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 Some people started to object, because they had been interested in the position of Shan Luoshui's husband for a long time. This was tied to great benefits, so they could not just give up like that.

"Your Majesty, this Minister believes that this person's background is unclear and is not fit to be the King Consort."

"Your Majesty, even though this person is abnormally handsome, he may not have true strength. Please reconsider, Your Majesty."

"Your Majesty, this Minister believes that his son is far superior to this person and is more suitable to becoming the Crown Princess' husband."

Shan Luoshui had expected so many people to object, and was not too surprised. She smiled as she said, "How about we hold a competition then?"

The various Ministers and Generals hurriedly agreed, because that was precisely what they wanted.

Shan Luoshui looked at Zhao Fu and asked softly, "Are you confident?"

Zhao Fu nodded in response. He did not even fear the Heaven Domains' geniuses, so eh did not mind the taltend people of this Royal Kingdom at all.

Following this, Zhao Fu came to an empty area outside of the palace, where there were six young men waiting. They were all quite handsome and had extraordinary bearings. Each of them were the most talented people in their families, people who countless people looked up to.

"Come at me together." Zhao Fu stood there and said somewhat disdainfully.

Hearing those arrogant words, the six people felt quite angry and looked at each other as they exploded out with powerful auras and charged at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu took out the Sadistic Killing Sword and vigorously slashed, and a massive blood-red sword light shot out, brining with it a ferocious wind as it rushed at the six people.

The six people were given a big shock and hurriedly unleashed their defensive barriers, but were still sent flying by that massive sword light and crashed 10 or so metres away, coughing up a large mouthful of blood.

Facing Zhao Fu, they seemed incredibly weak.

The Ministers and Generals were quite shocked. They knew that Zhao Fu had Earth Realm Cultivation, but the aura he gave off was like that of a World Realm expert's; it was incredibly shocking.

Shan Luoshui gave a confident smile, "Now, none of you have any objections right?"

Even though the Ministers and Generals were quite reluctant, they could only accept it because their people had attacked together, and yet had been instantly taken down. They did not have any face to say anything else.

Following this, the news of the Crown Princess getting married was spread, and the entire Mountain River Kingdom celebrated. There were lanterns and celebratory decorations hung everywhere.

Zhao Fu put on bridegroom clothes, which were red robes, and Shan Luoshui put on a red palace dress and had light makeup, making her look quite beautiful.

This was the first time Zhao Fu had officially married someone, and looking at the people everywhere and the lively atmosphere, Zhao Fu felt a bit nervous.

Zhao Fu and Shan Luoshui sat in a festive carriage which circled around the Royal City once so that they could receive the congratulations and blessings of the various residents. They then returned to the palace to pay their respects to Shan Luoshui's father and mother.

Shan Youtian officially made Zhao Fu his son-in-law and Shan Luoshui's husband.


A shocking explosion sounded out; the instant that Shan Youtian made this all official, Zhao Fu's body gave off platinum-coloured light as a platinum-coloured Dragon Phoenix rushed out of Zhao Fu's body and gave off a powerful aura as it flew into the sky, causing abnormal signs.

The people in the surroundings looked at the Dragon Phoenix in shock, and this included Shan Luoshui. She never thought that Zhao Fu would have the highest grade of Dragon Phoenix.

As the next Queen of the Mountain River Kingdom, Shan Luoshui could clearly sense that the Mountain River Kingdom's Fate had increased and was quickly becoming purer and more stable.

She found that her Fate was also quickly going through transformations. A formless Heaven and Earth Power flowed into her body, causing her constitution to start to go through changes as well, and a massive Queen's aura flowed out.

This was the terrifying effects of a top-tier Dragon Phoenix, and this was why Feng Qianghua was so determined to obtain Zhao Fu.

Shan Youtian originally felt quite wary of Zhao Fu's identity, but seeing this Dragon Phoenix, he looked delighted and never thought that his daughter would be so lucky as to obtain a top-tier Dragon Phoenix. Even most Empires did not have one.

Zhao Fu never thought that such a thing would happen. After the abnormal signs settled, everyone's attitudes towards Zhao Fu became much better. At the banquet, they all came to toast Zhao Fu and said all kinds of congratulatory words.

Finally, it was time to go to the bridal room. Zhao Fu pushed open the doors and walked in, and Shan Luoshui was already sitting on the bed waiting for him.

Just as Zhao Fu walked in, Shan Luoshui spoke, "I have matters to discuss with you; close the door first."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and close the doors.

A trace of a smile appeared on Shan Luoshui's face as she said happily, "I never thought that you would have a top-tier Dragon Phoenix; this is incredibly important to the Mountain River Kingdom and to myself. I want you to become my permanent husband; I'll agree to anything you want."

Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "Only if it's husband and wife in name only, and you won't interfere in my matters or restrict my freedom."

Shan Luoshui smiled and nodded.

Zhao Fu then continued, "You must also do what I requested of you before. Also, I can only stay here for another two days; after two days I will leave."

After thinkinga bout it, Shan Luoshui agreed to this as well.

Zhao Fu nodded in satisfaction. With the Mountain River Kingdom's help, the Great Qin will become much safer.

"This is for you, you sleep on the ground." Shan Luoshui handed a blanket to Zhao Fu and said somewhat embarrassedly.

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated as he received the blanket; it was the first time he had been treated like this.

There were no female attendants; Shan Luoshui had told them all to leave. Shan Luoshui lay on the bed and covered herself and prepared to sleep.

Zhao Fu placed the blanket on the table and sat on a chair, entering a Cultivation state.

The next day, Zhao Fu followed the customs of the Mountain River Kingdom and went to see some seniors. He was shocked to discover that the Mountain River Kingdom had seven Emperor Heaven Realm experts, and one expert who was at the peak of the Emperor Heaven Realm.

At night, Zhao Fu returned to the room. However, Shan Luoshui was not there, and instead Hua Niang sat there flirtatiously looking at him. Zhao Fu grinned and the two of them did not say anything before starting to do it intensely.

"I'm sorry, sir, I really want to leave with you, but I can't leave the Crown Princess either," Hua Niang said apologetically as she lay in Zhao Fu's arms.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "Then just remember that you're my woman and don't let anyone else touch you."

Hua Niang affectionately hugged Zhao Fu with both arms. "Sir, my body has been yours since long ago and I won't let anyone else touch me. If you want it, I can serve you at any time."

Zhao Fu hugged Hua Niang and smiled as he nodded.

The next day, Zhao Fu left the palace and headed towards the Demon King's treasure trove, as it was quite close to the Mountain River Kingdom.