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 However, Si Ji and his people found that the teleportation channels were unusable, causing Si Ji's expression to fall. Before he could react, a powerful aura descended - it was Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at Si Ji as he said, "I told you, I won't allow you to escape again."

Si Ji's face was filled with fury and hatred, but he knew that he was not a match for Zhao Fu. His number one priority was staying alive, so he ordered his 100,000 elite soldiers to block Zhao Fu while he took some people and continued trying to run away.

These 100,000 soldiers had been greatly nurtured by Si Ji and were not only powerful but also incredibly loyal. They obeyed Si Ji's orders and charged at Zhao Fu.

Swish, swish, swish...

Powerful arrows containing terrifying power shot out, and Zhao Fu unleashed his barrier and blocked all of the arrows.

Facing the 100,000 soldiers, Zhao Fu looked quite disdainful as he lightly called out, "Sword Master!"

The Emperor Killing Sword in his hand gave off a massive sword intent, and Zhao Fu vigorously slashed as a massive crescent containing destructive power shot out incredibly quickly.

The sword light flashed through the 100,000 soldiers, causing blood to spray everywhere. The soldiers' bodies were chopped into countless pieces and blood stained the ground, creating a horrific scene.

Very soon, Zhao Fu once again caught up to Si Ji.

There were now only fewer than 100 people with Si Ji. There were his Concubines, his relatives, and his bodyguards.

"Hurry and leave, Your Majesty!" the bodyguards shouted as they held their weapons and rushed at Zhao Fu seeing Zhao Fu arrive.

Zhao Fu condescendingly waved his sword, and a sharp sword light flashed out, causing the heads of the bodyguards to fall off. Blood spurted out, and they all died.

"Did you really think you could escape?" Zhao Fu blocked in front of Si Ji as he coldly smiled.

Si Ji gritted his teeth as he glared at Zhao Fu and said, "Zhao Fu, must you kill me? If you're willing to let me off, I'll promise never to act against Great Qin in the future."

"Do you really think you have the qualifications to negotiate with me? What strength do you think you have left to resist? Now, it's time to settle the score from back then in the Human World. Do you really think I'd let you off?" Zhao Fu's cold voice contained a trace of anger as he thought back to the things that Si Ji had done to Great Qin.

"Then I'll surrender to you; how about that?" Si Ji looked at Zhao Fu as he finally said the words he never wanted to say.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he said, "Sorry, but I don't accept your surrender."

Si Ji's heart sank and his gaze became cold as he looked at Zhao Fu hatefully. He now understood that Zhao Fu would not let him off no matter what.

Si Ji suddenly raised his sword and slashed at the women next to him. He knew what Zhao Fu's interests were, and since he was going to die anyways, he would not allow Zhao Fu to take his women after he died.

The women next to him did not expect that their beloved Si Ji would try to kill them, and the sword came closer and closer.


Zhao Fu waved his hand and a formless energy sent Si Ji flying out. He crashed ten or so meters away and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

The instant Si Ji had turned, Zhao Fu sensed his goal and looked at his women with interest.

There were ten women in total. This included Si Ji's mother, Li Lengyue, who stood next to Si Ji's father, who looked at Zhao Fu furiously and seemed like he was ready to attack Zhao Fu with his saber at any moment.

There was also a gentle-looking woman called Is Rou, who was Si Ji's older sister. In order to solidify his position in the tribe back then, Si Ji had his sister marry someone in the tribe who held military power and had obtained his support.

There was a flirtatious-looking woman who was Si Ji's cousin's woman, and she was called Zhang Feiyan. Si Ji's cousin was looking at Zhao Fu in fear.

There was a wild and seductive looking woman who looked like she was from the Desolate Crow Race. She was most likely the daughter of the leader of the tribe, and she was called Wu He. Si Ji had married her in order to obtain authority in the tribe.

There was also a delicate-looking woman called Shi Yuyan and a virtuous-looking woman called Wang Xihan; they had both been ranked in the top ten beauties in China.

Of the remaining four, two of them were sisters and had baby faces but had enticing figures. They were called Wang Lu and Wang Mei and were also Chinese. There was a tall and beautiful woman called Lou Li and a slim and cheerful-looking woman called Ye Qiu.

Seeing Zhao Fu looking at his women, Si Ji furiously roared, "Zhao Fu if you dare touch them, I won't let you go even if I die."

However, apart from being able to furiously yell, Si Ji did not even have the strength to climb up.

Under Zhao Fu's gaze, the women all had different expressions. Some looked afraid, some looked scared, and some looked saddened; they all understood what Zhao Fu's gaze meant.

Wang Xihan took out a dagger and slashed towards her throat, wanting to protect her body with her death. However, Zhao Fu waved his hand and stopped her.

Zhao Fu felt quite dissatisfied, "Now, you're all mine, and you don't have the authority to make such decisions. If you try this again, I'll make you pay for it."

Si Ji's father furiously pointed his saber at Zhao Fu and cursed, "You're the ruler of Great Qin and yet you do such contemptible things; you're lower than a beast."


Zhao Fu waved his hand and sent Si Ji's father flying as he lightly laughed and said, "Things have been like this since ancient times. Back then, didn't the first Emperor of Qin bring the Concubines of the six States into his harem? Liu Bang then took those Concubines. Since I've conquered you, they are mine now. Also, just because I'm not a good person, does that mean you all are?"

"You're right, our Desolate Crow Race acknowledges the strong. Since you've conquered us, we're willing to serve you," the daughter of the tribe's leader, Si Ji's Queen, said.

The two other Desolate Crow Race women also nodded and expressed their willingness to serve Zhao Fu.

Si Ji's cousin's wife, Zhang Feiyan, also stepped out and said, "Great Qin's Majesty, as long as you don't kill me, I'll do anything you want."

Si Ji's cousin also hurriedly said, "I'm willing to give her to Your Majesty and am willing to serve Great Qin. Please don't kill me, Your Majesty."

Si Ji furiously looked at these people as he cursed, "You bastards and sluts!"


Zhao Fu waved his hand and a formless energy sent Si Ji flying. Si Ji crashed to the ground and blood continuously leaked from his lips, unable to say anything else.

Si Ji's mother, Li Lengyue, and his older sister Si Rou looked at this scene in pain. Si Ji's mother bowed to Zhao Fu and said, "We are willing to serve you; please don't take their lives."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said to Si Ji, "Now, they're all willing."