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 After planting the Dark Night Flower, Zhao Fu came to where the Yin Soldiers were converted and decided to make this also the place or nurturing Yin Soul Beasts. This was because the Underworld was not very safe and it was easy to be discovered and destroyed; if that happened, all of his efforts would be for nothing.

Zhao Fu planned to expand this area and gather more Yin Qi. As for how he would do this, he had already thought of a plan.

Back in the historical remnant, Zhao Fu had killed a rock dragon and obtained a Ghost Bloodline Pearl. This pearl could gather ghostly qi and Yin Qi, and it could create a Yin Vein.

A Yin Vein's power was quite great; the Devil Horn Empire was only so powerful because of its Devil Vein, and even though this Yin Vein could not compare to it, it would still have great effects.

Zhao Fu came to the center of the area and squatted down, pressing the Ghost Bloodline Pearl into the ground. The pearl gave off an intense light and a formless power spread out.

"Roar!!" A massive dragon's roar sounded out as an enormous wave of Yin Qi gathered and dark clouds swirled over. A cold wind blew as an icy power radiated in all directions, causing people's hairs to stand on end.

The image of a massive Yin Dragon appeared. It was covered in gray scales and had gray horns and eyes, and it spiraled around the area.


After the Yin Dragon appeared, the area seemed to come alive and exploded out with a powerful Yin energy. The ground quickly became gray and large amounts of Yin Qi gathered.

The Ghost Bloodline Pearl continuously gave off intense light and the power that it gave off became stronger and stronger. The ground cracked and caved, and Zhao Fu moved to the side.

The Ghost Bloodline Pearl gave off light and floated into the air. A ten meter wide and five meter deep crater had opened up in the ground, and countless traces of Yin Qi gathered there, condensing into gray liquid. More and more liquid gathered, forming a gray pool.

Looking at this gray pool, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted; he had never thought that a Yin Fountain would be created. This Yin Fountain Water was a type of treasure and contained large amounts of pure Yin Qi.

Now the issue of the Yin region had been solved, so it was time to construct a place for nurturing Yin Soul Beasts, which was quite simple.

Zhao Fu ordered people to clear out a large flat area and cover it with bricks. He then had them build a three meter tall platform at the center, on which a Yin Soul magic formation was engraved, and the Yin Soul Beast heart was placed at the center of the formation.

After the silver hexagonal Yin Soul Beast heart was placed in the magic formation, the magic formation immediately gave off an intense silver light and a silver color spread out from the stage and dyed the ground silver.

Now, the area for developing Yin Soul Beasts was ready. Now, it was time for the process of developing Yin Soul Beasts, which was somewhat cruel.

They first had to use mud to make massive jars, and it was best to use mud that contained Yin Qi. They then bound people or beasts, and this had to be done or else they would struggle.

After these people or beasts were bound, they were placed in the jars, after which mud was poured in, burying them alive and causing them to produce large amounts of vengeful aura.

Because these jars were placed on the ground, they would also absorb large amounts of Yin Soul energy, and after a while, the people or beasts that had been buried alive would become Yin Soul Beasts.

Zhao Fu had long since ordered people to make the jars. All of them were three meters tall and three meters wide, and they were a black and gray color. They were placed in an orderly fashion on the silver ground.

They tied up people and beasts struggled with expressions of terror on their faces because they knew what was going to happen. However, they could not cry out because their mouths were sealed; this way, their vengeful aura would be even greater after being buried alive.

There were elderly people, children, men, and women, and there were all sorts of beasts such as goats, tigers, apes, cows, snakes, etc.

After these people or beasts were placed in the jars, soldiers quickly poured in mud, and the creatures within the jars quickly suffocated to death. Now, all that was left was to wait.

Zhao Fu wondered what these creatures would be like after becoming Yin Soul Beasts. Zhao Fu only placed 10,000 jars on the ground, as the Yin Soul Beast heart had limits and needed time to grow.

Each Yin Soul Beast that was converted would be controlled by the Yin Soul Beast heart, and the more that it converted, the more powerful it would become, allowing it to convert more Yin Soul Beasts.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Palace and took out a command medallion giving off demonic qi. This was the Demon Domain historical remnant's command medallion.

Zhao Fu called Ming Lengxuan and asked her about this, as Zhao Fu was quite interested in this historical remnant.

Ming Lengxuan shook her head and replied, "Husband, apart from that person, no one else knows anything about this command medallion. I heard that it was something that that person found by chance.

The 'that person' Ming Lengxuan referred to was her father. She did not want to say his name, so she only referred to him as 'that person.'

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded in understanding. Even though Zhao Fu was interested, he had only just come back from the Underworld, so he did not want to leave for a while. Moreover, that place was the Demon Domain, so going there would take quite some time.

Zhao Fu had left for quite a while this time and a lot had happened during that time. Firstly, the Wind God Empire had sent over large amounts of manpower, building a defensive line that surrounded the Charm Devil, Elf, Grassi, and Half-Beast Worlds. There were countless restrictive barriers, and no one would be able to sneak in.

Moreover, after developing for so long here, its enemy, the Demon Wind Empire, still did not react at all and allowed the Wind God Empire to do as it wished.

Zhao Fu wondered if the two factions had reconciled, which was why the Demon Wind Empire was no longer interfering in the Wind God Empire's matters. Zhao Fu did not plan on relying on the Demon Wind Empire anyways and did not mind too much.

After this expedition, Zhao Fu had much more confidence and no longer felt as helpless and afraid.

Next was matters with the Devil Horn Empire. During this period of time, the Devil Horn Empire had developed ferociously and had conquered yet another world; it was the world under the Merman World.

This world was a Devil Race world and the inhabitants were called the Hummingbird Race. They were a type of half-human half-bird race that had the upper bodies of humans and lower bodies of birds. They had wings and claws and were incredibly savage and bloodthirsty, and they were quite primitive.

Yao Ming had easily conquered this world and had taken a woman with high status from the Hummingbird Race as a Concubine. It was said that that woman was extremely beautiful but her lower half was that of a bird, so no one was very interested.

However, it was said that Yao Ming greatly like that woman and made love to her every night. Just the thought of that scene alone could cause someone to feel disgusted; perhaps it was because he was also part of the Devil Race that he did not mind.