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 Si Ji's father looked at Li Lengyue furiously; he had never thought that his wife would agree to serve another person. He wanted to loudly curse but was sent flying. Just as Zhao Fu was about to kill him, Li Lengyue leapt before Zhao Fu and clung onto his leg as she pleaded, "Please don't kill them. I'll properly serve you."

Following this, Li Lengyue started to serve right there and then.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and knocked out all of the men present and started to enjoy the women, causing them all to lewdly moan.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile and had the women put on their clothes.

By now, Great Qin's soldiers had arrived and had taken control of the Desolate Crow World.

Wang Jian looked at Zhao Fu and the red-faced women next to him and gave a knowing smile as he reported, "Your Majesty, the Desolate Crow World is now in our control. This subordinate has also gathered some Desolate Crow women for you to enjoy."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "No need. Tell me about the losses and gains from the battle."

Wang Jian started to go through the results of the battle. This time, Great Qin had only lost 500 million soldiers and killed 3.5 billion enemies. They had taken in almost 400 million soldiers and the rest had escaped.

They had also gained 28 billion people, not including the soldiers, and also 50,000 to 60,000 Tribe Stones.

Great Qin now had 410 billion people, 590,000 Cities, and six worlds. They had taken another step closer to becoming a Royal Kingdom and was only four worlds away.

However, Great Qin's population and number of Cities was already on par with an ordinary Royal Kingdom; they only lacked the foundation and soldiers.

"Your Majesty, how should these people be dealt with?" Wang Jian looked at the unconscious people and asked. Of course, he recognized Si Ji; most of the difficulties that Great Qin faced back then were caused by him and the other Chinese Legatees.

As such, Wang Jian felt that these people should not be kept alive and should be killed as a warning, to show everyone the consequences of offending Great Qin.

"Your Majesty, please spare them; we'll serve you well in the future." The red-faced Li Lengyue and Si Rou leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and looked at him pleadingly.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and agreed, and he woke up Si Ji and the others.

Si Ji and the others looked at the red-faced women and felt furious, and their hatred towards Zhao Fu reached the extreme. At this point, they would drink Zhao Fu's blood and eat his flesh.

Without needing to think, they knew what had happened while they were unconscious. Even before he had fallen unconscious, his mother had started serving Zhao Fu, so what followed after would definitely be much worse.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said to Si Ji, "Don't worry, I won't kill you all. I'll let you watch Great Qin bring the Human World to great heights. Also, they taste quite good."

Only by keeping them alive and having them live a life worse than death would Zhao Fu be able to quell his anger. Zhao Fu still remembered everything Si Ji had done to Great Qin.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Li Lengyue and Si Rou's faces became red and they nestled in Zhao Fu's chest. They had felt incredibly pleasurable while doing it with Zhao Fu and felt quite glad about choosing to serve Zhao Fu.

Si Ji and the others felt as if their eyes were going to explode, and they continuously cursed at Zhao Fu as they were being taken away.

Seeing that Zhao Fu really was not going to kill Si Ji and the others, Li Lengyue looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes gratefully and said, "Thank you for sparing them, Your Majesty."

Zhao Fu hugged the woman and gave a teasing smile as he said, "No need to call me Your Majesty; just call me what you called me before."

Li Lengyue's face became red as she lightly called out, "I understand, husband."

Following this, Zhao Fu led the countless soldiers back to Great Qin and concluded the Desolate Crow World operation. He also left a portion of Great Qin's soldiers to clear the Desolate Crow World and help it fuse into Great Qin sooner.

This was also to help take revenge for Xueli, Xueru, and Heni; that night, they served Zhao Fu with all their might.

After hearing about this, Yao Ming could only sigh. Only by continuously becoming more powerful could he obtain the power to resist Great Qin. Now that Great Qin had six worlds, the Devil Horn Empire definitely could not fall behind.

Yao Ming immediately gathered all of the Ministers to discuss how to conquer the next world in response. They also had to deal with the issue of that Emperor Heaven Realm expert.

Back then, Zhao Fu only had Gui Ji appear and did not use Feng Wulin. Feng Wulin would be Great Qin's trump card; no one would expect that an outskirts Kingdom like Great Qin would have two Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

After conquering the Desolate Crow World, Great Qin had obtained a few more Nation Armaments, allowing Zhao Fu to expand the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation.

After a few days, the situation had settled. The Devil Horn Empire was planning its attack on the next world and the Wind God Empire was also in a bad spot and could not do anything for now.

Zhao Fu planned to go to the Outer World and clear out the dangerous areas around Great Qin's base. Fortunately, they had discovered the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos attack in advance. However, if they were attacked by creatures that they did not expect, things would not go as well.

For Great Qin base's safety, Great Qin had to be more active and destroy them first.

In the next few days, Zhao Fu lived quite happily, destroying Insect Dens in the day and spending time with Arasina, Gui Ji, Xue Ji, and the other women at night.

However, there was one time when Zhao Fu was doing it with Bai Xihan that he suddenly coughed up a large mouthful of blood. His body gave off large amounts of demonic qi and a dark and evil power spread out. The pupils in his eyes disappeared and two rose-like black flowers appeared.

"Husband, what's wrong?" the women asked in concern, not understanding why Zhao Fu had suddenly coughed up blood and his aura had gone into chaos.

Zhao Fu's body froze, and within the boundless void, the four Emperor Stars continuously trembled and gave off intense starlight. They gave off four heaven-toppling auras, causing the surrounding stars to fall into terror.

The four Emperor Stars seemed to be calling something, and more and more demonic qi flowed out of Zhao Fu's body. He felt an immense pain and hunger, as if he wanted to devour everything with demonic qi. He did not reply to the women and took out all items containing demonic qi from his spatial ring.

Anything that Zhao Fu could eat, he devoured, including demonic pills, demonic medicines, and demon beasts' blood and flesh. After devouring these things, Zhao Fu felt much more comfortable.

Facing the women's concerned gazes, Zhao Fu laughed and said, "It's nothing much, but I have to leave now and head to the Demon Domain."

Arasina frowned and asked, "Why is that?"

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "There's a Demon Star that urgently wants to descend. I need to find a large number of things that contain demonic qi, and I'll also take a look at the historical remnant in the Demon Domain."