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 Thinking about what had just happened, Zhao Fu thought of any way he could expand the range of the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation. 280 or so Nation Armaments could at most only cover three worlds, but the effects would be relatively weak.

If Zhao Fu concentrated all of the Nation Armaments on the Human World, the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation would be more powerful. Great Qin now had almost 400 billion people, and because a single world could not contain so many people, Zhao Fu wanted to expand the range of the formation.

Constructing the towers was no problem. Zhao Fu mobilized some manpower and resources, and they constructed 280 or so towers in just one day.

In the Great Qin Royal City, there was a 1,000 meter tall tower. This was the core of the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation and was used to connect to and control the other towers. The Nation Armament placed here could not be any ordinary Nation Armament.

Zhao Fu planned to use the Clan Armament Book of God here. This was because this was the Human World, and no matter if it was the attributes or Fate, the Book of God was quite suitable.

In actuality, the best Armament would be China's Clan Armament, the Imperial Ruler's Seal. However, the Imperial Ruler's Seal was connected to Great Qin's bloodline, and if it was used for the formation, Great Qin's bloodline would be negatively affected.

Moreover, Zhao Fu never knew when he would need to use the Imperial Ruler's Seal, so he decided not to use it. Moreover, the Book of God was not only a Clan Armament but a Faith Armament, so it was undoubtedly better than India's Clan Armament.

After everything was prepared, Zhao Fu came to the Great Qin Royal City's tower and placed the Book of God at the top.

There was also a magic formation at the top of the tower, but it had not been activated yet. After placing the Book of God within the magic formation, Zhao Fu deeply breathed in and calmed his emotions before squatting down and pressing his hand against the magic formation.


An explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu sent his power into the magic formation and activated it. The magic formation gave off boundless light and a terrifying aura. The Book of God floated into the air and gave off a faint light.

Immediately, the 1,000 meter tall tower flashed with countless runes and the magic formations at the bottom were activated as well and gave off light. The surrounding Heaven and Earth Power as well as Fate all quickly gathered towards the tower.

The tower absorbed a large amount of Heaven and Earth Power and Fate, and it gave off intense light. It gave off a world-shaking aura, and the aura and light became stronger and stronger, making it seem as if the space around it had been frozen.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the tower released a pillar of light that slammed into the sky. Waves of light rippled out, bringing with them terrifying auras.

The towers in three worlds flashed with runes as their magic formations were activated. Massive amounts of Heaven and Earth Power flowed into them, and different-colored pillars of light gave off terrifying power as they rushed into the sky.

The sky was in complete chaos and was filled with all kinds of colors. Clouds swirled and massive winds blew. Countless people felt an enormous might spread out in the sky, and they could not help but feel nervous.

At the top of the Great Qin Royal City's tower, a massive image of a book gradually appeared, and images of other Nation Armaments appeared in other places. There was a massive dragon boat, a black gem, and a beautiful mirror as well as many others.

After these images appeared, an enormous magic formation formed, covering three worlds.

Everyone looked at the enormous magic formation in the sky, feeling as if they were facing a massive ocean. The other worlds also sensed the ripples from Great Qin and looked towards Great Qin in shock.

After the enormous magic formation appeared, a formless power spread out, reaching above the heavens and below the earth. All creatures seemed to be going through some unknown changes.

The three worlds slightly trembled as grass, flowers, trees, rivers, and mountains gave off faint lights. Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered at the center of the three worlds, and three terrifying waves of power spread out, causing all creatures to tremble.

The formless energy continuously gathered, and the terrifying might became stronger and stronger. The space itself seemed unable to bear this, and finally, the formless energy formed three items.

Within the Human World, an egg-sized blue crystal orb was formed; in the Fish Scale World, a golden fish was formed; and in the Dark Demon World, a black statue of a humanoid was formed.

These three items gave off monstrous power and their auras seemed enough to suppress the heavens and earth. Countless creatures looked at the sky in terror, and at the same time, the three items gave off an origin aura; these origin auras came from their three worlds.

The massive magic formation in the sky slowly spun, and the three items disappeared and reappeared in front of Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at these three items and looked quite shocked because these three things had been condensed from the three worlds' consciousnesses.

Each world had its own consciousness, but after the Heaven Domain Boundary disappeared, they would fuse into the Heaven Awaken World and become part of the Heaven Awaken World.

Now, the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation had withdrawn the three worlds' consciousnesses from the Heaven Awaken World and turned them into three items. Anyone who controlled these three items would truly control these three worlds without any limits.

These three items had been condensed through the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation, so they could only be put in the towers. Moreover, the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation had to be maintained, or else these three items would disappear.

Now, they had successfully set up the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation. However, Zhao Fu did not plan to use it for now, nor did he plan on isolating Great Qin from the Heaven Awaken World. After all, Zhao Fu knew that there would be severe consequences.

If Zhao Fu chose to make Great Qin independent of the Heaven Awaken World, various stats from the Heaven Awaken World would disappear, and the three worlds might even enter the boundless nothingness. If that happened, Great Qin would have to face uncertain danger.

As such, Zhao Fu would not choose to isolate Great Qin for now. He hoped that nothing would happen to the Heaven Awaken World, as isolating Great Qin was a last resort.

The magic formation covering the three worlds gradually disappeared into the sky and the abnormal signs also disappeared as the world returned to normal.

The surrounding worlds set out spies, wanting to know what had happened in Great Qin. Zhao Fu smiled as he returned to the Great Qin Palace; now that this big matter had been completed, he felt much more relaxed.

Next, there were two things for him to do. One of them was to plant the Dark Night Flower - as one of the Heaven Awaken World's Seven Wondrous Flowers, the Dark Night Flower had powerful attributes and would be of great help to the Flower Fairy.

If Zhao Fu could gather all of the Wondrous Flowers, the Flower Fairy's power might recover. As someone who had once been a Celestial, she would have world-destroying power; just thinking about it was enough to make anyone feel afraid.