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 The next step did not require Zhao Fu to do anything and was performed by Hong Mei. Feng Wulin had already been placed on the magic formation.

Xianru left the magic formation and came to Zhao Fu's side.

Hong Mei walked into the magic formation, and her expression became serious as she tore open the clothes on Feng Wulin's upper body and then took out a dagger. She cut open her palm and then pressed it against Feng Wulin's chest as she started to chant a strange curse.

The gray aura in the surroundings started to roil, forming images of different insects. They were incredibly dense and looked quite terrifying.

"Insect Devour!" Hong Mei cried out and pressed down vigorously as the countless Insect Souls flooded into Feng Wulin's body.

The unconscious Feng Wulin once against started to struggle in pain as beads of sweat appeared on his body. There were countless Insect Souls devouring him and fusing with his soul.

This did not go on for too long, and after one final scream, Feng Wulin fell silent. Following this, Hong Mei took out five Insect Dens.

Under Hong Mei's control, the five Insect Dens floated in the air and gave off different-colored lights before moving towards Feng Wulin's body, fusing into his hands, feet, and heart.

Feng Wulin's body started to go through changes; his eyes became like insect eyes and antennae appeared on his head. Black claw-like things grew on his hands, making them look like black claws, and his aura became quite strange as well.

"Husband, it is done." Hong Mei stood up and smiled as she spoke to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled as he nodded. He could not control Feng Wulin, so he had Hong Mei try to control him.

Hong Mei first had Feng Wulin stand up, fly into the sky, and unleash all kinds of powerful attacks, causing massive gusts of wind. Not only did his power not become weaker, but he had even become slightly stronger and his constitution had become stronger as well.

Zhao Fu was incredibly delighted; Great Qin had gained yet another Emperor Heaven Realm expert and had another trump card. Zhao Fu now felt much more at ease.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Within the Desolate Crow World, nine massive bronze cauldrons gave off intense bronze light, causing clouds to swirl as they gave off a world-suppressing aura and exploded, creating incredibly destructive shockwaves.

Countless massive Desolate Crow Beasts and Desolate Crow Kingdom soldiers were dragged in and turned into fragmented corpses. The shockwaves continuously blasted out, destroying everything in their way.

Si Ji's expression was incredibly cold as he gave the order for an all-out attack on the Desolate Crow Kingdom. A countless number of Great Xia's soldiers roared as they rushed at the Desolate Crow Kingdom like an unstoppable flood.

Zhao Fu quickly received news that while the Wind God Empire had been attacking Great Qin, Si Ji had been attacking the Desolate Crow Kingdom.

At that time, Great Qin found it difficult to protect even itself, so it naturally did not help the Desolate Crow Kingdom. More than half of the soldiers who had been stationed at the Desolate Crow Kingdom had been withdrawn, and Si Ji had grasped this opportunity to attack the Desolate Crow Kingdom.

He had to grab this opportunity, because only by unifying a world could he have some strength to resist Yao Ming. Only then would he have the qualifications to speak, or else after Great Qin perished, Great Xia would be next.

This time, he did not hesitate to even cause the Great Xia's Nation Armament to self-destruct. The explosion had not only killed countless Desolate Crow Beasts and Desolate Crow soldiers, but it had also killed two incredibly important people - the Desolate Crow Kingdom's King Moke and his son Moyue.

After they died, the Desolate Crow Kingdom no longer had any leaders and fell into chaos, unable to resist Great Xia's attack.

Now, the Desolate Crow Kingdom hurriedly retreated with Great Qin's soldiers to Great Qin, and Zhao Fu soon heard about this.

Zhao Fu had never expected Si Ji to attack at that moment and with such ruthlessness too, causing Great Xia's Nation Armament to self-destruct. This was not something that an ordinary person could do.

After hearing about this, Xueru and her daughter could not help but cry; this was too much of a shock.

Only half of the Desolate Crow Kingdom's people were able to withdraw, around ten billion people. Great Qin was currently settling them down, and the remaining half had either submitted to Si Ji or had been killed.

"Your Majesty, you have to take revenge for Moyue and my father. I'll give you everything." Heni hugged Zhao Fu as she wept.

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless, looking at the beautiful women standing by the side, which included the sad-looking Xueli, Xueru's little sister, and three other women.

One had a full figure and looked quite elegant, and she was called Ruoli. One had a wild aura and a fiery figure, and she was called Fei Xuemi. One looked incredibly charming and was called Ye Qilai. The three of them were Moke's Concubines.

Now that the Desolate Crow Kingdom was gone, they had no one to rely on. In order to prepare for the future, they could only join Zhao Fu.

Xueli also looked quite sad. Back when Moke had taken her from her husband, she had been quite angry at Moke. However, Moke treated her very well and she had gradually come to accept Moke, but she now had nothing.

She thought about her big sister Xueru. If she also became Zhao Fu's woman, she would be able to be with her big sister and she would have someone to rely on.

Zhao Fu did not reply to Heni's words, and he slightly frowned. The other women thought that Zhao Fu did not want them and took off their clothes as they pleaded, "Your Majesty, please take us in!"

"Your Majesty, please accept me, okay?" Heni tightly hugged Zhao Fu as tears danced in her eyes, looking incredibly pitiful. Right now, she could only rely on Zhao Fu to take revenge for Moyue and her father.

After saying this, Heni took the initiative to kiss Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu slightly sighed and took off her clothes, after which the room sounded out with intense sounds that went on for a while.

"Husband!" Heni's face was red as she hugged Zhao Fu and happily called out. She had never thought that doing it with Zhao Fu would be so pleasurable; the pain from before was completely gone and she instead felt incredibly comfortable. She was quite happy that she had given her first time to Zhao Fu.

The other women all looked incredibly comfortable, and they did not look sad or pained anymore. Xueli lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and breathed raggedly; she now understood why her big sister was so infatuated with Zhao Fu.

She hugged Zhao Fu tightly, as if she was afraid of losing him like she lost her previous two husbands, and she said, "Husband, you can't leave me like they did."

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged Heni and Xueli, "Stay in Great Qin in the future; I'll take care of you all. Also, I have some things to do, so I'll need you to help me comfort Xueru and the others. They're quite upset about this."

Hearing this, the women nodded and smiled as they agreed.

Zhao Fu soon heard that the Wind God Empire had gathered 25 billion soldiers and were ferociously heading towards Great Qin.