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 Zhao Fu quickly started to prepare. He would be going to the Demon Domain in his real body and he did not know what would happen. Zhao Fu did not plan on bringing anyone; Gui Ji would be left to defend Great Qin, and Feng Wulin was to be kept as a secret trump card.

Arasina was responsible for defending Great Qin base in the Outer World. Those who were too weak would not be of any use, so Zhao Fu decided not to bring anyone.

Zhao Fu's destination was that historical remnant. Of course, Zhao Fu's primary goal was to obtain large amounts of things that contained demonic qi and awaken that impatient Demon Star. The historical remnant was just a bonus and if he could not find it, he would go somewhere else.

Before leaving, Zhao Fu made arrangements for the matters in Great Qin. All internal affairs were left to Li Si and all military matters were left to Bai Qi. When Zhao Fu was not around, the two of them often helped Zhao Fu take care of various matters, and he could greatly trust them.

The next day, Zhao Fu set out for the Demon Domain.

Because Great Qin was in the boundary region, it was countless worlds away from the Demon Domain. As such, just like his trip in the Underworld, he had to continuously travel and use teleportation channels.

Only after madly travelling for nearly ten days did Zhao Fu arrive at the inner Domains. The Heaven Awaken World was much bigger than the Underworld as it continuously grew by devouring other worlds.

Zhao Fu came to a City and was preparing to head on when he discovered a large group of people gathered together. Zhao Fu felt quite curious and went over, and he saw that it was a martial arts competition. He felt quite disappointed and was not interested in participating.

Just as he was about to leave, he heard that the prize was a precious map for treasures - it was said that it was the Demon King's treasure trove.

Now, Zhao Fu was somewhat interested, and he was quite drawn by the words 'Demon King.' Zhao Fu needed large amounts of demonic qi, or else he would not come to the Demon Domain.


A muffled sound rang out as a well-built young man punched another person off the stage, winning this round.

Within the inner Domains, Stage 8 and Stage 9 Cultivation were quite common and so was the Saint Realm. It was not like the outer Domains where someone of the Saint Realm was considered very strong.

That young man was quite powerful and was a Saint Realm expert. Zhao Fu planned to go up and obtain the treasure map - with his strength, he would definitely be able to obtain it.

However, after going up, he found that there were many restrictions, such as that the competitors had to be men not over 30 and could not be too ugly.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised about these conditions but for the treasure trove map, he did not care too much.

"Sir, please take off your cloak so we can see your appearance," a beautiful middle-aged woman smiled as she spoke to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu took off his cloak, revealing his peerlessly-handsome face and his extraordinary aura. The beautiful middle-aged woman's eyes shined and the crowd cried out after seeing his appearance.

"Alright, I hereby announce that this sir is the winner of the martial arts competition!" The beautiful middle-aged woman loudly announced in delight.

This caused everyone to feel quite confused and no one accepted such a thing and yelled out.

"Isn't this a martial arts competition? Just because that boy has good looks doesn't mean he can win without fighting. Is this a martial arts competition or a fashion contest?"

"That's right! That guy looks too good, and if it's about looks, I admit defeat. However, this is a martial arts competition and I don't accept such an outcome. Are those who are ugly meant to just stop living?"

"Hurry up and give us an explanation; why does he win without having to fight? If it's just because he looks good, then what was this whole martial arts competition about?"

The well-built young man was also quite displeased, because winning this martial arts competition not only gave the treasure map but many other rewards. And yet, another person had just come up and taken these things without even fighting. How could he accept such a thing?

The beautiful middle-aged woman disdainfully laughed. She had already discovered that Zhao Fu's cultivation was at the Earth Realm, and his aura was quite terrifying. He was definitely the most suitable person she had seen.

"Sir, do you mind competing with them?" the beautiful middle-aged woman asked, and Zhao Fu nodded. He now understood that the martial arts competition was not as simple as it seemed, but he did not yet know what it was about.

Following this, Zhao Fu came to the stage and looked at the well-built young man.

The young man met Zhao Fu's gaze and could not help but feel nervous, and he felt a bit afraid. However, the people below were cheering for him and telling him to beat up that pretty boy.

With everyone cheering him on, the well-built young man found some confidence. He raised his fists and roared as he rushed at Zhao Fu. He punched out, causing the air to explode as a formless power ferociously smashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stood on the spot and casually waved his hand, and a massive power rushed out, not only destroying that formless power but also sending the young man flying off the stage. He was unable to resist at all.

The beautiful middle-aged woman stepped out and smiled as she said, "Now, no one has any objections, right?"

Everyone in the surroundings looked incredibly shocked; they had never expected Zhao Fu to be so strong; he could easily crush a Saint Realm expert. They naturally did not have any objections and no one dared to come up and challenge him.

"Where's the prize? I'm quite busy so please give it to me as quickly as possible," Zhao Fu said coldly as he looked at the beautiful middle-aged woman.

The beautiful middle-aged woman smiled and said, "Sir, please come with me."

Following this, Zhao Fu came with the beautiful middle-aged woman into a room, where she gave him all of the rewards. Zhao Fu was quite pleased and put them all away, and he prepared to leave.

"Sir, are you interested in obtaining an astounding fortune?" the beautiful middle-aged woman asked with a smile as she said temptingly.

Zhao Fu knew that her aim was not simple, and he was only interested in the treasure map so he directly refused, "No, I'm not."

The beautiful middle-aged woman was quite surprised and had never thought that someone who had come for the prize would not be interested in an astounding fortune. She thought about it before saying flirtatiously, "Sir, are you really not interested? Not only is it an astounding fortune, it comes with unrivaled authority."

Zhao Fu shook his head. There was no such thing as a free lunch, and the bigger the gains, the bigger the risk would be. As such, Zhao Fu was not interested, and he turned to leave.

Seeing that such a suitable person was going to leave, it would be far too much of a pity. Time was also quite scarce, and if she missed out on this person, she definitely would not be able to find a next person.

Thinking about that, the beautiful middle-aged woman made up her mind. She hugged Zhao Fu's arm and rubbed herself against him as she said enchantingly, "Sir, don't be in such a hurry to go, please listen to my explanation first."

Zhao Fu stopped and decided to hear her out, and seeing this, the beautiful middle-aged woman smiled and started to take off Zhao Fu's clothes, after which loud sounds came out from the room.

Following this, the beautiful middle-aged woman lay within Zhao Fu's embrace and she panted as she said, "Sir, you're quite amazing; I never thought I would feel so good doing it with you; I feel as if I'm falling in love with you. Good thing that I gave my first time to you; in the future, I'll be yours."