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 The massive Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's blood-red eyes locked onto Zhao Fu and gave off a wildly delighted expression. It had come for Zhao Fu because it was incredibly sensitive to blood and Zhao Fu's temptation was simply too great.

"Ss!" The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King gave a hiss and countless Blood-Sucking Mosquitos around it ferociously charged towards Great Qin's side.

Zhao Fu immediately gave the order to fire arrows; they could not allow these Blood-Sucking Mosquitos to get close.

Swish, swish, swish...

The arrows flew out with immense power and tore through the air, seeming to shake the sky. They gave off an incredibly sharp aura and could cause people's hairs to stand on end.

Chi, chi, chi...

Blood-Sucking Mosquitos were hit by the arrows and fell from the sky, but many of the mosquitos were quite agile, dodging the arrows and continuing charging towards Great Qin's side.

The 10 meter and 100 meter wide mosquitos unleashed their abilities. Their needle-like proboscises danced with blood-red light as they sucked.

A shocking scene unfolded: many soldiers howled as their bodies quickly withered as their blood seemed to be sucked away by a formless power, and the defensive barriers seemed to be weakened by the suction power as well.

The massive Blood-Sucking Mosquito King aimed its proboscis at Zhao Fu and ferociously sucked, while Zhao Fu unleashed his Saint Realm Domain.


A loud sound rang out as Zhao Fu felt an immense suction power drag at his body. The blood within his body seemed to be about to leave his body, and Zhao Fu's body was pulled forwards a step.

Zhao Fu did not lose much blood, only five or six drops.

After tasting Zhao Fu's blood, the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King madly led the countless Blood-Sucking Mosquitos to charge. The aura they gave off was like that of a massive ocean that seemed to be able to inundate everything.

Seeing the countless Blood-Sucking Mosquitos rush up, Zhao Fu did not hesitate and gave the order to start using the things they had researched to deal with the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos.

The soldiers tossed up wooden barrels into the sky, which exploded out and countless balls of black flames rained down. The rain of black flames descending under the blue sky and white clouds had a dark beauty to it.

The countless charging Blood-Sucking Mosquitos were hit by the rain of black flames and fell to the ground. Some mosquitos' wings had been burned, while others' bodies burned and gave off a charred smell.

These things were made of flaming oil and Darkness Crystals, and the flames were Darkness flames, which were incredibly damaging to these Outer World creatures. Under the rain of flames, countless Blood-Sucking Mosquitos fell from the sky.

The 10 meter long mosquitos could not avoid the flames either. Even though the flames could not burn them to death, they could destroy their wings.

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless arrows tore through the air and descended with terrifying power, causing many Blood-Sucking Mosquitos to fall.

Ten or so 100 meter long Dragon Slaying ballistae aimed at the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King and shot out bolts. The bolts turned into rays of light, and the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King exploded out with a blood-red aura flame that brought with it a terrifying gale that blew the bolts flying.


The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's 10,000 meter long body slammed against the defensive barrier, resulting in a massive explosion, and the defensive barrier slightly trembled.

The other massive Blood-Sucking Mosquitos gave off terrifying power as they also slammed into the defensive barrier. The ordinary black flames and arrows did not have much of an effect on the massive mosquitos.

Zhao Fu did not have to be afraid anymore, as more than half of the ordinary Blood-Sucking Mosquitos had been killed, and only a small portion remained; these large Blood-Sucking Mosquitos could be killed using Great Qin's beasts, while the soldiers could just continue attacking the ordinary Blood-Sucking Mosquitos.


The enormous Blood-Sucking Mosquito King once again slammed at the defensive barrier, resulting in a massive sound. The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's proboscis gave off an intense light and impatiently sucked at Zhao Fu.

This time, Zhao Fu took out his Emperor Killing Sword and sent massive amounts of his Divine Bloodline's power into it as he slashed out, and a terrifying crescent blasted out with an incredibly sharp aura.


The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King was sent flying by the strike, a long and thin cut appearing on its head, from which blood poured out. The immense pain caused the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King to once again furiously charge at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not need to fear it because the other Blood-Sucking Mosquitos had almost all been destroyed, and only this Blood-Sucking Mosquito King was left.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Zhao Fu continuously slashed out countless sword arcs, which brought with them sword winds as they ferociously shot towards the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King.

Even though the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King ignited a blood-red aura flame to protect itself, it could not withstand the sharpness of the Emperor Killing Sword's attacks, and small cuts appeared on its body, from which blood continuously flowed out.


The furious Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's proboscis gave off an intense light as a dangerous light spread out. The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King vigorously stabbed forwards, and a terrifying blood-red light shot out, seeming to cause the air to explode as a wild gale swept out.

Zhao Fu was given a shock and leapt to the side, dodging this attack.

However, the blood-red beam of light landed on the defensive barrier behind Zhao Fu, resulting in a massive explosion. The defensive barrier violently trembled and the blood-red beam of light pierced through the defensive barrier with a bang, creating a one meter wide hole.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked; this defensive barrier could defend against billions of Blood-Sucking Mosquitos, yet it had been pierced by this beam of light.

Arasina came to help Zhao Fu. She stretched out a hand and countless traces of Darkness God power gathered in the air as waves of might spread out. An enormous arm stretched out from the sky and swatted at the mosquito.


The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King was sent flying into the ground, and its massive body caused the ground to violently tremble. Rocks flew everywhere and dust billowed as a massive crater appeared in the ground.

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity, and the six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun as one meter thick chains giving off cold auras shot out from the ground and bound up the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King.

The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King continuously gave off ear-piercing hisses as it struggled. It was incredibly powerful and the ground continuously collapsed under its power.

Zhao Fu sent his power into the sword and continuously slashed out massive sword lights onto the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's body. A few large wounds appeared on the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's body, causing blood to spurt out like a fountain. The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King's aura weakened and its struggling also decreased.

Zhao Fu once again raised the Emperor Killing Sword and a shocking sword qi spread out as Zhao Fu prepared to kill the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King.

The Blood-Sucking Mosquito King looked at Zhao Fu and hesitated before lowering its head and showing its willingness to submit. He was quite surprised, because he had not planned on subduing these mosquitos. After all, with the nature of Insect Outer World creatures, it was almost impossible.