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 The green barrier was like an iron wall and the countless arrows were largely ineffective. These arrows were either knocked away by the defensive barrier or were cut apart in the air.

The Wind God army continued to flood forwards like an unstoppable tide, and the green barrier was like a tank that ferociously slammed towards Great Qin's defensive walls. If they were able to hit it, Great Qin's defensive walls would definitely crack.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Countless Wyverns and other beasts rushed out with terrifying power and shot at the green barrier.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Large sounds rang out and the impact of the countless Wyverns and beasts was extremely monstrous. The green barrier started to sway and countless cracks appeared, but it still was not broken.

Swish, swish, swish...

The Wind God army shot out arrows that contained terrifying power towards the Wyverns and beasts, and blood flew everywhere as Wyverns and beasts crashed to the ground.

As Stage 3 soldiers, they were able to deal decent damage against the various beasts. They were not helpless like Stage 1 soldiers and could kill the beasts if they concentrated their attacks.

However, Great Qin did not hold back at all and the soldiers pushed out dozens of 100 meter long upgraded Dragon-Slaying Ballistae. Bolts socketed with Destruction Crystals were loaded onto them, and 100 meter tall Spirit Light God Emissaries were summoned to draw the ballistae.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The bolts shot out, bringing with them rays of light and seemed to cause space to explode. They were incredibly fast and tore through the sky and slammed into the green barrier.

At that moment, the Spirit Light God Emissaries raised their hands towards the green barrier and powerful rays of light shot out with ferocious power, shooting towards the green barrier.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions sounded out, turning into wild gales that spread out. The cracked green barrier finally shattered and dissipated.

This was a powerful defensive barrier formed by four billion Stage 3 soldiers and was incredibly tough, and now it had finally been destroyed by Great Qin with great difficulty.

At that moment, Great Qin's soldiers once again shot out arrows, which whistled through the air and descended like a torrential rain.

The Wind God army was given a big fright. Now that their green barrier had been destroyed, they could only rely on their own energy barriers. However, with their own strength, how could they stop so many powerful arrows?

Chi! Chi! Chi...

The Wind God soldiers' barriers were pierced through and blood splattered everywhere as many soldiers' bodies were pierced by all kinds of arrows, dying horrific deaths.

However, only a small portion of the Wind God army died or were injured, and the situation did not swing much to Great Qin's favor.


Feng Wulin held his spear as he rushed at Gui Ji. The spear was surrounded by a whirlwind and gave off an incredibly sharp aura that caused the sky to become incredibly cold.

Ghost God Power rose up out of Gui Ji's body, causing her surroundings to become cold and eerie. The massive Ghost God Power dyed the rainbow sword in her hands black, and it gave off an incredibly destructive power, like an evil sword.

Feng Wulin stabbed towards Gui Ji and the whirlwind shot out, seeming like it could tear Gui Ji apart. Gui Ji slashed out a massive and ugly evil spirit that rushed out towards Feng Wulin.


The whirlwind and evil spirit collided together with a massive sound, and a gray aura and green wind blasted out, destroying everything in their way.

Gui Ji and Feng Wulin were each forced back dozens of meters, and the instant her body stopped, Gui Ji grabbed out with her hand. An incredibly terrifying ghostly hand gave off monstrous ripples as it grabbed towards Feng Wulin.

Feng Wulin coldly laughed. He had found that even though Gui Ji was an Emperor Heaven Realm expert, she did not have sufficient control over her power.

"Wind Extermination!" Feng Wulin lightly cried out as he vigorously stabbed with his spear. A green ray of light giving off an incredibly sharp power tore through the sky incredibly quickly, flashing through the ghostly hand with extreme speed and continuing towards Gui Ji.

Gui Ji was startled and used her sword to block, but she was sent flying by the green ray of light and a trace of blood leaked out of her lips.


A sword hum sounded out as Zhao Fu appeared next to Feng Wulin and a powerful sword light hacked towards Feng Wulin.

Sensing that Zhao Fu only had Earth Realm Cultivation, a look of condescension appeared on Feng Wulin's face. He released a green energy barrier and blocked Zhao Fu's sword.

With Zhao Fu's Earth Realm Cultivation, it was almost impossible to break an Emperor Heaven Realm expert's defensive barrier as the difference in strength was simply too great.

A trace of killing intent appeared in Feng Wulin's eyes as he prepared to kill Zhao Fu. If he could do that, destroying Great Qin would be much easier. As such, he spun his spear and prepared to stab at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smirked as he gave a cold smile and lightly cried out, "Sword Master!"


A massive sword intent burst forth, causing the heavens and earth to chill. At the same time, Zhao Fu exploded out with his Nation Armament's power and a bronze aura flame erupted around him as a terrifying power swept out.


Zhao Fu slashed apart Feng Wulin's defensive barrier, causing Feng Wulin to look incredibly confused. He had never thought that Zhao Fu could break apart his defenses; after all, he had power equivalent to that of ten worlds, and even if Zhao Fu fully released the power of his Nation Armament, that was only five worlds.

Feng Wulin quickly reacted and dodged to the side, but a gash was still opened up on his arm, from which blood flowed out.


Feng Wulin was infuriated and fully unleashed his Emperor Heaven Realm power. The world seemed to dim as clouds swirled, and massive world energy madly Feng WUlin's body, creating a large storm.

After Zhao Fu successfully launched this attack, he quickly left and Gui Ji exploded out with power and tied down Feng Wulin again.

The Wind God army on the ground started to fight with Great Qin's soldiers. Arrows easily tore through Great Qin's soldiers' bodies, and as a few of Great Qin's soldiers rushed up, they were slashed apart by a single sword strike.

Stage 3 soldiers could completely suppress Stage 1 soldiers, and if they went up one by one, they would definitely die. Only by attacking with ten or so soldiers could they resist a Stage 3 soldier.

Great Qin's soldiers continuously died, and the Wind God soldiers died as well. Blood shot everywhere and the sounds of killing were deafening. The battle was incredibly intense, making people feel quite shocked. This region was filled with a terrifying aura and no creature dared to come close.

Zhao Fu did not mind any of this too much and flew back to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu came to an empty area and Xianru reported, "Your Majesty, everything has been prepared; we just need that Emperor Heaven Realm expert's blood."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu took out a small orb of blood. This was the blood he had obtained from attacking Feng Wulin; that attack had been for the purpose of obtaining this blood.