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 Zhao Fu's expression was quite calm as he asked, "Just what is it? Tell me first; you must have some other goal."

The beautiful middle-aged woman pouted and said, "Sir's really quite boring. In that case, I'll just tell you. In the Mountain River Kingdom, the Crown Princess is the heir to the throne, but because she has no husband, we are trying to find her a husband.

"There are all sorts of royals and nobles to choose from, and the current King wants them to have a competition and pick out the most excellent one to become the husband. Those people all come from various factions and want to control our Crown Princess to infiltrate the Royal Kingdom. More importantly, the Crown Princess does not want to get married right now, so she ordered me to find someone to act as her husband.

"That way, the Crown Princess will be in control of everything and won't be pried into by various factions. She will not have to truly marry and will just put on an act."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed; so it was just a fake marriage. The person she chose would naturally be controlled by her like a puppet; that was the Crown Princess' goal.

"In that case, I'm afraid I won't be able to agree because I'm just passing by and am not planning on staying long-term," Zhao Fu said as he looked at the beautiful middle-aged woman.

The beautiful lightly smiled as she replied, "I know that sir is not an ordinary person, so I would like to invite sir to discuss with our Crown Princess. There will be great benefits; sir, just trust me this once, okay?"

Zhao Fu thought to himself before agreeing. The Mountain River Kingdom was a very powerful Royal Kingdom in this area, and perhaps he would be able to obtain great gains.

The beautiful middle-aged woman happily kissed Zhao Fu and said, "Thank you sir. Also, my name is Hua Niang. After you've discussed with our Crown Princess, I will properly serve sir again."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Following this, Hua Niang led Zhao Fu through a secret passageway and came to a large hall within the royal palace. They could not allow anyone to know about this, so they had to act secretly.

There, Zhao Fu met the Crown Princess. She wore white clothes and was reading imperial memorials. She had a graceful figure and looked quite heroic. She gave off a powerful feeling and had Earth Realm Cultivation.

"Your Majesty, I've brought someone for you. I can guarantee that he is the most suitable person," Hua Niang smiled as she paid her respects and spoke.

The Crown Princess was called Shan Luoshui, and she raised her head and calmly looked at Zhao Fu. Seeing him, her expression slightly changed; Zhao Fu was not wearing his cloak and he did not cover up his aura, and Shan Luoshui's bloodline instinctively felt a trace of fear.

"Who are you?" Shan Luoshi's expression was serious as she coldly asked Zhao Fu.

Hua Niang had never thought that her mistress would suddenly become so serious. It seemed that Zhao Fu's identity was much more monstrous than she expected.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, "You don't need to know who I am. I came here to pretend to be your husband and you don't have to worry about me because I'm just passing by. Now, I want to ask what benefits there are."

Shan Luoshui had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so direct, and after hearing Zhao Fu's goal, she breathed out and gave a trace of a smile as she said, "If I choose you to be my husband, with the intimidation from your bloodline, no one will dare to oppose this. I accept this deal. As for benefits, whatever you want, I will do my best to satisfy you."

Hearing Shan Luoshui's words, Zhao Fu thought of something and asked, "Whatever I want?"

Shan Luoshui nodded earnestly and reminded him, "Your request must be within my capabilities, or else I won't accept."

Zhao Fu smiled and asked, "What about sending soldiers to protect a Kingdom? It is also a Royal Kingdom and this matter should be within the Mountain River Kingdom's power."

Hearing this, Shan Luoshui fell silent for a moment before agreeing, and she said, "If it is within the Mountain River Kingdom's abilities, I will definitely help protect that Kingdom. However, I also have a condition, which is that you need to do whatever I ask of you later."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted. In the future, Great Qin would have a Royal Kingdom protecting it and it would no longer have to fear the Wind God Empire.

As for Shan Luoshui's condition, Zhao Fu nodded and agreed.

Shan Luoshui looked at the red-faced Hua Ning and understood what had happened, and she said to Zhao Fu, "Hua Niang has served by my side for many years; I hope you can treat her well, or else I will not let you off."

Hua Niang's face reddened and she said, "Thank you, Your Majesty, for your care. Hua Niang is willing to stay by Your Majesty's side."

Zhao Fu was not surprised at Hua Niang's decision. After all, they had only just met and she could not just leave with him. Moreover, Zhao Fu was heading to the Demon Domain and could not bring her.

Shan Luoshui was slightly touched by Hua Niang's loyalty, and she softly laughed as she nodded.

Following this, Zhao Fu changed into exquisite clothes and came with Hua Luoshui to a large hall. The Ministers and Generals stood in orderly rows, and there sat a white-haired elder above, giving off a powerful aura. He was the Mountain River Kingdom's King, Shan Youtian.

"Father, he is the husband I have chosen. What are your thoughts?" Shan Luoshui gave a confident smile as she said loudly, not only for Shan Youtian but the Ministers and Generals as well.

Immediately, the Minsters and Generals were sent into an uproar. They had never thought that this man would become Shan Luoshui's husband and the Mountain River Kingdom's Consort.

Shan Youtian smiled as he examined Zhao Fu with his bright eyes, while Zhao Fu stood there neither overbearingly nor servilely.

Even despite Zhao Fu not revealing any aura, You Shantian could sense that Zhao Fu's bloodline was of an extremely high grade and his aura was quite dangerous. He was definitely a very terrifying person.

If this person was really willing to become his daughter's husband, it would naturally be incredibly good. However, if that person did not have good intentions, things would be quite dangerous.

"Sir, where are you from?" Shan Youtian smiled as he asked.

Zhao Fu did not reply and Shan Luoshui instead answered for him, "Don't worry, father, your daughter has already investigated this and we have been in love for many months. Father, don't worry about your daughter's marriage; we will hold our marriage in the next few days."

Shan Youtian was quite confident in his daughter, or else he would not hand the Royal Kingdom to her. Since she was sure about this, he would not interfere and smiled as he prepared to give his agreement.