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 Zhao Fu left this place to the main devils as there were many things waiting for Zhao Fu to take care of. After the battlefield was cleared, Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates because they were now enemies with the Wind God Empire, so Great Qin would soon be ferociously attacked.

News of the Wind God Empire's great defeat spread quickly, and countless people looked incredibly shocked. No one could have imagined that Great Qin would defeat the invincible Wind God Empire.

Just how had it done this? How could an outer region Kingdom be a match for an inner region Royal Kingdom? Most Kingdoms would not dare to even offend an outer region Royal Kingdom, yet Great Qin had defeated the Wind God Empire.

Yao Ming looked incredibly shocked and furious; the Wind God Empire had actually lost. How could Great Qin have become so strong and have an Emperor Heaven Realm expert?

Now, Yao Ming felt immense pressure. Before, he had been quite pleased that he had conquered a world and was on the same level as Great Qin. However, that had only lasted for a short while; Great Qin's strength had become so monstrous and the Devil Horn Empire was not a match for it.

Also, was there an inner region Royal Kingdom helping Great Qin? He had to investigate this clearly, or else Great Qin might take this opportunity to destroy the Devil Horn Empire.

Now, the Devil Horn Empire also had to make preparations, as Great Qin might attack at any time. They could not afford to be careless.

The various Royal Kingdoms in the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain also looked quite surprised. They had never imagined that Great Qin could defeat the Wind God Empire.

They had indeed underestimated Great Qin this time and felt a trace of pressure upon seeing the strength that Great Qin had revealed because they did not have Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

Now, they had to take Great Qin seriously and could no longer see it as a small Kingdom that could be easily bullied. They now had to see it as an opponent that they had to take seriously; it was an empire that was rising powerfully in the outskirts.

However, this situation had only resulted because the Wind God Empire had been careless and had thought that it could do as it wished in the outskirts. It had run into a difficult opponent and had suffered losses, and the Wind God Empire would not simply endure this and would definitely mobilize troops to destroy Great Qin.

When that time came, Great Qin would have to face a real Royal Kingdom and not just four billion Stage 3 soldiers. Could Great Qin resist such a terrifying force?

Most of the Royal Kingdoms felt that this would be quite difficult. Even if it was them, they would feel immense pressure and might even be destroyed.

Just as everyone expected, the Wind God Empire was enraged and had never thought that an outskirts Kingdom would retaliate against it and cause it to lose two billion Stage 3 soldiers. This was simply unforgiveable.

The Wind God Empire immediately gathered its forces and had three of its other Emperor Heaven Realm experts lead the army. It was determined to slaughter that small Kingdom this time and show its might. It could not allow a small Kingdom to humiliate it.

Zhao Fu was also making all kinds of preparations. He came to a room and looked at the unconscious Feng Wulin and asked the golden dragon, "Great Qin is going to face a great threat; if we can make this Emperor Heaven Realm expert work for us, it will be of great help. Do you have any methods?"

The golden dragon shook her head. Emperor Heaven Realm experts were people who could control the power of ten worlds, and they were not so easy to control.

Even if they put him in the Four Soul Devil World, it would not be enough because his power was too strong and the Four Soul Devil World's power was too weak and could not transform him into a devil. Unless the Four Soul Devil World became as big as a world, only then would it be able to convert an Emperor Heaven Realm expert.

Following this, Zhao Fu asked Gui Ji and the Flower Fairy. They were both people who had once been powerful existences, so perhaps they would know something. However, they did not know either and did not have such memories.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed; would he have to kill this Emperor Heaven Realm expert? That would be such a pity, as he was an existence that could sweep across the outer regions.

What Zhao Fu did not expect was that it was Hong Mei, the woman from the Outer World, who had a method, and it was relying on the curse that Feng Wulin had suffered.

The curse had been unleashed using ten million Insect eggs, which were very suitable materials for cursing. That was why the curse was so powerful and even Feng Wulin could not resist it.

Of course, it was to have other Emperor Heaven Realm experts present to suppress Feng Wulin if he went crazy.

The method Hong Mei provided was to continue to collect Insect eggs and curse Feng Wulin, sending countless Insect Souls into his body and causing his body to become a vessel for the Insect Curse. After fusing in a Den, perhaps he could be controlled.

It would be best for the one controlling him to be someone from the Outer World because they had natural affinity with the Insect Outer World creatures and could even control them.

Zhao Fu immediately ordered people to quickly destroy Insect Dens in the Outer World Battlefield and collect Insect eggs and Insect Dens, so they could quickly control Feng Wulin. If they succeeded, they would gain another Emperor Heaven Realm expert.

As for the person who would control Feng Wulin, it was naturally Hong Mei because she was the only Outer World person who had submitted to Great Qin. Of course, controlling an Emperor Heaven Realm expert was a big matter, and Zhao Fu did not fully trust Hong Mei.

Looking at Hong Mei's beautiful face and enticing figure, Zhao Fu went up and hugged her.

Hong Mei's face became red and she looked at Zhao Fu expectantly. She had not done it with Zhao Fu in the past while, and the position her ex-husband took in her heart was gradually decreasing, while Zhao Fu's position was increasing.

At the same time, Hong Mei could tell that Zhao Fu was somewhat wary of her, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and said flirtatiously, "Husband, I've already acknowledged you and won't betray you."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and carried her into a room before they started going at it.

A while later, Zhao Fu looked at the heavily-breathing Hong Mei in his arms and he smiled because he had planted the Six Desires Demonic Seed within her body and could fully control her. It would also increase her strength; right now, she was still quite weak and needed to become stronger.

Following this, Zhao Fu collected 15 million Insect eggs and five Insect Dens. These were not from Great Qin's forces in the Outer World Battlefield but from exchanging in the Heaven Spirit Stele.

Now that the materials had been prepared, Zhao Fu immediately started using the curse. During this time, he felt quite anxious, as he had no idea when the Wind God Empire would attack.

They once again came to the cursing altar and the Insect eggs that had originally been there had lost all lifeforce and become husks, and they were replaced with the living eggs.

Xianru once again cast the curse. She rapidly performed hand seals and a magic formation appeared as a formless energy spread out. The countless Insect eggs gave off traces of gray aura and gathered around the altar.