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 For the three Royal Kingdoms who had laid the ambush, the nine Emperor Heaven Realm experts only received some injuries but none of them were life-threatening. They lost around two billion soldiers, and this could be said to have achieved a great victory.

The Wind God Empire had suffered a heavy loss; it had already lost around two billion soldiers and one Emperor Heaven Realm expert fighting Great Qin, and now it had lost another 15 billion soldiers and another Emperor Heaven Realm expert.

Adding together, they had lost 17 billion soldiers and two Emperor Heaven Realm experts. Royal Kingdoms only had around 40 billion soldiers, meaning they had lost almost half of their forces.

Moreover, those two Emperor Heaven Realm experts were not existences who could be easily nurtured. Not only did it take countless resources, but it also required people with extremely great talent. Even though it was only two people, it was a heavy loss.

Moreover, this matter was incredibly infuriating because a small outskirts Kingdom had dared to anger them and had not given them face. Only by slaughtering them would the Wind God Empire be able to quench its hatred and prove the might of its name.

However, not only had that Kingdom not been destroyed, but the Wind God Empire had also been ambushed by three Royal Kingdoms, resulting in massive losses. This made the Wind God Empire incredibly furious and humiliated.

Moreover, the Wind God Empire now needed to enter a defensive state to defend against those three Royal Kingdoms, and it was now in quite a disadvantageous position.

The Wind God Empire could only send out ambassadors, hoping to ally with other Kingdoms to resist those three Royal Kingdoms.

By the time Zhao Fu and his army arrived, they found only the aftermath of the battle. This place had been reduced to flat ground, and countless trees had been broken and broken rocks were everywhere, creating a chaotic scene. The ground was also dyed with blood and there was a dense stench of blood; even the sky seemed to be dyed blood-red by the aura of blood.

The scene was incredibly terrifying, and one could easily imagine how intense the battle had been; countless people had died here.

However, Zhao Fu could not understand what had happened to the Wind God Empire. Regardless, it seemed that Great Qin's crisis was resolved and they no longer had to worry about the Wind God Empire attacking.

What delighted Zhao Fu the most was the countless Stage 3 corpses everywhere; almost all of them belonged to the Wind God Empire. However, all of their equipment and other valuables had been stripped from the corpses. As inner region soldiers, they all had Silver grade equipment and all kinds of items, which were quite valuable.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind this too much, because just the countless corpses alone were like a massive treasure trove. Great Qin could refine all of these corpses and obtain a large number of Stage 3 Blood God Pills.

With these Blood God Pills, if they were given to Stage 2 soldiers, their cultivation would greatly progress and Zhao Fu would have his own army of Stage 3 soldiers.

If he had his own army of Stage 3 soldiers, he would no longer have to fear Royal Kingdoms. With Stage 3 soldiers, Great Qin would have the chance to retaliate.

Moreover, these countless corpses were completely free and Zhao Fu did not have to pay any price for them; all he had to do was put these corpses away.

Not only had the crisis been resolved, but he had also obtained such great benefits, causing him to loudly laugh in joy. He ordered the army he had brought to quickly collect these corpses to avoid anything unexpected.

Only after Zhao Fu returned did he hear about what had happened. The Demon Wind Empire, which he had placed no hopes in, had acted, dealing a severe blow to the Wind God Empire and unknowingly saving Great Qin. As such, Zhao Fu felt somewhat grateful.

However, Zhao Fu would not contact the Demon Wind Empire, as they were not good people because of this. They were not trying to help Great Qin and had instead benefitted from the situation because of Great Qin.

The factions in the Ancient Stem Domain and other Domains who had been paying attention to this were all shocked; they had never thought that things would be resolved like this. Great Qin had not been destroyed and had escaped this disaster.

After this event, the name of Great Qin spread throughout the surrounding few Domains. This was the first time an outskirts Kingdom had dared to resist an inner region Royal Kingdom and not be destroyed. The strength it had displayed was incredibly shocking.

In the neighboring Green Province Domain, the various Royal Kingdoms like Shi Shuge now heard about Zhao Fu's name and felt quite curious.

They did not know that they had long since known Zhao Fu, and his true identity would make them even more shocked and terrified. Of course, they would never expect that he was the ruler of a small outskirts Kingdom, as they thought that he was that mysterious Emperor.

After hearing about this, Yao Ming felt incredibly disappointed because he had thought that Great Qin would definitely be destroyed. However, it had escaped this disaster; it was simply too lucky.

Now, the Wind God Empire army stationed in this area was no longer as arrogant, and it obediently defended the four worlds, not daring to launch any attacks.

After this incident, the surrounding worlds were able to let out a sigh of relief. They had been living under the threat of the Wind God Empire and lived every day in fear and anxiety. Facing the Wind God Empire, they had no ability to resist.

Only Great Qin had been tough, daring to resist the Wind God Empire, causing it to receive the admiration of the surrounding worlds.

Great Qin's reputation skyrocketed, and countless people looked up to Great Qin's Emperor. Many women's hearts now belonged to him; even despite knowing that he had countless women in his harem, they were still willing to follow such a famous and talented genius.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu handed the corpses to his subordinates and had them refine some of them. Great Qin had two billion Stage 2 soldiers and most of them had not used Stage 3 Blood God Pills yet.

Following this, Zhao Fu heard that the Yin Soul Beasts had been nurtured, so he brought some Yin Soldiers to have a look.

Most of the 10,000 jars placed on the ground had not developed Yin Soul Beasts yet. The ones that became Yin Soul Beasts faster would definitely be of higher quality.

The Yin Soul Beasts that were nurtured were illusory creatures that gave off Yin Qi and floated above the jars, giving off Stage 1 auras.

They looked quite different than before - Zhao Fu saw a little boy who looked four or five years old, and his body was covered with gray scales. His eyes were did not have pupils, looking quite savage.

Zhao Fu called over a Yin Soul and had him make a bond with the little boy. Two runes appeared on each of their foreheads before disappearing.

After the bond was created, the little boy fused into the Yin Soldier's body, and a powerful aura exploded out from the Yin Soldier's body. The Yin Soldier grew scales and two fangs, and he gave off a ferocious aura and Stage 2 power.

This was their fused state and the two of them could still separate. The Yin Soldier could control the little boy to fight, and the Yin Soul Beast little boy could absorb Yin Qi and grow stronger. Right now, he was lying on the Yin Soldier's back.