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 Dong Mei and the three other women were waiting outside and did not know what had happened. Seeing Zhao Fu bring out so many people, they felt quite surprised. Moreover, those people seemed to fear Zhao Fu, while those people's cultivations were much stronger than theirs.

If they had ran into this group, they definitely would have died and would not have been able to resist at all. They had no idea how Zhao Fu had made these people submit and make them so afraid of him.

After leaving the mountain, the group went down to the town below the mountain. Because Zhao Fu was covered with a lot of blood and the others were in a sorry state, they found an inn to stay in to recover their strength and wash up.

Afterwards, intense noises sounded out from within the room as Zhao Fu started to do it with the women.

The sun gradually rose up over the mountain and the golden sunlight covered the ground. The air was clear and fresh and there was a faint fog; a new day had come.

Zhao Fu woke up, and looking at the women sleeping on the bed with him, he smiled and woke them up.

The bewitching woman Fu Liu lazily hugged Zhao Fu and said, "Husband, aren't we going to sleep for a bit longer? I'll serve you later."

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "I have things to take care of and will be leaving soon."

Dong Mei sweetly lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and said softly, "Can you take us, husband? That way we can serve you and take care of your needs every day."

Zhao Fu shook his head as he refused and said, "I'm heading to the Demon Domain and it's quite far away; I don't know what danger there will be, so you can all head to the Mountain River Kingdom. I'll tell Shan Luoshui you're my people."

Hearing this, they all felt quite shocked and had never thought that Zhao Fu would know Shan Luoshui. They knew that the Mountain River Kingdom was one of the most powerful factions here; now, they could not help but wonder who Zhao Fu was.

However, Zhao Fu did not tell them much for now and had them go to the Mountain River Kingdom while he continued onwards to the Demon Domain by himself.

After all, he felt that the World Realm was still too weak. If he were to bring someone, they would have to be at least at the Divine Realm. That way, they would be of slight help when he went to the Demon Domain.

Five or six days later, Zhao Fu stopped next to a small creek to rest. A little mouse dragged a small spirit fruit in front of Zhao Fu and squeaked at him, as if it was trying to say something.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised as he looked at the palm-sized mouse with violet fur and violet eyes; it seemed to have some intelligence.

By now, Zhao Fu was close to the Heaven Domain and the spirit qi was quite abundant here, so it was natural that the creatures were all quite intelligent. However, this little mouse was acting incredibly intelligent and was not afraid of him eating it.

This little mouse had Stage 1 strength and the spirit fruit that it dragged along was also a Stage 1 spirit fruit. Zhao Fu could not understand what it was trying to say but he felt that they had met by fate so Zhao Fu took out a Stage 3 medicinal pill and gave it to the mouse.

After that, the little fellow stuck onto Zhao Fu and Zhao Fu decided to bring it with him. He did not know how long he would have to travel for and he would be less lonely with this little guy.

Zhao Fu also gave it a name, Zi Yue.

Ten or so days later, Zhao Fu finally arrived at the Demon Domain. Sensing the dense demonic qi around him, Zhao Fu deeply breathed in and felt quite comfortable.

After eating the Demon King and awakening the Evil Flower Demon, Zhao Fu was quite surprised and pleased, but it was far from enough to awaken the Demon Star.

Now that he had reached the Demon Domain, he would definitely be able to satisfy the requirements of the Demon Star. Because Zhao Fu did not have a destination, he decided to head towards the historical remnant. He also slowed down because he was not in as much of a rush; his main goal was to obtain a large number of things with demonic qi.

Now that Zi Yue was full from medicinal pills, it lay against Zhao Fu's chest and slept soundly. It had not felt tired at all from all the traveling and was quite lively.

After passing through a large mountain, Zhao Fu was stopped by a few people dressed as bandits. As bandits in the Demon Domain, they all had Stage 4 Cultivation, or else they would not be able to survive in the Demon Domain.

"Boy, now that you've seen your granddaddies, hurry up and hand over your valuables," a ferocious-looking big man said arrogantly in a loud voice.

Because almost everyone in the Demon Domain were from the Demon Race, looking at these demons, Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite hungry. He licked his lips and somewhat wanted to eat them. At the same time, after entering the Demon Domain, the Evil Flower Demon had become incredibly excited as well.

Facing the bandits, it felt an immense desire to eat them, and it was dozens of times more intense than what Zhao Fu felt.

Zhao Fu shook his head and suppressed the desire to eat them; he did not want to become someone who ate demons.

Zhao Fu ignored the bandits and shook his head, and the bandits were infuriated and raised their weapons and charged at him.

Sensing these people charge over, Zhao Fu's body gave off large amounts of demonic qi and the three meter tall Evil Flower Demon appeared next to him, excitedly and savagely looking at the incoming bandits.

Seeing the Evil Flower Demon appear, the bandits instinctively felt quite afraid. They did not know why but their hair stood on end and their bodies froze, not daring to take another step.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at the bandits and said, "Eat them!"

After receiving Zhao Fu's order, the Evil Flower Demon gave a terrifying laugh, after which it swung its long arms, which continuously became longer. They shot out and the palms turned into two mouths filled with sharp teeth.

The bandits looked terrified and immediately turned and ran.

"Ahhh!""Ahhh!" two cries sounded out as the two people running the slowest were bitten by the two large mouths. When the mouths opened they were one meter wide and could bite a person in half in a single bite. The teeth were incredibly sharp and could easily tear apart blood and flesh.

Blood sprayed everywhere as half of the two bandits' bodies were bitten off. Some arms and legs were chewed off and fell on the ground.

The two arms continued to grow and fly out, catching up with the other bandits in an instant. A few more cries sounded out as the bandits were eaten, and the limbs on the ground were eaten as well; it seemed that the Evil Flower Demon did not waste food at all.

After eating these bandits, the Evil Flower Demon's body did not go through any changes nor did it seem like it was full. It instead breathed in and then breathed out.

However, Zhao Fu found that eating demons not only increased the Evil Demon Flower's strength but also provided large amounts of demonic qi for the Demon Star. If it ate enough, perhaps it would be able to awaken the Demon Star.

After discovering this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted and felt that matters would be easier to resolve.

Since he had encountered bandits here, there was most likely a mountain stronghold nearby. Thinking about that, Zhao Fu gave a happy smile; going there would most likely allow the Evil Demon Flower to have a big feast.

Following this, Zhao Fu followed the tracks of the bandits and found their stronghold.