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 Moyue first looked around, and seeing that there was no one, he smiled as he pointed at Heni and said, "Great Qin's Majesty, this is my Concubine; I'm willing to give her to Your Majesty to use. I've already prepared the room; all that's left is for Your Majesty to go."

Heni had never thought that Moyue had brought her here to give her to Zhao Fu. She angrily cursed, "Moyue, you bastard!"

As she cursed, she raised her first and prepared to hit Moyue. However, she realized that she was in the presence of Zhao Fu, so she could only endure it and angrily glare at Moyue.

Xueru looked at Moyue condemningly and said, "Yue'Er, how could you be like your father? She's your wife, and yet you're treating her like this. I'm going to be angry."

Moyue looked worried as he sighed, "In actuality, I know that Your Majesty won't help our Desolate Crow Kingdom, and I'm doing this for the sake of the Desolate Crow Kingdom. Such a beautiful woman like Heni should not remain by my side; she has a better place to go, can live a better life, and doesn't need to be so afraid."

Heni looked quite startled and felt quite touched as she looked at Moyue. So it turned out that Moyue had her best interests in mind, and it was also for the Desolate Crow Kingdom. It seemed that she had misjudged him.

Xueru looked at Moyue and felt an ache in her heart. She turned to look at Zhao Fu and asked, "Husband, are you really planning on not helping the Desolate Crow Kingdom?"

Zhao Fu laughed; how could he say this explicitly? He replied, "You're all thinking too much. Also, I won't take her."

If it was an enemy's woman, Zhao Fu would not hesitate at all. However, Moyue was on his side and Heni looked quite reluctant, so Zhao Fu naturally would not accept her. After all, he still had his principles.

Moyue had never thought that things would turn out like this. In actuality, he had prepared monitoring devices in the room; he wanted to personally watch his mother and wife doing it with Zhao Fu.

"Your Majesty, please accept Heni. Even if you don't want her, please use her once. She's still a virgin and I haven't touched her."

Heni started to look hesitant. She looked at the seemingly-noble Moyue and then thought about her family, and she bowed to Zhao Fu and said, "Your Majesty, I'm willing to serve you. Please help the Desolate Crow Kingdom."

Xueru looked at Zhao Fu worriedly; she did not want what happened to her to happen to Heni as well.

Zhao Fu laughed and did not say anything before hugging Xueru and leaving.

Moyue looked quite disappointed as his plan had failed. On the other hand, Heni happily hugged Moyue and felt that she liked him more.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu received news that the Wind God Empire had demanded for Great Qin to cede the Fish Scale World and the Wind God Empire would provide some compensation.

Before, the Wind God Empire's attitude had been incredibly domineering and directly told people to scram or leave. However, after knowing Great Qin's strength, it became slightly more courteous and did not want to lose too much in order to gain the Fish Scale World.

The Fish Scale World was next to the Wind Spirit World, and it was something that the Wind God Empire had to obtain. However, the Fish Scale World was still protected by the Heaven Domain Boundary, so the Wind God Empire could not conquer it and could only ask Great Qin for it. Otherwise, they would have to attack Great Qin in order to obtain it.

They knew that Great Qin would not give it up so easily, as the Fish Scale World was not like the three other worlds which barely had any population or Cities. Moreover, Great Qin only had a few Continents in the three other worlds as opposed to an entire world, so the Wind God Empire proposed giving some compensation.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu felt furious. Before, they had demanded for Great Qin to cede a few Continents, and he had already been incredibly angry about that. Now, they were asking for an entire world in exchange for some compensation; how could Zhao Fu agree?

Zhao Fu knew that this day would come, so he gathered Great Qin's Ministers and discussed this. This was no small matter, as Great Qin would have to face a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain.


A massive explosion sounded out as an incredibly powerful might spread out, causing the heavens and earth to dim. Countless creatures' bodies stiffened, feeling as if they had fallen into icy water and their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

This was power that belonged to the Emperor Heaven Realm. An Emperor Heaven Realm expert was an existence that could sweep across the outer regions; the Wind God Empire knew that Great Qin would not agree so easily, so it decided to give Great Qin some pressure and make it understand that it did not have the power to resist the Wind God Empire. It was not that they could not destroy Great Qin but that they did not want to suffer heavy losses.

They had already given the Great Qin face, or else they would have long since destroyed it. Now, it was time for Great Qin to be more tactful.

Over at the boundary of the Human World, a valiant-looking middle-aged man dressed in green clothes stood in the air. The terrifying aura came from his body - he was Feng Wulin, one of the Wind God Empire's five Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

Great Qin's soldiers were all gathered together and were ready for battle. Sensing this terrifying aura, their expressions became serious because they understood that they could not stop an Emperor Heaven Realm expert with their power, and it was very likely that they would die here.

After hearing about this, Yao Ming felt incredibly delighted. The Wind God Empire making a move against Great Qin was something he wanted to see the most, and he could only hope that the Wind God Empire would destroy Great Qin. That way, he would be able to quench his hatred and he would have one less powerful enemy.

Si Ji felt both delighted and worried. Just like Yao Ming, he had irreconcilable hatred with Great Qin, so he naturally wanted Great Qin to be destroyed. However, if Great Qin did not exist, Yao Ming would unhesitatingly destroy the Desolate Crow World, and he would die.

After hearing about this news, some other factions were happy while some were worried. They hoped that Great Qin would be destroyed, so they would not be threatened by Great Qin. Yet, they hoped that Great Qin would not be destroyed so the Wind God Empire would not turn its attention to them.

Sitting on his throne, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold and his entire body gave off a chilling intent, causing the palace to become incredibly cold, as if it was an icy cavern. All of the Ministers lowered their heads, not daring to make any noise.

Facing the Wind God Empire's arrogant threat, Zhao Fu said coldly, "Pass down Our orders: Great Qin will prepare for battle. Send a reply to the Wind God Empire: Great Qin will not cede the Fish Scale World, and if the Wind God Empire wants it, it needs to destroy Great Qin first."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" a group of soldiers replied in unison with cold gazes before leaving the palace and transmitting Zhao Fu's orders.

Great Qin's officials and commoners all looked incredibly serious and their blood seemed to boil. They were willing to live and die with Great Qin and showed no fear, and everyone started to make preparations.

The surrounding worlds were sent into an uproar. Many people thought that Great Qin would give in, and no one had expected that Great Qin would dare to face off against a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain. It had such a tough attitude and had backbone, making everyone feel awe.