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 The Cavalry charged through, pincering the Xianbei army from behind. With the chaos from the livestock and the difference in morale, stats, and equipment, the Xianbei army was destined to lose.

Seeing the devastated state of the village, Lou Ruo furiously hacked a few soldiers who were rushing at him to death. His fighting power was indeed quite powerful, and Doke gripped his spear, preparing to engage him in battle.

Bai Qi was wearing a set of white clothes and had a blood-red sword at his side. He rode on a large Black Forest Horse and calmly looked at the battle. There was slaughter everywhere, and even though the Xianbei soldiers were quite courageous, they were unable to fight back at all, and some even started to run away in desperation.

In the end, Bai Qi's gaze fell on Lou Ruo, and when he saw that Doke was going to start fighting him, Bai Qi said, "Doke, fall back."

The battle had more or less been decided, and in order to preserve as many soldiers as possible, he had to finish this battle as quickly as possible. As such, Bai Qi decided to personally act.

Bai Qi drew the Seven Murders Sword at his side and lightly tapped his warhorse with his feet. Upon doing this, the warhorse shot forwards like a black blur.

Lou Ruo could tell that Bai Qi was the Commander here - if he was able to kill him, it would be possible for him to save the village. As such, he loudly roared and raised his large saber as he rushed at Bai Qi.

However, he had overestimated himself and underestimated Bai Qi. How could he be a match for Bai Qi, who had Stage 1 cultivation and now had the Seven Murders Sword? The instant that they clashed, the battle was decided.

A blood-colored sword light flashed as a head flew into the air. Riding on his tall warhorse, Bai Qi sped past Lou Ruo in an instant - Lou Ruo had not been able to receive even a single strike from Bai Qi.

After killing Lou Ruo, the light that the blood-red star in the sky gave off became slightly denser.

By now, Bai Qi had reached the center of the battlefield. Seeing the chaos, fighting, and blood around him, he slowly raised the Seven Murders Sword in his hand as he yelled softly, "Soldier Aura Formation!"

All of the Great Qin soldiers' bodies released blood-red, somewhat metallic-looking auras that gathered towards Bai Qi.

"Skreeeeee!!" Suddenly, a bird's cry that seemed to be able to pierce through rocks and metals and shake the sky sounded out in the surrounding 10-kilometer radius area.

A massive blood-red eagle appeared in the sky. Its gaze was incredibly sharp, and its claws glinted with a cold light. The massive icy and bloodthirsty aura that it gave off seemed to be able to flip mountains and overturn seas and suppress everything!

The Xianbei soldiers had lost their will to fight after Lou Ruo had died, and facing this terrifying aura, their courage and fighting spirit were completely shattered. They immediately threw down their weapons and knelt on the ground, choosing to surrender.

Bai Qi, wearing his white clothes, rode on his Black Forest Horse in the midst of the blood and corpses. The remaining Xianbei people all kneeled around him, and adding on the massive blood-red eagle flying above him, Bai Qi looked like a god who had descended from the heavens.

From then onwards, the legend of a white-clothed divine general started to spread!

After the Xianbei people surrendered, the situation was pacified quite quickly.

Doke quickly went through the numbers and reported, "Commander Bai, because we were able to conclude the battle and gain control of the situation quite quickly, we've subdued 7,356 Xianbei people. Most of the livestock ran off, but there are still about 20% remaining. We've also obtained 360,000 silver coins, and we did not suffer many losses: 68 people received light injuries, 3 people received heavy injuries, and no one died. The Skeletons fought the main force of the Xianbei people, and we lost about 500 of them.

Hearing Doke's report, Bai Qi nodded. His battle tactics were quick, simple, and violent, but the disadvantage was that they also caused many casualties.

Because the Great Qin soldiers were superior in terms of equipment, cultivation, stats, and battle tactics, there were no casualties this time, while only 500 Skeletons were lost. This was not a big deal because they were summoned by the King's Undead Cavalry from corpses, and their numbers could be replaced using the Xianbei people's corpses.

The outcome of the battle satisfied Bai Qi. As such, he wasn't stingy, and he split the money amongst the soldiers and slaughtered some cattle and sheep to have a great feast to celebrate their victory.

Following this, Bai Qi went to the Barracks and found that there were three Profession Change Stone Steles:

[Xianbei Soldier]: E- grade Military, Description: Soldiers of the Xianbei Clan, Effect: Receives skill [Xianbei Saber Technique].

[Xianbei Archer]: E- grade Military, Description: Archers of the Xianbei Clan, Effect: Receives skill [Xianbei Archery Technique].

[Xianbei Shieldbearer]: E- grade Military, Description: Shieldbearers of the Xianbei Clan, Effect: Receives skill [Shieldbearing].

There was nothing special about these military professions, and they were only slightly weaker than Great Qin's basic soldiers. However, they were slightly better than the military professions from the legacies of smaller families.

Following this, Bai Qi went to the Village Hall. There was a silver cube floating in the air, and it was a Silver grade City Heart. Bai Qi put his hand on it and just as he was about to conquer it, he received a chain of system announcements.

"Would you like to conquer the Ancient Fallen Clan - Xianbei Village?"

"System announcement! Your faction is part of the Chinese Clan and has unlocked Nation Fate. Conquering this village will bring many benefits!"

"1. Great Qin's Fate will fuse with a trace of Xianbei's Fate!"

"2. The more Xianbei's Fate is fused, the more favorable the Xianbei Clan will be towards your people. They may no longer see you as enemies and even fully submit."

"3. You will obtain the Xianbei Tear, which can be fused into items or used to summon people from the Xianbei Clan."

Bai Qi was quite surprised that there were so many benefits from conquering this village. As such, he chose to conquer it and [Relocate] it. Following this, the basic structures of Xianbei Village disappeared as the other structures were all destroyed.

Finally, the cube in the air slowly floated into Bai Qi's hand, and a tear-shaped item also descended - this was most likely the Xianbei Tear.

Zhao Fu, who was busy opening restaurants, also received some system announcements.

"Congratulations, your subordinate Bai Qi has conquered an Ancient Fallen Village - Xianbei. Great Qin's Fate has fused with a trace of Xianbei's Fate!"

"Congratulations, your subordinate Bai Qi has conquered an Advanced Xianbei Village. With the King's Ring's bonus, you have obtained 400 Achievement Points!"

"Congratulations, your subordinate Bai Qi has relocated an Advanced Xianbei Village. With the King's Ring's bonus, the Great Qin Town has obtained 41,000 EXP!"

"Xianbei?" When he heard these system announcements, he was quite shocked, but he also felt quite delighted. Conquering Ancient Fallen Villages could increase his Fate, and he had also obtained 400 Achievement Points and 41,000 EXP. He was now one-fifth of the way to leveling up to an Intermediate Town.