaurant's success, but because their status wasn't high enough, they could only watch. Soon, as time passed, they would also be able to raise their statuses to Baron.

Soon, Zhao Fu's advantage of being a Baron would no longer be an advantage, as most people would soon become Barons. However, being able to open up a path to another region every three days was already quite good, and Zhao Fu was currently the only one who could do such a thing.

Moreover, in terms of businesses, his greatest advantage was not the restaurants but the Merchant Alliance.

Recently, many people had seen quite a few new and interesting things being sold on the streets. They were all things that the region did not have, which attracted not only many indigenous residents but also players as well.

Now, the Merchant Alliance was starting to become a massive profit-generator by buying and selling goods.

For example, Zhao Fu would sell his Black Forest Fruits at Little Valley, and many people were incredibly curious upon seeing them and would ask, "Shop owner, what is this fruit? What does it taste like?"

The person in charge of selling the Black Forest Fruits replied, "These are Black Forest Fruits from the Forest of Horrors; you can't find them anywhere in Little Valley."

Just the rarity of this fruit caused many people to buy it. They knew that the Forest of Horrors was a neighboring region, and it was the first time that they had seen something from another region. Could it be that someone had passed the boundary? Everyone was quite surprised.

The person in charge of selling the Black Forest Fruits laughed and said that he was only responsible for selling the fruits and did not know anything else. Because he didn't know, people didn't continue to ask. They looked at the Black Forest Fruits and asked, "Shop owner, how much are these Black Forest Fruits? I want two to try."

The person picked up two Black Forest Fruits and handed them to the person, saying, "Two copper coins for one. Since it's our first day, I'll give you a discount of three copper coins."


Everyone felt incredibly shocked. Because of how rare this fruit was, they thought that it would be exorbitantly priced. However, it was only two copper coins for one - all of them had expected at least 10 or so copper coins.

Zhao Fu did not charge high prices for these normal goods. Instead, he decided to earn a small profit on each one but sell a massive amount of them. Because of how plentiful they were in the Forest of Horrors, he did not have to worry about running out of stock, so he decided to generate profit by selling a lot of them.

In the Forest of Horrors, they could buy three Black Forest Fruits for one copper coin, so selling one for two copper coins in Little Valley already increased their profits by many times.