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 25 billion soldiers were around half of the Wind God Empire's forces; a Royal Kingdom at most had around 40 billion soldiers. There had been already five billion Wind God soldiers here, and now that 3.1 billion remained, that was a total of 28.1 billion soldiers.

This time, the Wind God Empire was getting serious and had mobilized nearly 70% of its forces to destroy Great Qin. They even publicly announced that they would be slaughtering Great Qin and making Zhao Fu's harem prostitutes.

Such a massive force caused the Ancient Stem Domain's other Royal Kingdoms to look quite scared. 28.1 billion Stage 3 soldiers could rival 281 billion Stage 1 soldiers; they really could wipe out Great Qin.

Such a massive force would definitely cause a catastrophe within the Ancient Stem Domain. Thinking about that massive aura, countless people felt terror and their bodies trembled.

Zhao Fu had caused great trouble this time; how could an outskirts Kingdom defend against an inner region Royal Kingdom? It should have given in and just ceded a world.

Now that 28.1 billion Stage 3 soldiers were attacking, how would Great Qin defend?

After hearing about this, Yao Ming started to make defensive preparations as well and had no time to bother with Si Ji. If the Wind God Empire attacked, they might not just destroy Great Qin and might destroy the Devil Horn Empire as well. That would leave only the Wind God Empire in this area.

After hearing about this, Zhao Fu's expression became quite unsightly. The three Emperor Heaven Realm experts were not too big of a problem, because with Gui Ji, Feng Wulin, and himself, they could stop them. However, the 28.1 billion Stage 3 soldiers were the most terrifying thing.

He had to do something, or else Great Qin really could perish. Traveling from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain to Great Qin would take quite a long time, and even with teleportation channels, it would take at least ten or so days to arrive.

What Great Qin could do was continuously harass them during this trip, dragging out the trip and reducing their forces.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and withdrew all of Great Qin's beasts from the Outer World Battlefield. Dealing with these high-Stage soldiers, only the beasts would be effective, and the ordinary Stage 1 soldiers would just be committing suicide.

Of course, Zhao Fu also brought a small force of soldiers to set up various things. Whether or not they could stop the Wind God Empire would depend on this operation.

For the sake of this operation, Zhao Fu gathered all of the people with special abilities in order to deal with this with Great Qin's full force.

At the same time, the three Wind God Empire Emperor Heaven Realm experts led other experts and soldiers through the teleportation channels.

The soldiers gave off massive auras that shook their surroundings, causing the air to seem to freeze. Countless creatures quickly escaped, and none dared to get close.

However, they soon sensed that something was off, and just as the three Emperor Heaven Realm experts were about to give the order to be careful, the unexpected happened.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sounds of the air being torn could be heard as countless arrows shot out from the side, containing ferocious power as they shot into the Wind God army. The Wind God soldiers were unable to respond in time and countless people were killed. Some people quickly unleashed defensive barriers, but the barriers were easily pierced through.

Blood splattered everywhere and the stench of blood spread out as countless cries sounded out. Many people died, and corpses littered the ground, creating a horrific scene.

Before the Wind God Empire could react, more attacks were launched.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Blood-red orbs of light containing terrifying auras were shot over from another side, falling into the army and causing massive explosions. Incredibly destructive shockwaves rippled out, blasting soldiers out.

100 meter wide craters appeared in the ground, and the surroundings were filled with broken corpses and limbs and organs, creating a nauseating scene.

"Arghhh..." Howls sounded out as countless traces of demonic qi flowed up from the ground, turning into sharp claws that pierced through countless soldiers' chests, digging out their hearts. Soldiers fell to the ground one after another, creating a bloody scene.

These attacks were all launched simultaneously, giving the Wind God Empire no opportunity to react. They hastily put up a large defensive barrier, allowing them to breathe, but what happened next caused their expressions to fall.

"Kill!" Three armies rushed out from different directions, giving off terrifying auras as they charged towards the Wind God Empire, looking like they could destroy everything.

One army gave off a dense demonic qi, one army gave off a bloody stench, and one army gave off the aura of humans. None of them were weak at all, and they all had Stage 3 Cultivation. Each of the incoming armies had at least 20 billion soldiers, which was 60 billion in total.

The Wind God Empire's three Emperor Heaven Realm experts' expressions fell and immediately gave the order to retreat, understanding that they had fallen into a trap. Moreover, it was a trap set up by three Royal Kingdoms.

However, it was too late - the three armies had already arrived, and they could only fight while retreating.

A soldier held a large saber and chopped another soldier's head off, one soldier pierced through another soldier's chest with his spear, and one soldier used his axe to hack another soldier in half.

One soldier's hands stretched out with blood-red tentacles, piercing through another soldier's throat, one soldier gave off a wind-like sword qi that slashed apart another soldier, and one soldier roared as he sent another soldier flying with a punch.

Nine experts appeared around the Wind God Empire's three experts. They gave off monstrous auras and were also Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

A big man giving off demonic qi laughed as he mocked, "The Wind God Empire really is trash, sending so many soldiers to deal with an outskirts Kingdom. How shameless! It seems that you lost that previous battle."

The Wind God Empire's people now understood what was happening - the Wind God Empire's enemy, the Demon Wind Empire, had allied with the Blood Spirit Empire and Clear Martial Empire to ambush them here.

The Demon Wind Empire had not acted this whole time, waiting for an opportunity to heavily wound the Wind God Empire.

"Full retreat!" The Emperor Heaven Realm expert coldly looked at the big man before leading the others and shot off. They were facing nine Emperor Heaven Realm experts who were not inferior to them at all; they had no chance at winning.

The big man coldly laughed, "You want to run? Everyone, don't miss this opportunity; kill them together!"

The other Emperor Heaven Realm experts all gave chase, and a massive battle erupted, seeming like the apocalypse.

In the end, the Wind God Empire retreated after suffering a great loss. One of the Emperor Heaven Realm experts had died and the other two had escaped with severe injuries. Of the 25 billion soldiers who had set out, 15 billion had died and only around ten billion had escaped back to the Wind God Empire.