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 Zhao Fu planned to bring the Insect eggs back to Great Qin and use them to attack the Desolate Crow World. This time, he had to kill Si Ji and end the enmity between them.

However, just as Zhao Fu prepared to leave, Arasina unhappily stopped Zhao Fu and Sun Hanxiang and the other female Generals looked at him with hazy eyes and reddened faces. Syndra also flirtatious came up and smiled as she said, "Your Majesty, you seem to have forgotten about something."

Zhao Fu realized and hugged Syndra and the other women as they walked into a room, and intense sounds rang out.

Of course, Zhao Fu also had a good taste of Xue Ji's body. She loudly moaned underneath Zhao Fu's body and had never thought that she would feel so good. Moreover, she had obtained more of Zhao Fu's Divine power.

Afterwards, the women's faces were all red as they breathed raggedly, and Xue Ji said happily, "Master, can I stay by your side and be your female attendant? I don't need your blood; I just want to serve you every day."

Syndra also said flirtatiously, "Your Majesty, I also want to stay by your side and be your female attendant. Is that alright?"

Zhao Fu smiled and rejected both of them as he said to Xue Ji, "Stay in the Outer World for now because you're an Outer World creature. You'll be quite useful here, and I'll come visit often."

Xue Ji felt quite disappointed but still nodded and said, "Then, master, you have to properly satisfy me."

Syndra seductively smiled as she said, "Your Majesty, I also want more."

Following this, Zhao Fu went about it with the women again. He looked at the women who had all passed out and smiled as he got up.

Right now, only Arasina had some strength left. Looking at Zhao Fu preparing to leave, she asked, "Can't you stay a few more days?"

Zhao Fu shook his head and said, "I'll leave the Outer World to you; I'll make it up to you in the future."

A trace of a smile appeared on Arasina's face and she lightly nodded.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and the first thing he did was gather the army and split them into two teams, and he started to attack the Desolate Crow World.

By now, Yao Ming was also considering things about the Desolate Crow World.

Yao Ming was quite displeased as Si Ji had acted by himself without his permission. Before, Yao Ming saw Si Ji as a pawn, yet this pawn had broken out of his control.

Back then, if it wasn't for his help, Si Ji would have been long since destroyed by the Desolate Crow Kingdom. Now, he wanted to resist him. Yao Ming wanted to destroy Si Ji and take this opportunity to conquer the Desolate Crow World.

Si Ji understood Yao Ming's thoughts, so after conquering the Desolate Crow Kingdom, he wrote Yao Ming a letter, expressing his willingness to become the Devil Horn Empire's vassal to resist Great Qin together.

Fortunately, Great Qin had not been destroyed, or else Si Ji would not have any excuses to use to persuade Yao Ming. It was only because Great Qin had not been destroyed that Si Ji had to rely on Yao Ming's power to resist Great Qin as well, as his strength was not a match for Great Qin yet.

As such, he could only express his desire to become a vassal of the Devil Horn Empire and protect his safety first.

In response, Yao Ming considered this matter before agreeing. Conquering the Desolate Crow World would require a big sacrifice, and with the Desolate Crow World joining him, he would have less pressure when facing the Great Qin in future.

Moreover, since the Desolate Crow World had become his vassal, he had the authority to control it. Yao Ming would gradually send his people in and take control, easily obtaining the Desolate Crow World without expending any forces.

Both sides quickly came to a mutual understanding and their cold relationship became amicable again, and the Devil Horn Empire provided the Desolate Crow World with some support.

By now, they knew that Zhao Fu was about to attack the Desolate Crow World and felt quite surprised. They had never expected Zhao Fu to be in such a hurry to attack the Desolate Crow World. With the Devil Horn Empire's support, the Desolate Crow World would not be very easy to attack.

However, since Great Qin was attacking, Si Ji and Yao Ming had to defend with their full strength. Si Ji continuously ordered people to reinforce their defenses while Yao Ming gathered his forces and prepared to reinforce the Desolate Crow World. If Great Qin conquered the Desolate Crow World, it would have six worlds.

The Great Qin army quickly gathered at the boundary of the Desolate Crow World like a massive dark mass. They gave off a massive aura that shook the surroundings, and no creatures dared to remain nearby.

Si Ji had already activated the defensive barrier and did not plan to attack, instead opting to fully defend. The Devil Horn army had not yet arrived and with the Desolate Crow World's power, directly facing Great Qin would undoubtedly result in death.

By now, he had gathered everyone in the Desolate Crow World who could fight, and they barely numbered eight billion people. Right now, there were over ten billion of Great Qin's soldiers attacking.

Si Ji felt immense pressure and hoped that the Devil Horn Empire's people would quickly arrive.

Zhao Fu appeared in the sky, looked at Si Ji on the defensive walls, and gave a condescending smile as he said, "Long time no see."

Si Ji's expression was cold. This was the first time he had seen Zhao Fu since leaving the Human World, and he coldly replied, "Indeed, long time no see. Great Qin is still so domineering and overbearing; how disgusting."

Zhao Fu's smile became cold, "Under Great Qin's rule, the Human World is walking into an age of prosperity. The Chinese Race will become the most famous race and shake the world.

"All of this was achieved by Great Qin. If it was not Great Qin unifying the Human World but you trash, we would be bullied and may have been destroyed already."

Si Ji felt quite angry, but he could not help but admit that Great Qin had indeed achieved incredible feats. It had already conquered four worlds and become the largest faction in this area, and it had not even lost out against an inner region Royal Kingdom.

Si Ji was powerless to rebut those words. However, he wanted to stall for time so the Devil Horn Empire's people would arrive, so he said, "Do you want to know what happened to your little brother? Let me tell you, the opportunities he has encountered are far greater than what you'd imagine. He will definitely return and there'll be a good play to be watched between the two of you."

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold as he said, "You're mistaken, I have no little brother nor any other relatives. You've succeeded in angering me; this time, I definitely won't allow you to escape."

Following this, Zhao Fu gave the order to attack.

Zhao Fu did not give an order to advance, and instead ordered Great Qin's soldiers to attack the defensive barrier. Only by destroying the defensive barrier would they be able to attack easily, or else they would suffer heavy losses.

Zhao Fu had also brought the Insect Den Wyverns. Because they had fused with Insect Dens, they had some Outer World power, which was quite destructive against Heaven Awaken World creatures and items.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Powerful rays of light blasted out, giving off shocking sounds as they mightily blasted against the defensive barrier, causing it to violently shake.