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 Most of these people's bodies were fairly tall and sturdy, and they all looked quite arrogant and obstinate. They were filled with a primal sense that was in stark contrast with the Confucian teachings that were promulgated in China.

While Bai Qi was observing them, he found out the strengths and weaknesses of the village. In terms of strength, their fighting power was slightly greater than that of a normal person's, and they would be very good soldiers in battlefields. However, those who worshipped fighting power would often be impulsive and reckless.

Bai Qi could also tell some evident weaknesses. Not only were their defenses quite lacking, but their management was also chaotic.

There were roughly 9,000 or so villagers in Xianbei Village, yet it would be no problem for Bai Qi and his 5,000 soldiers and 3,000 Skeletons to destroy them. The key consideration was reducing his casualties while maximizing his gains, which would be population. Bai Qi knew that the main purpose of the exploration teams, apart from searching for resources, was to increase the population, so Bai Qi would always operate according to Zhao Fu's principles.

However, Bai Qi was often quicker and more efficient that Zhao Fu, and he already had a plan. Most of the minority clans in history were nomadic clans - they did not do much farming, and they instead bred livestock. However, this was different in the Heaven Awaken World, as they still had livestock but started to do some farming.

This had to do with the geography of the land. If they were in a plains biome, the Xianbei people would have mainly focused on breeding livestock and moving from place to place. However, because they were in a forest, they were unable to breed and move around large numbers of cattle and sheep.

However, they still had a lot of livestock: there were roughly 2,000 cattle, 4,000 deer, and 5,000 sheep. Bai Qi planned to take advantage of this.

This time, Bai Qi had with him five Generals. He sent a chain of orders down and waited until it was dark.

The Xianbei people carried about their business as usual and did not notice anything strange. Time gradually passed, and soon, the sun descended behind a mountain. When the sunset cast a golden light on the village, it made the place seem even more exotic.

The Chief here was a coarse and violent fellow. He was quite strong, and within a clan that valued strength, the strongest would always be the leader, regardless of his or her management skills.

This man was called Lou Ruo, and he was a very strong and domineering man. His personality was quite cruel, and he executed people who committed even the slightest wrongs. Moreover, he liked to use cruel methods to torture people.

From a modern perspective, he would be an evil dictator, but there were still many people who submitted to him because in this world, the strong could do anything that they wanted. These people were not bound by morals or ethics, and they were quite similar to Orcs and Goblins.

It was now dinnertime, and the Xianbei people mainly ate meat for their diet with some other foods as sub-parts of their diet. They cooked whole pots of delicious meat, and because Bai Qi's soldiers couldn't light any fires so that they wouldn't give themselves away, they only ate some dried food.

Time continued to pass, and soon, it was midnight. Now that it was quite dark and most people had fallen asleep, it was time to carry out their plan!

First were the 3,000 Skeletons. No matter if it was in the east or the west, animals were sensitive towards monsters, and they would be terrified of them.

Xianbei Village's livestock were in the northern part of the village, and when a large number of Skeletons drew close, the cattle and sheep started to become restless. The aura of death became denser and denser, causing the cattle and sheep to fearfully moo and bleat, and they started to charge at the fences around them.

At this moment, some people realized that something was off, and when they saw a large number of Skeletons approaching from the north, they yelled, "Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"

Countless Xianbei people were woken up from their sleep, but by now, the 3,000 Skeletons, who were led by the 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen, had already reached the northern side of the village. Luckily, the Skeletons summoned by the King's Undead Cavalry were not much weaker than when they were alive, or it would have taken them much longer to arrive.

Because the Xianbei people relied on their livestock for most of their food, the livestock area was heavily guarded.

As the 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen brought the 3,000 Skeletons charging over, even though the Xianbei people didn't understand why there were so many Undead attacking their village, they still ran out to meet them in battle.

Riding atop their large skeleton horses, the King's Undead Cavalry charged, forcefully tearing open up a gap in the wooden fences. Following this, a countless number of Skeletons flooded in from the gap, and many Xianbei soldiers ran over to stop them.

At this moment, the Chief of the Xianbei Village, Lou Ruo, sat up from his bed, and there were a few naked women lying beside him. He coarsely pushed them away, and hearing the sounds of fighting from the northern area of the village, he put on his clothes and walked out.

At this moment, someone came to report, "Chief, there are around 3,000 Skeletons attacking us from the north. The situations is quite dire, and they're much more powerful than normal Skeletons."

Lou Ruo frowned, and a look of fury on his face appeared as he prepared to go and see what was going on.

"Roarrrr!!!" the King's Undead Cavalry unleashed massive roars. The livestock, which were already going mad with fear, seemed to completely lose control. They broke through the fences and started to run in terror.

Some rushed towards buildings, while others rushed towards people. As the livestock started to go mad, Xianbei Village descended into chaos.

The livestock were future food for the village, and they could not be lost. Seeing this, Lou Ruo yelled, "Hurry and control the livestock!!"

Bai Qi had chosen to attack the livestock area to cause chaos.

Now, the Xianbei people had to split their forces between defending the Skeletons and controlling the crazed livestock. Sheep and deer were not too difficult to subdue, but crazed cattle were not easy to bring under control. If someone was rammed by a cow running at full speed, even if the person didn't die, he or she would be heavily injured.

And yet, this was only the beginning of Bai Qi's plan!

Very soon, Doke and the other Generals led 4,000 soldiers to attack the eastern side of the village. Xianbei Village was already in extreme chaos, and they were spread incredibly thin. This attack was like a sharp blade that stabbed into the village, and it was incredibly difficult to defend against.

Hearing about this new attack, Lou Ruo had to order his people to disregard the livestock and face the new enemies. Soon, the two sides clashed and started to battle.

Suddenly, a group of 800 armored Cavalrymen charged in from the western side of the village with unstoppable momentum, coming behind Lou Ruo without being stopped at all.

The Cavalry was led by 100 Cavalrymen wielding longswords - they were abnormally powerful, and their swords gave off rays of sword light. Combined together, those 100 soldiers seemed like a massive godly sword that could shred iron like dirt, and they stabbed into the rear of Lou Rou's army. They were Bai Qi's Unique Military Profession, the Iron Eagle Elite Soldiers. ~~~~