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 Zhao Fu's indifferent attitude caused the people's expressions to become quite unsightly and they started to hesitate. They were worried that if they handed over their treasures, Zhao Fu would immediately kill them.

At that moment, a weak voice sounded out, "Sir, if you save me, I'm willing to be your female attendant and serve you."

The one who spoke was a devilishly beautiful woman in a red dress lying on the ground, and blood leaked out of her lips. She looked heavily injured and incredibly weak.

Seeing that those people wanted to run and disregarded those who were injured, her heart had become incredibly cold. She could not rely on anyone and could only rely on herself to live.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. After thinking about it, he lightly laughed and tossed over a bottle of medicinal pills. The woman had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so decisive, not only agreeing to save her but immediately giving her medicinal pills as well.

The devilishly beautiful woman received the medicinal pills in delight and lightly sniffed them. She found that they were extremely high-grade medicinal pills so she immediately used them and started to recover from her injuries.

Seeing this, a skinny-looking young man lying on the ground also hurriedly spoke, "Sir, I'm also willing to serve you."

Zhao Fu was pleased and tossed over another bottle of medicinal pills. The young man happily receive the bottle and started to recover from his injuries.

There was also a slim and quiet-looking woman on the ground. She felt quite hesitant, but looking at the corpses next to her, she also said, "Sir, I am also willing to be your female attendant and serve you. Please save me as well."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu tossed over another bottle of medicinal pills.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the four people and said, "I've changed my mind. You can either serve me or die."

The four people expected things to turn out like this, so they could only inwardly sigh and half-kneel and submit to Zhao Fu.

Following this, Zhao Fu found out that they were not familiar with each other and had only gathered for the treasure trove. He also found out their names.

The skinny young man was called Hei Li, the handsome-looking young man was called Xiao Canye, and the fair and clear-looking young man was called Nan Feng.

The devilishly beautiful woman was called Fu Liu, the quiet-looking woman was called Su Yaye, the cold-looking woman was called Yang Shuqian, and the fiery-figured woman was called Zhang Dongxue.

Zhao Fu set down restrictions in their bodies and obtained the treasures they had collected. There were ten or so and all of them were quite valuable and had demonic attributes.

Zhao Fu naturally understood why; his Divine Bloodline was a massive temptation for anyone. He also wanted to see if he could subdue the Demon King. With the Demon King, he would have a big help and would have a bodyguard in the Demon Domain.

"Are you willing to submit to me? As long as you submit, I will undo your seal."

The Demon King loudly laughed and sounded slightly condescending, "You only have Earth Realm Cultivation and yet you want to subdue me? If it wasn't for your Nation Armament you'd be in my stomach. You really think I would submit to food?"

Zhao Fu felt somewhat angry and went up to teach that Demon King a lesson.


A wave of demonic qi exploded out from Zhao Fu's body, and his eyes disappeared from his eye sockets as they were replaced by two black rose-like flowers.

A sensation of hunger filled Zhao Fu's mind and he lost control of his body as he leapt on the Demon King like a beast. He opened his mouth and bit at the Demon King's body, and he ripped off a large chunk of flesh before chewing at it.

The Demon King looked quite shocked. It had eaten countless people in its life and had never thought that it would be eaten.

The others looked quite afraid and had never thought that Zhao Fu would eat the Demon King, and their hair stood on end.

"Arghhhhhh..." Zhao Fu bit at the Demon King and ripped off chunks of meat as he chewed, and the Demon King roared in pain as it continuously struggled. However, it was unable to break free at all and Zhao Fu continued eating it.

The scene was incredibly bloody and cruel, and everyone else could not bear to watch. In the end, the Demon King could not endure the pain anymore and pleaded for mercy. However, it was as if Zhao Fu did not hear him and he continued to madly eat the Demon King.

In the end, the Demon King was eaten in front of everyone, and only black blood, bones, and some organs were left behind.

Zhao Fu lay on the ground, an expression of pain on his face as he continuously roared like a wild beast. Large amounts of demonic qi continuously flowed out from his body but did not spread out and gathered together.

The two black flowers in Zhao Fu's eye sockets gave off an intense black light and the demonic qi continuously condensed, forming a terrifying monster.

The monster was three meters tall and its body was quite long. Its arms were also quite long and reached the ground, and it also had an enormous mouth that was filled with sharp teeth. Above the mouth was a single eye.

After the monster was formed it opened its large mouth and sucked, sucking the Demon King's bones and organs into its mouth before swallowing.

Following this, the monster looked at the group and everyone's bodies froze. They felt as if they had fallen into icy water and felt immense terror.

"Am I going to be eaten?" That was the thought that went through everyone's minds. It was just looking at them and did not do anything, and Zhao Fu gradually regained consciousness.

Looking at the blood on his body and tasting the flavor and bits of meat in his mouth, Zhao Fu realized what had happened and he turned to look at the monster next to him.

Zhao Fu knew what it was - it was an Evil Flower Demon that was birthed from the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower. It specifically ate demonic items and could devour all demonic items.

Even though it was only three meters tall, it could devour a demon beast that was 1,000 meters long and would not be stuffed full. It would be able to instantly digest them and the demonic items it ate would continuously provide Zhao Fu with demonic qi.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and the Evil Flower Demon turned into demonic qi and dissipated. It only took a thought from Zhao Fu for it to appear, and this made things quite convenient.

Zhao Fu wiped away the blood on his face and looked at the group of people who were looking at him in terror, even more so than before. They had never thought that Zhao Fu would devour the powerful and horrifying Demon King; now, they were afraid that they would be eaten.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "Don't worry, I won't do anything to you."

Hearing this and seeing that Zhao Fu had returned to normal, everyone let out a sigh of relief.