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 "Your Majesty, there have been abnormal movements in the Outer World; please take a look," a soldier came up and respectfully reported.

Zhao Fu was looking over the Yin Soul Beasts, and after hearing about this, he quickly left to the Outer World. Most of Great Qin's beasts had been withdrawn from there, so without the beasts holding down the fort, if anything happened to Great Qin's forces there, things would be quite severe.

After coming to the Outer World, Zhao Fu looked at Arasina and asked, "What's going on?"

Arasina replied with a serious expression, "A group of Blood-Sucking Mosquitos are heading towards Great Qin's base and there are many of them, around three billion or so. Moreover, they are all flying Insects. With the base's status, if they attack, the consequences will be quite severe.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and asked, "Do we have any countermeasures? Also, what are those Blood-Sucking Mosquitos like? Do we know their weaknesses?"

"Come with me! Right now, your subordinates are doing research. The Blood-Sucking Mosquitos have only just started moving and are some distance away from the base. I just wanted to warn you in advance," Arasina said as she started to walk.

Zhao Fu followed behind her, and looking at Arasina's alluring figure, he smiled and hugged her as he said, "Good thing that the base has you looking after it; it has developed quite well."

Arasina rolled her eyes as she said, "It' not just because of me; those female Generals of yours have been quite useful as well. Later you need to properly reward us; otherwise, I definitely wouldn't want to stand guard in the Outer World without any benefits."

Zhao Fu smiled as he nodded, and Arasina leaned against him as they came to a room.

There were a few scholars dissecting a Blood-Sucking Mosquito with a few imprisoned in a cage nearby. Great Qin had been researching all sorts of Insects, and in order to make things more convenient and speed up the process, Zhao Fu had set up a research station in the Outer World.

Zhao Fu now saw what the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos were like. They were one meter long and were blood-red colored. Their proboscis, the part they used to suck blood, were incredibly sharp and were like long needles, and their abdomens gave off a faint blood-red light.

If these mosquitos sucked someone's blood, they would be able to quickly suck that person dry. They were incredibly dangerous, especially if they appeared in groups.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, the researching scholars immediately stopped and respectfully called out, "We greet Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded and asked them, "What have you found?"

The leader of the scholars replied, "Your Majesty, we originally planned to use fire to deal with these Blood-Sucking Mosquitos because their wings are quite thin. If we use flames, we can destroy them, and without wings, these mosquitos are almost harmless.

"However, from our experiments, we found that it is quite difficult to burn these mosquitos' wings and they have decent resistance to fire. Moreover, it's not just the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos; most creatures in the Outer World have great resistance to fire and light. This subordinate believes that it is because they have adapted to the eight suns. As such, it seems that using Darkness elemental essence can suppress them."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted because this was an important discovery. Now that they had found that Darkness elemental essence could counter the Insects, Great Qin would use all kinds of items using Darkness energy.

Arasina, the Fallen Angel Goddess, was a Darkness godly spirit and she would be quite useful. Zhao Fu also thought of another person, which was the Darkness Queen Syndra. Even though she was not as powerful as Arasina, she could produce a large number of Darkness Crystals.

Moreover, she was a pure Darkness attribute character and had great comprehension about various Darkness elemental essences. If she joined in the research, she would be of great help.

Zhao Fu summoned Syndra, and she soon arrived. After receiving much love from Zhao Fu, her Queen aura became stronger and she had a trace of flirtatiousness, and her figure became even more enticing.

"Your Majesty, what have you called me for?" Syndra hugged Zhao Fu as she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes and smiled.

As a Darkness godly spirit, Arasina gave Syndra much pressure. However, Syndra knew that Arasina was also Zhao Fu's woman and had served Zhao Fu with her before, so she did not treat her with as much reverence.

Zhao Fu told her about the matter at hand and she smiled and quickly agreed to join in the research.

At the same time, Zhao Fu ordered people to prepare other things. They needed a large number of arrows as well as all kinds of defensive barriers. Against these aerial creatures, the defensive walls were much less effective, so they could only rely on defensive barriers. Zhao Fu also ordered people to continuously monitor the movements of the mosquitos.

Three days later, the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos suddenly greatly increased their speed. It had been estimated that it would take them over a week to arrive, but it would now only take three days.

Before they could even see the mosquito horde, the buzzing seemed to shake the heavens, and everyone felt a sense of dread and felt as if their eardrums were going to burst. The buzzing gave off an incredibly dangerous aura, and hearing this sound, the surrounding creatures quickly ran for their lives.

Wherever the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos passed, no living creatures remained; all of them were sucked dry. Not a single creature did not fear them.

Following this, the people at Great Qin's base saw the mosquito horde. They seemed to cover the entire sky and were simply innumerable.


Most of the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos were one meter long, but there were also some two meter long ones, even ten or so meter long ones, and over 100 meter long ones. What was shocking was that at the center, there was a 10,000 meter long Blood-Sucking Mosquito.

That was most likely the Blood-Sucking Mosquito King; such a massive mosquito horde definitely needed a King to form.

With so many Blood-Sucking Mosquitos, Zhao Fu did not dare to let out the beasts, as they would quickly be sucked dry. There were simply too many Blood-Sucking Mosquitos.

Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...

The Blood-Sucking Mosquitos entered Great Qin's attack range, and the Insect Den Wyverns and Spirit Light God Emissaries attacked.

Great Qin did not have many Inset Den Wyverns, only 100 or so. However, each of them was dozens of times more powerful than the Spirit Light God Emissaries. They shot out massive beams of light that contained terrifying power that blasted into the mosquito horde and caused massive explosions.

The Spirit Light God Emissaries also raised their hands and sent out powerful Holy Light energy, also causing explosions.

The terrifying explosive power blasted countless mosquitos into countless pieces, which fell like rain from the sky, creating a disgusting scene.

However, those attacks only killed a small portion of the mosquitos. Despite this, the mosquitos' momentum had greatly been decreased, and the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos started to spread out.