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 After conquering this Hummingbird race, the Devil Horn Empire's power rose to a new level. It now also had five worlds and was the same as Great Qin. Moreover, because it had obtained the Hummingbird Race, Yao Ming had been able to create a powerful air force.

That was why the Devil Horn Empire's power had risen to a new level; its aerial power had been greatly increased.

Having an air force was quite a great advantage, because only Stage 3 or Stage 4 soldiers gained the ability to fly. Moreover, they would sometimes be suppressed by magic formations, and they were not as nimble.

Because the Wind God Empire blocked in the middle, the Devil Horn Empire did not try to make any trouble for Great Qin and focused on raising its own strength.

There was now a world that was surrounded on all sides and was in a difficult position, and it had already been split in two.

That world was the Desolate Crow World. The worlds above it and to its left had been conquered by the Devil Horn Empire. The world to its right belonged to the Wind God Empire, while the world below it had been conquered by Great Qin.

If it wasn't for Great Qin, the Desolate Crow World would have been destroyed by the Devil Horn Empire already. Si Ji did not have the ability to stop Yao Ming.

Si Ji knew this clearly; without Great Qin, Yao Ming would not allow him to remain. Si Ji did not want to submit to anyone, or else he would not have escaped from Great Qin back then.

As for the surrounding worlds, they were all of different minds and were not united. Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire had signed Contracts with many of them, and because most of them just wanted to stay safe, they did not form an alliance to resist Great Qin or the Devil Horn Empire.

Otherwise, the Devil Horn Empire's ferocious attacks would have caused many worlds to ally together and attack it. However, this was no longer possible. As such, this area was split into three main sides: the Devil Horn Empire, the Wind God Empire, and Great Qin.

"Husband, things over at the Desolate Crow World are quite complicated; you should go and take a look." Xueru, the voluptuous and enticing woman, walked in and bowed as she spoke.

Zhao Fu had already expected this, so he smiled and nodded.

Seeing Zhao Fu agree, Xueru came up and hugged Zhao Fu as she said happily, "Husband, can you bring me there as well? I haven't gone back in a long time and missed that place; I hear there have been some big changes."

Zhao Fu thought about it and saw no reason to refuse, so he agreed.

Xueru was incredibly happy, and she gave a flirtatious smile as she said, "Thank you husband; I'll serve husband well."

After saying this, Xueru squatted down and started to service Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu could not refuse such an enticing woman, and they had a few intense rounds before going to the Desolate Crow World.

The Desolate Crow Kingdom was under immense pressure. It was now surrounded on all sides and had no chance to escape. Moreover, the three factions surrounding them were all ones that they could not afford to offend, so they could only ask Great Qin for help.

There had been big changes in the Desolate Crow Kingdom. They had built their own City and Palace, and they no longer used tents. They also had armor and good weapons, and this was all because of Great Qin.

At a banquet in the palace, Zhao Fu sat with Moke, the King of the Desolate Crow Kingdom and Xueru's ex-husband. With Zhao Fu's status, it was impossible that he sat below Moke.

Next to Moke sat a woman who looked somewhat similar to Xueru. However, she did not seem as lewd and flirtatious as Xueru, and she instead had a pure and beautiful aura.

Xueru looked at Moke dissatisfiedly and explained to Zhao Fu, "Husband, that's my little sister. She was already married but Moke brought her into the palace and made her a Concubine. Before, I wanted to serve you together with my little sister."

Because Moke loved Xueru so much and she had become someone else's woman, he could only bring her little sister Xueli in and use her to replace Xueru.

He had gradually fallen for her, and because Xueli did not have her older sister's perverted constitution, he could properly satisfy her and had time to enjoy other women as well. He was living well, and his cheeks were rosy and his aura was powerful.

Sitting below, Moyue looked at his mother, Xueru, leaning against Zhao Fu with a red face. He had naturally thought about Zhao Fu and Xueru before, and he could not help but feel excited.

"Moyue, you bastard, what are you thinking about," a fiery-figured and beautiful woman sitting next to Moyue angrily pinched him and said in a hushed tone.

She was Moyue's woman and was called Heni. She was the daughter of one of the Desolate Crow Kingdom's important Ministers, and in order to stabilize the Desolate Crow Kingdom, Moke had Moyue marry her.

Seeing Moyue, who did not like touching her, gazing at his mother with such an excited expression, Heni felt quite angry. She had heard of some rumors before, and it seemed that they were true. This was quite humiliating, so she could only use a hushed tone.

Feeling the pain in his body, Moyue came back to his senses and looked at Heni quite angrily. Looking at his beautiful wife, Moyue suddenly thought of an evil thing.

"Great Qin's Majesty, the situation is becoming quite tense; please lend us your assistance." Moke raised his wine cup and smiled as he toasted Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not reply; he was not very invested in the Desolate Crow Kingdom's affairs right now. Great Qin was already quite powerful, and even if Si Ji or the Devil Horn Empire obtained the Desolate Crow World, Great Qin would not lose too much.

Right now, Great Qin could send people and resources to support the Desolate Crow Kingdom. This would at most only reduce the danger that Great Qin faced and they would not gain much from it.

The situation in this area had become quite complicated, and Zhao Fu was worried that the Wind God Empire would do something, which was why he hesitated.

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not respond, Moke's smile stiffened and he could not help but feel anxious, as did everyone else. Right now, they could only rely on Great Qin.

Moke looked at Xueru, who was lying in Zhao Fu's embrace, and she naturally could tell what he was thinking. She looked slightly displeased as she said coquettishly, "Husband, just help the Desolate Crow Kingdom; I'll properly serve you tonight."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and raised his cup as he said, "There's no problem; Great Qin will help you."

Hearing this, everyone else relaxed and smiled, and the atmosphere became lively again. Zhao Fu decided that maintaining the status quo would be enough; he would not help the Desolate Crow Kingdom unless it was necessary.

After the banquet concluded, Zhao Fu received some general information about the Desolate Crow Kingdom and he prepared to return to Great Qin.

"Great Qin's Majesty, please wait. This lowly one has a matter to discuss with you!" Moyue called out to Zhao Fu, bringing along Heni.

Zhao Fu looked at Moyue and asked, "What is it?"

Xueru looked at her son in confusion. Why had he not brought this up earlier? Why was he bringing it up as they were leaving?