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 There were not many people at the stronghold, only around 2,000 of them. Zhao Fu was not afraid at all and directly walked towards the stronghold.

There were 20 or so bandits on guard and seeing Zhao Fu walk over alone, they immediately became wary. One of the people called out, "Who are you? Why have you come to our stronghold?"

Zhao Fu did not reply to them and only coldly looked at them. His body gave off large amounts of demonic qi and the Evil Flower Demon appeared next to him. It looked at the bandits savagely and flung out its two arms.

"Arghhh..." cries sounded out as the two hands continuously stretched out and the palms became two large mouths. They were incredibly fast and did not give the people any time to react before ten or so of them were devoured, leaving behind only their blood. Seeing this, the other bandits cried out in terror.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he led the Evil Flower Demon forwards. By now, countless bandits had rushed out of the stronghold and charged towards Zhao Fu with their weapons.

"Have a good meal!" Zhao Fu said to the Evil Flower Demon with a grin.

After receiving Zhao Fu's order, the Evil Flower Demon happily nodded before opening its massive mouth. It expanded out to two meters wide and one meter tall, and it sucked at the incoming bandits as a massive attractive force burst forth.

After charging up, the countless bandits were sucked into the Evil Flower Demon's mouth. In just an instant, five or six hundred bandits had been devoured. The ones who had survived became incredibly pale and screamed in terror as they started to run away.

Zhao Fu led the Evil Flower Demon into the stronghold and the bandits here were all elderly, children, and women. Zhao Fu did not care about this much and said to the Evil Flower Demon, "Eat them all!"

The Evil Flower Demon flung out its hands and started to chase down the escaping bandits. It continuously ate them, leaving blood and broken limbs everywhere.

"Bastard!" a cry sounded out as a woman holding a large saber giving off a ferocious aura shot down from the sky, hacking towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu disdainfully stretched out a hand and countless traces of demonic qi wrapped around his palm. Zhao Fu then pushed, and a formless energy sent the woman flying backwards.

The woman crashed ten or so meters away and a trace of blood leaked out of her lips. She was wearing tight clothes and had her hair in a ponytail. She was quite beautiful but she had a thin scar on her face, making her look quite ferocious.

The woman found that she was not a match for Zhao Fu at all and looking at the Evil Flower Demon continuously devouring the stronghold's people, not sparing the elderly or children, she cried out, "Stop! I don't know how we've offended you, but please spare them."

A black-clothed young man flew over with a serious expression as he looked at the Evil Flower Demon eating people. Even though he did not know what it was, he felt an instinctive fear.

Zhao Fu did not move and laughed, "Why should I spare you bandits? The reason I came was to have you all eaten."

The woman and young man felt quite furious upon hearing Zhao Fu's words, but they were not a match for him. The woman said hatefully, "I'm the leader of this stronghold; if you have any grievances, deal with me and stop slaughtering them."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked at her enticing figure and had the Evil Flower Demon stop as he gave a trace of an evil smile and walked towards the woman.

Facing Zhao Fu's smile and gaze, the woman felt quite angry and readied herself to fight. Even though she was not a match for Zhao Fu, she could not just stand there and let him kill her.

The black-clothed young man suddenly acted. His body flashed and he appeared next to Zhao Fu, and his saber gave off cold light as it slashed towards Zhao Fu's head.

Zhao Fu condescendingly grabbed with his hand and grabbed the young man's neck, subduing him instantly. With the Evil Flower Demon continuously providing Zhao Fu with demonic qi, all of Zhao Fu's abilities had been enhanced and he was like an emperor among demons.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to break the young man's neck, the woman hurriedly cried out, "Let my little brother go, I'll do anything you want."

Zhao Fu looked at the woman and said calmly, "Throw away your weapon!"

The woman did not hesitate, and she glared at Zhao Fu as she threw her saber away. Zhao Fu grinned as he tossed the young man to the side before picking up the woman and flying into the hall.

Even though the black-clothed young man and the other bandits had survived, their expressions were quite unsightly, and they looked towards the hall furiously, as loud sounds were coming out from there.

Zhao Fu had not touched any women in ten or so days and the Emperor Killer Curse was about to flare up again. He also missed the touch of a woman, and he also needed someone who knew about the Demon Domain as he had little to no information, so he chose this woman.

"Are you alright?" Zhao Fu looked at the pale and raggedly-breathing woman in his embrace who he had been ravaging for a few hours and asked caringly.

The woman looked at Zhao Fu coldly and ignored him.

Zhao Fu laughed and sent the Six Desires Demonic Qi into her body, causing her face to recover its rosy glow, and her aura became stronger. He then asked, "Where is this place? Are there any powerful demonic creatures nearby or any precious demonic medicines?"

In response to Zhao Fu's questions, the woman continued to look cold and did not utter a word.

Zhao Fu looked quite displeased and said somewhat menacingly, "There are still many people in your stronghold; if you keep acting like this, I'll kill them all."

"You're shameless!" the woman said angrily.

Zhao Fu lifted her snow-white chin and said coldly, "Now, you're my woman so it's best that you behave better. I don't want to do anything to you, but don't force my hand."

The woman angrily glared at Zhao Fu and tears danced in her eyes.

Zhao Fu could not take it and comforted her a bit, and the woman's attitude became gentler. Zhao Fu also found out her name, which was Ye Ye.

She also told Zhao Fu the information he wanted to know; firstly, this was only the boundary region of the Demon Domain and was a chaotic region. The factions were quite complicated and there was no order; everyone killed and pillaged as they pleased.

This place was quite famous, and it was called the Multitude Demon Region.

Ye Ye did not know if there were any powerful demonic creatures nearby, but there was a faction not too far away that had a powerful demonic treasure called the Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone.

It was said that this Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone was condensed from the blood of countless demon people and had extremely great power. During battles, it could give soldiers a buff that could help them gain immense power.

Zhao Fu was naturally interested in that Ten Thousand Demon Blood Stone. After all, Zhao Fu had come to the Demon Domain to obtain things with large amounts of demonic qi.