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 However, this Blood-Sucking Mosquito King had taken the initiative to submit, which was very rare. Zhao Fu thought about it and accepted the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's acceptance.

In the next moment, the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King acted pitiful and begged Zhao Fu for blood. Perhaps this was the reason it submitted, for Zhao Fu's blood. Otherwise, it would never submit to a Heaven Awaken World person like Zhao Fu.

Since it liked his blood, Zhao Fu cut his arm and let out some blood to give to the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King. Of course, he did not give this blood for free - the blood turned into a blood restriction and fused into the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's body.

Zhao Fu would not easily trust these Outer World creatures, so he had to leave restrictions in their bodies. Only by gaining control of them would it be safe.

After the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King submitted, a small portion of the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos did not submit and scattered in all directions, as if they had listed the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King as a traitor.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; the Outer World creatures simply hated the Heaven Awaken World far too much! Their previous King had submitted, yet it had been treated with disdain and contempt by its previous subordinates; this was very rare in the Heaven Awaken World.

"Blood! I want more blood! Master I want more of your blood!" A voice suddenly sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind, and Zhao Fu looked at the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King and felt quite surprised because this voice came from the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King.

Even though he did not understand what was going on, Zhao Fu came before the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King and cut his palm, causing more blood to flow out.

After the blood dripped off Zhao Fu's hand, they were sucked away by a formless energy and entered the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's body.


A terrifying aura exploded out from the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's body, and a massive blood-red aura flame erupted around it, sending out ripples. The terrifying aura made it so that no one dared to get close, and everyone else continuously retreated.

The 10,000 meter long Blood-Sucking Mosquito King continuously hissed in pain as its body started to melt. First was the blood and flesh and then the outside, until nothing was left.

Not only Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; no one else knew what was going on either.

Suddenly, within the blood-red flames, a woman appeared. She had a perfect face, blood-red hair, and pointed ears. She had a seductive figure and wore armor condensed from blood, which only covered her most important parts, and she gave off a devilish and evil aura.

The woman was incredibly fast and arrived before Zhao Fu in an instant. She knelt down and used her tongue to greedily lap at the blood remaining on Zhao Fu's arm and hand. As for the wounds themselves, they had already healed.

After licking off the blood from Zhao Fu's arm, the woman revealed an expression of pleasure before leaping into Zhao Fu's embrace and said, "Master, can you give me some more blood?"

Zhao Fu immediately refused, "Absolutely not!"

Now, Zhao Fu understood that this woman was the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King who had gone through some kind of transformation. Her power had also greatly increased and was many times more powerful than before.

The woman unhappily called out, "Master, don't be so stingy. Just give me a bit more blood and I'll service you, okay?"

Zhao Fu rolled his eyes. Even though this woman was extremely beautiful and was not inferior to Arasina, he still directly replied, "No need! Also, what just happened?"

The woman pouted unhappily but still hugged Zhao Fu as she said, "It was a Blood Refining! We Outer World Insects could transform into human form, and our power, bloodlines, and constitutions will all receive significant boosts.

"However, not all Insects can go through Blood Refining. Not only does it require great power, but it also needs precious treasures. The reason I attacked you was for your blood; to me, your blood is a priceless treasure."

Zhao Fu nodded, "Then take me back to your Den!"

The woman hugged Zhao Fu and said expectantly, "Master, if I take you, can you give me a bit more of your blood?"

Hearing those words, Zhao Fu felt that she was quite annoying and glared at her as she said, "If you ask for blood again, I'll seal you right here."

Hearing this, the woman fell silent.

Following this, Zhao Fu and a few others followed the woman to an incredibly massive den. It was 1,000 kilometers wide and 10,000 meters deep. There were still some Blood-Sucking Mosquitos, but they were quickly killed.

There were also many blood-red eggs, around 20 million or so.

What shocked Zhao Fu and the others was that the Den at the center was 30 meters tall and gave off a faint blood-red light as well as a powerful might.

There were also a few other Dens, which were more regular-sized, and there were 20 or so of them. This was most likely the base of the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos, which was why there were so many Dens.

However, that 30 meter tall Den was simply too terrifying. Ordinary Insect Dens were only about three meters tall, and a Level 1 Den had around one million Insects. This Den could accommodate at least one billion Blood-Sucking Mosquitos, which would mean it was a Level 1,000 Den.

Wyverns at most could fuse with Level 33 Insect Dens, and when fusing, they would receive some injuries. If Zhao Fu tried to fuse this Level 1,000 Den into a Wyvern, the Wyvern would definitely explode and not even ashes would remain.

Of course, if this Insect Den was fused into a Wyvern's body, it would be an incredible waste. Before, Zhao Fu could not conquer any Dens, but now that he had the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King, Xue Ji, she could use this Den.

If that were the case, wouldn't Zhao Fu be able to nurture his own Insects in the Outer World? Thinking about that, Zhao Fu grinned, and he hurriedly asked Xue Ji.

Xue ji shook her head and explained, "Master, even if I control the Den, you won't be able to have the Insects. The Insects naturally hate and despise Heaven Awaken World people; this is something set by the Sovereign of our world.

"As such, ordinary Insects will never submit to Heaven Awaken World people, and only some stronger creatures can ignore this. Even if I submitted to you, the other Insects will still attack you.

"However, there is a method to get around this. If you can obtain an item that can change the attributes of the Den, perhaps you will be able to nurture Insects that you can control."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu still felt a bit disappointed, and he now understood why the Outer World creatures hated the Heaven Awaken World so much.

Looking at the Insect eggs, Zhao Fu had wanted to nurture his own Insects, but it seemed that this was not possible. As such, he could not just keep these Insect eggs, and he decided to put them to use.

Zhao Fu ordered people to put away these Insect eggs and take the Dens. Zhao Fu did not plan to fuse these Dens into any creatures' bodies, as they might be useful in the future.