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 There were many Insect Outer World creature eggs laid out on the ground, and there were ten million or so of them. At the center of the area was a nine meter tall altar.

Xianru took the orb of blood from Zhao Fu and came to the altar.

Zhao Fu wanted to have Xianru use the Ten Thousand Person Curse, which Zhao Fu had obtained from that Second Prince. It could be used to curse a large group of people and also curse a single person.

These Insect eggs were the best materials for unleashing the curse. There were ten million of them and together with the Ten Thousand Person Curse, the curse's effects would be incredibly shocking.

Standing on the altar, Xianru performed many hand seals and the orb of blood floated in front of her as the magic formation under her feet was activated. A formless energy spread out, covering all of the Insect eggs.

The countless Insect eggs gave off traces of gray aura, which gathered towards the center of the altar. More and more gray aura gathered, and soon, the area around the altar was covered.

The orb of blood in front of Xianru had become a rune that resembled an insect.

"Your Majesty, it is done," Xianru stopped and looked at Zhao Fu as she spoke.

Zhao Fu stood on the altar as well because curses could be dispelled using Fate and the caster might receive a Fate backlash. The more powerful the person being cursed was, the more dangerous it was. However, Zhao Fu was not worried, as he had four Emperor Stars supporting him.

Fortunately, Feng Wulin was not the Emperor of the Wind God Empire, or else Zhao Fu would not dare to curse him with the entire Royal Kingdom's Fate.

Zhao Fu walked into the magic formation and sent his power into the blood-red rune. The blood-red rune gave off a strange light and the gray aura in the surroundings started to spin.


The blood-red rune shot into the sky and countless traces of gray aura followed it, forming an enormous gray pillar of aura. It gave off an eerie and strange aura as it spread out in the sky.

Feng Wulin, who was fighting Gui Ji, suddenly felt a chill through his body as he felt an abnormal energy rush towards him. He turned and saw that it was countless insects flooding towards him with a terrifying aura.

This caused his expression to fall. He swept out with his spear, sending out a crescent towards the insects, but that killed only a small portion of the insects.

The countless insects quickly reached Feng Wulin, causing him to start to panic. He unleashed all kinds of abilities, but the effects were quite weak against the insects.

In the end, countless insects entered Feng Wulin's body, and he felt an immense pain as if there were countless insects devouring his body, causing him to howl.

Gui Ji grasped this opportunity and knocked Feng Wulin out with a punch before sealing his power.

This caused the Wind God army's soldiers to look incredibly shocked; they had never thought that their commander would lose so easily. The other Generals all looked incredibly shocked before calming down and continuing to attack. Only that way could they save Feng Wulin.

However, a magic formation suddenly appeared on the ground. Before the soldiers could react, many of them disappeared.

The Wind God army soon found that these were teleportation channels that forced teleportations. The Generals immediately gave the order to destroy the magic formations, but in the few moments earlier, around 1.5 billion soldiers had been teleported away.

This caused the Wind God Empire's Generals to pale and they quickly gave the order to retreat. The situation was now completely unfavorable to them: not only had their strongest expert, Feng Wulin, been captured, but 1.5 billion soldiers had also disappeared. If they went on, they would definitely lose.

The remaining 2.1 billion soldiers quickly retreated. The Wind God Empire had lost around 400 million Stage 3 soldiers, while Great Qin had lost around 10,000 beasts and around one billion soldiers.

Even though Great Qin's losses were massive, to be able to take down 400 million or so Stage 3 soldiers, this was still worth it.

Zhao Fu did not order Great Qin's army to give chase because there were still one billion Wind God soldiers guarding the four worlds. In total, the Wind God Empire still had 3.1 billion soldiers and if Great Qin gave chase, they would suffer great losses.

Zhao Fu did not have the mind to care about any of this. He quickly flew to the Four Soul Devil World, as he had a very daring idea.

That idea was to convert all of the Wind God soldiers into devils and have them obey Great Qin's orders and no longer serve the Wind God Empire.

However, this would be quite difficult, as Stage 3 soldiers could unleash powerful defenses that could defend against the invasion of the devil qi. Moreover, they might be able to break through the barrier of the Four Soul Devil World, which Zhao Fu was most worried about, so he immediately headed there.

None of the devils had participated in the battle, and instead they were spread out around the Four Soul Devil World, forming a massive formation. There were now a whopping two billion devils.

Seeing the blood-red sky, black ground, and strange-looking grasses and trees, the Wind God soldiers could not figure out where they were.

Momijigari gave a sinister smile as she called out, "Activate the Devil Qi Formation!"

The countless devils obeyed and tilted their heads back as they roared and large amounts of devil qi flowed out of them, causing the Four Soul Devil World to become chaotic. Devil wind started to blow as devilish thunder sounded out.

Under the control of 100 devils, the central magic formation of the Four Soul Devil World started to spin. The devil qi seemed to be controlled by a formless energy and gave off massive power as it flowed towards the Wind God soldiers.

The soldiers did not know what the devil qi was, but they could tell that it was very dangerous so they quickly released energy barriers.

However, with their own power, how could they stop the massive and ferocious devil qi? Their energy barriers were instantly shattered by the devil qi, and countless traces of devil qi madly entered their bodies.

"Arghhh..." The soldiers cried out as the crazy power spread out in their bodies. Their eyes became red as terrifying auras exploded out from their bodies.

The remaining Wind God soldiers' expressions fell and they hurriedly gathered together to form large energy barriers that were able to stop the devil qi.

The massive devil qi madly attacked the energy barriers and repeatedly slammed into it, causing them to crack. After many repeated assaults, the energy barriers shattered, and the devil qi rushed in and started to invade their bodies.

Fortunately, the soldiers were all split in different places and could not easily gather together, or else it would not have been so easy to destroy their barriers.

By the time Zhao Fu arrived, everything had settled down and countless Wind God soldiers were absorbing devil qi themselves and going through the process of becoming a devil. Zhao Fu could not help but feel delighted; now, Great Qin would obtain 1.5 billion Stage 3 devils.