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 Of course, they could not just rely on the Insect Den Wyverns because they were facing a force of eight billion. Even though the Insect Den Wyverns were powerful, there were still not enough of them.

Zhao Fu gave the order to summon Spirit Light God Emissaries and had the Archers attack as well.

Countless attacks blasted against the defensive barrier, causing it to become weaker and weaker, and it began to tremble more and more. Si Ji hurriedly ordered people to maintain the barrier at all costs.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Eight heaven-toppling auras exploded out like floodwaters, bringing with them wild gales. Under these terrifying auras, everyone's bodies felt a chill and they were struck with immense fear.

Eight massive beasts that were over 10,000 meters long appeared. They were the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, and after fighting under Great Qin for so long, their auras and power had become much more powerful than before.

Zhao Fu ordered them to concentrate their attacks on one area, which was where Si Ji was.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Three Soul Great Snake raised its massive body and its three heads cruelly looked at the soldiers on the defensive walls as it opened its mouths, and countless rays of black light gathered. Three black beams of destructive light shot out with shocking power onto the defensive barrier.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise roared as countless two meter wide balls of water formed around it. There were thousands of them, and they gave off terrifying power as they blasted towards the defensive power.

Swish, swish, swish...

The Reef Lizard exploded out with a powerful might as its back rose up and three meter long reefs grew before shooting out towards the defensive barrier.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings were naturally incredibly powerful and as they concentrated their attacks on one area, combined with the Archers' and Insect Den Wyverns' attacks, the defensive barrier became incredibly weak.


A massive sound rang out as the Netherocean Demon Whale sucked in large amounts of air and shot out an enormous ball of air, which slammed into the defensive barrier with terrifying power. A massive explosion rang out and the defensive barrier was now covered with cracks.


Zhao Fu held the Emperor Killing Sword and slashed out a massive sword light. After hitting the cracked defensive barrier, the barrier finally shattered.

"Kill!" Now that the defensive barrier had been destroyed, Great Qin immediately advanced. Great Qin's countless soldiers flooded forwards towards the defensive walls, giving off auras as if they could destroy everything in their way.

Countless beasts also gave terrifying roars as they gave off incredibly violent and savage auras and rushed at the defensive walls.

On Si Ji's side, only a small portion of devil beasts which the Devil Horn Empire had left here roared as they charged towards Great Qin's side. They knew this aura - it was their greatest enemy. However, their numbers were far fewer than Great Qin's side.

Now, Si Ji was feeling quite panicked; the defensive barrier had already been broken, but why wasn't Yao Ming here yet?

Right now, Si Ji could only hide within his army because he was not a match for Zhao Fu at all; he most likely would not be able to take a single blow. He could only rely on his army's power to preserve his life.

The battle was extremely unfavorable to Si Ji's side. The devil beasts were torn to shreds by Great Qin's beasts and their blood and broken corpses covered the ground.

Great Qin's soldiers quickly scaled the defensive walls and started to fight with the Desolate Crow soldiers. The battle was incredibly intense, and people continuously fell as the stench of blood quickly spread, creating a hellish scene.

A Great Qin soldier held a black saber and split a Desolate Crow soldier in half, causing blood to spray everywhere; another Great Qin soldier stabbed his sword through a Desolate Crow soldier's head. Another Great Qin soldier swung his hammer, sending a few Desolate Crow soldiers flying.

Whether it was cultivation, equipment, or numbers, Great Qin held a great advantage. However, Si Ji's side resisted intensely and desperately killed Great Qin's soldiers, causing some casualties and injuries on Great Qin's side.

However, after Great Qin's beasts destroyed the devil beasts, they rushed at the defensive walls. The Wyverns unleashed flames and icy blasts, the Spiders climbed up the walls and killed soldiers with their sharp legs, and the massive Corpse Soul Soldiers swung their massive weapons and bashed at the defensive walls.

The situation immediately heavily swung into Great Qin's favor. If Great Qin did not have its beasts, Si Ji's side would have been able to put up some resistance, but after the beasts joined in the siege, there was no hope.

On another battlefield, Great Qin's other army blocked off the Devil Horn Empire's army that had come to reinforce the Desolate Crow World.

Moreover, they had also used the 20 million or so Insect eggs to set up a cursed area. If any Devil Horn soldiers or devil beasts entered that area, they would howl as their blood was sucked dry, leaving behind withered corpses.

Currently, there were many withered corpses from the Devil Horn Empire's advance just then. Right now, the Devil Horn army could only wait here.

Yao Ming's expression was quite serious as he looked at Gui Ji standing in front of him. He understood that she was Great Qin's Emperor Heaven Realm expert, and with the army she had brought, she could indeed stop the Devil Horn army. Moreover, with this cursed area, it would quite a while for the Devil Horn Empire to dispel it.

If they went around, it would take an even longer time. Moreover, not only could they not afford this, even if they went around, Great Qin would still bar their way.

This time, it seemed that the Desolate Crow World was bound to be conquered by Great Qin; Yao Ming was already sure of this. Even if he rushed over right now, it would be useless. He did not want to waste any time or soldiers, so he retreated to the Devil Horn Empire.

After hearing about this, Si Ji's expression became dark and he hatefully looked at Zhao Fu before turning to escape.

Now that the Desolate Crow World had lost, Si Ji could only run to preserve his life. He would have more chances to start over; next time he would definitely make Great Qin pay.

Seeing Si Ji escape, Zhao Fu immediately gave chase. Because of what had happened last time, he would not allow him to escape again.

However, just as Zhao Fu charged up, countless Desolate Crow Archers shot out arrows, stopping Zhao Fu with their sharp auras.

Zhao Fu summoned the eight Aquatic Beast Kings to destroy these Archers, and he continued to chase after Si Ji.

The Great Xia Palace was in chaos. Now, everyone knew that the Desolate Crow World was finished and that Great Qin was about to arrive, so countless people packed their things in terror and planned to escape.

Si Ji returned to the palace and gave the order to only bring the important things and leave behind everything else. These things were all important for him restoring Great Xia in the future.

Because of the availability of spatial rings, packing things did not take long, and Si Ji led a few hundred thousand people and planned to leave through teleportation channels.