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 The second thing was to create a place for developing Yin Soul Beasts. This had to be a place with large amounts of Yin Qi. Even though the place where the Yin Soldiers were had much Yin Qi, most of it was used for nurturing Yin Soldiers. Developing Yin Soul Beasts required large amounts of Yin Qi as well, so Zhao Fu needed to find another place.

In actuality, the best place to develop Yin Soul Beasts was in the Underworld, as there was unlimited Yin Qi there. However, Great Qin had not developed there, so it was not very safe.

Yin Soul Beasts were very important to Great Qin as they could allow Great Qin to quickly obtain large numbers of Stage 2 Yin Soldiers. Moreover, because of the Yin Soul Beasts, the Yin Soldiers would be stronger than ordinary Stage 2 soldiers.

What's more, Zhao Fu had obtained the highest grade of Yin Soul Beast heart, and it would be able to develop higher-grade Yin Soul Beasts, allowing Great Qin to obtain more powerful Yin Soldiers.

Zhao Fu decided to first take care of matters with the Dark Night Flower. Zhao Fu prepared to plant it in the Flower Domain because that place had many attributes beneficial for flowers. Adding on the fact that the Flower Fairy resided there, it had become a celestial realm for flowers.

However, the Dark Night Flower was of the Yin attribute and required Yin Qi to grow. This was quite easy to deal with - Zhao Fu planned to turn a portion of the Flower Domain into a Yin ground. It was just planting a flower and would not be too difficult.

Zhao Fu came to the palace in the Flower Domain. There were 300 or so Flower Spirits here, and they were all quite slim and bewitching. They normally stayed in the Flower Domain and would sometimes receive orders to go and cast life magic to speed up the growth of plants. They were all under the management of the Flower Fairy.

"We greet Your Majesty." Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, the Flower Spirits looked quite excited and called out.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded in reply and went to find the Flower Fairy.

"Why are you here, husband?" the Flower Fairy looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes and gave a beautiful smile as she asked.

Zhao Fu smiled and brought her into his embrace as he told her about the Dark Night Flower. Hearing that Zhao Fu had obtained another Wondrous Flower, a happy smile appeared on her face; these Wondrous Flowers were very important to her.

"Husband, I have a method for growing Yin flowers, and it should be quite helpful for the Dark Night Flower," the Flower Fairy said within Zhao Fu's embrace.

Looking at the beautiful Flower Fairy in his arms, a wicked smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he said, "Mm, tell me about it later."

The Flower Fairy knew what Zhao Fu was going to do. She blushed as she lightly nodded, and soon loud sounds came from the room.

A while later, the Flower Fairy lay within Zhao Fu's embrace and said with a reddened face, "Husband, you should show some love to those Flower Spirits."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and asked, "Why's that?"

The Flower Fairy looked quite shy as she explained, "Because when we create Flower Spirits, those Flower Spirits are marked by your aura and won't give birth to male Flower Spirits, and they greatly want to do it with you. Plus, I agreed to them."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu understood - he had thought that male Flower Spirits did not exist; so it was because of this. That was why those Flower Spirits had been looking at him so bewitchingly when he had come here.

"Your Majesty, we're coming to serve you." Hearing the Flower Fairy's words, the Flower Spirits who had been waiting at the door flirtatiously smiled as they pushed open the door.

Following this, a wave of indescribable sounds rang out from the room, and Zhao Fu had a good taste of each Flower Spirit. They all tasted different and all of them gave off a faint flower fragrance.

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to proper matters.

Before coming to the palace, Zhao Fu had ordered people to dig a 10,000 meter wide and hundreds of meters deep hole.

The hole was then filled with corpses. There were soldiers and commoners, men and women, and elderly and young. Their expressions were of pain, terror, pleading, and hatred.

These people were all soldiers and commoners who had died when Great Qin attacked, and Great Qin had collected their corpses. Now, Great Qin seemed to have a use for any type of corpse.

There were hundreds of thousands of corpses in the hole, creating a horrific scene. Facing such a bloody and reviling scene, any ordinary person would vomit.

Zhao Fu looked quite calm without a ripple of emotion because he had seen many scenes like this. He ordered people to bury the corpses; he needed these corpses to transform this place into a Yin ground, and the corpses would provide nutrients for the Dark Night Flower.

After burying the corpses, Zhao Fu landed on the ground and squatted down as he pressed his hand against the ground. The six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun as a massive wave of Yin Qi came out of Zhao Fu's body and formed six gray orbs around Zhao Fu.

Swish, swish, swish...

The six gray orbs flew out under Zhao Fu's control and sank into the ground, and a magic formation appeared.

"Arghhh..." As the massive magic formation appeared, the remnant souls of the people buried below became ghosts and gave off howls as they madly rushed out of the ground.

The ghosts climbed up out of the ground and looked at Zhao Fu with their blood-red and hateful eyes. Even though Zhao Fu did not personally kill them, they had died because of his orders, so all of their wrath was gathered on him.

It seemed that all ghosts had the ability to understand the principle of causality. The more powerful a ghost was, the more powerful the ability was.

Facing these ghosts, Zhao Fu did not care at all because most of them did not have even Stage 0 strength; they just looked quite frightening. If a person's aura was relatively strong, they would not dare to get close.

However, because there were so many of them, they charged at Zhao Fu, and the massive horde of ghosts charging towards him looked quite terrifying.

"Scram!" Zhao Fu roared and his Divine Bloodline's aura exploded out, causing the incoming ghosts to dissipate without being able to resist at all.

The ground became black and the blackness continuously spread out, giving off an incredibly cold aura. The transformation of the Yin ground was successful.

Zhao Fu dug a shallow hole and placed the Dark Night Flower seed within it. He then took out a small bottle, which contained the Ten Thousand Year Yin Liquid.

Zhao Fu poured the Ten Thousand Year Yin Liquid onto the soil, and as the gray liquid fell onto the soil, it was instantly absorbed into the seed. The seed started to madly grow - it first grew roots that stabbed into the ground, after which stem and leaves started to grow.

After a while, a 3,000 meter tall flower appeared. It had a black stem, leaves that looked like ghost claws, and a flower bud that gave off a ghostly blue light.

Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed; he had thought that this Ten Thousand Year Yin Liquid would be able to cause the Dark Night Flower to grow until it bloomed. However, from how tender the bud looked, it seemed that it would still be a while before the Dark Night Flower bloomed, just like the World Flower.