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 In the end, Zhao Fu and his group made it back to Nether Ghost City without encountering any danger. Zhao Fu had used many aura-hiding methods and had changed routes many times; only then had he avoided the higher-beings.

Of course, it was also because Zhao Fu had powerful Heaven's Secrets protecting him, or else no matter where he was, his location would be divined by higher-beings.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, You Qin, Liu Yeye, and the other beautiful women smiled, feeling much relief.

Nether Ghost City was the faction that Zhao Fu had taken over. Even though some people served You Qin and the other women, because Zhao Fu had not been back in a while, some people had tried to seize power. They were not enough to suppress those people, and they had been living under great pressure these days.

However, seeing Zhao Fu bring back so many people, they felt quite shocked because these people all gave off powerful auras and ordinarily such people would not be seen in the Outer Domain.

Moreover, there were 600 or so Saint Realm soldiers; this was not a force that could be seen in the Outer Domain. These 600 or so people could destroy millions of low-Stage soldiers without any problems.

What they also took in was that Zhao Fu had brought back many women, and most of them were more beautiful than they were, making them feel that they had taken a big blow.

However, they could not endure how much their bodies missed Zhao Fu, so they still took the initiative to come to Zhao Fu's room. After an intense round, they felt quite relieved because Zhao Fu was still very much interested in them. He did not neglect them just because he now had more women.

You Qin's face was red as she lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and talked about the things that had happened in Nether Ghost City recently. Zhao Fu understood and nodded, and he planned to leave 100 Saint Realm soldiers here to support You Qin and the others and help them develop.

Zhao Fu did not plan to send a large number of soldiers here because he had caught quite a bit of attention recently so he had to be careful. After this all passed, he would consider developing in the Underworld.

Now, his Underworld expedition had concluded, and he had made incredible gains - this was especially so because Great Qin had obtained an Emperor Heaven Realm expert and countless treasures from the historical remnant. Thinking about that, Zhao Fu grinned; after going back, these things would all be incredibly useful.

After hearing that Zhao Fu was going to leave, You Qin and the other women said reluctantly, "Husband, make sure you come and visit us regularly."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded before starting to do it with them again.

The next day, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin. He first made all of the women Concubines. These women all had large amounts of Fate and Phoenix Qi, especially Gui Ji and the Nether Spirit Empire's women. They had more Phoenix Qi than hundreds of thousands of people.

Next came something incredibly important to Great Qin, which was setting up the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation. This was incredibly important, and Zhao Fu gathered Great Qin's various Ministers to discuss it.

The Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation had massive effects and ordinary people could not cast it as it required refining many Nation Armaments. Nation Armaments were the most important item to a Kingdom, and they were condensed from large amounts of a Kingdom's Fate.

Not only did it have the effect of stabilizing a Kingdom's Fate, but it also had world-destroying power and ordinarily each Kingdom could only have one.

Countless people wanted to obtain Nation Armaments, but even if they took one by force, it would be useless; without a royal bloodline, they would not be able to use it. Ordinary people would not have the ability to refine Nation Armaments either.

Because Great Qin had the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and Zhao Fu had refined many nation Armaments, he had already fulfilled the conditions of the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation.

However, Zhao Fu was quite worried because laying down this formation would make Great Qin independent of the Heaven Awaken World, and its Fate would no longer be controlled by the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu was worried that there could be serious consequences, so he did not dare to be careless. Thus, he gathered his various Ministers to discuss.

Most Ministers were split into two groups: one group supported laying down the formation because Great Qin would gain a massive advantage as it would have an ability that no one else had. The other group was against laying down the formation, as they were not sure about the consequences, which could endanger Great Qin.

Hearing both groups talk about the advantages and disadvantages, Zhao Fu felt quite hesitant as this decision could change the fate of Great Qin.


Suddenly, a shocking explosion sounded out as the world became dim and clouds swirled. The world seemed to fall into chaos as countless creatures felt a trace of terror in their hearts.

"System announcement! City Stats have been reduced."

"System announcement! Region Power has been reduced."

"System announcement! Kingdom Fate has been slightly affected."

"System announcement! The Heaven Awaken World's spirit qi has slightly decreased."

"System announcement! The rewards from the Outer World Battlefield have increased."

Hearing the system announcements inside his mind, Zhao Fu's heart sank, as did those of the Ministers. Now, the Heaven Awaken World was not in a good position.

The City Stats and Region Power had once again been decreased. Even though Kingdom Fate had not reduced, it had been slightly affected and even the Heaven Awaken World's spirit qi had slightly decreased. Spirit qi was the foundation for cultivation, and without it, no one would be able to cultivate.

Lastly was the Outer World Battlefield. Even though Great Qin had entered the Outer World Battlefield and had killed many Outer World creatures, Zhao Fu knew how terrifying the Outer World creatures were and knew that ordinary people were not a match for them.

Great Qin's base was at the outer boundary of the Outer World Battlefield so Zhao Fu was not very familiar with the Outer World Battlefield. However, it was likely that the increase in rewards meant that the Heaven Awaken World was not doing well in the Outer World Battlefield.

Great Qin naturally could not change any of this because Great Qin was like a grain of sand that could not do anything of significance.

However, because of these system announcements, Zhao Fu decided to use the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation. Some Ministers were still worried, but Zhao Fu stood his ground and decided to go through with this.

Great Qin had conquered five worlds and had destroyed countless Kingdoms. It now had 280 or so Nation Armaments, and Zhao Fu now ordinarily only used Great Qin's Nation Armament. This was because it was Great Qin's original Nation Armament, so using it was quite comfortable and it was the most powerful one.

Apart from Great Qin's Nation Armament and China's Clan Armament, Zhao Fu decided to use the rest of the Nation Armaments and Clan Armaments for the formation. Following this, Zhao Fu followed the instructions on the jade disc and ordered people to start making preparations.

The Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation was quite different than other magic formations. Firstly, it required a 99 meter tall tower, and it had to be split into 24 levels. Each level had to be covered with runes and needed other formations supporting it.

Those formations were at the bottom of the tower with the tower at the center. Apart from ordinary spirit gathering formations and defensive formations, there was also the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation itself.

The Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation was not a single formation but a super formation made up of countless small formations. Moreover, it had to cover the Kingdom's entire territory. Finally, the Nation Armaments were placed at the top of the tower; the more Nation Armaments there were, the more area could be covered, and the more powerful the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation would be.