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 "Shameless. You're only my match after using your Nation Armament," Xie Yue said condescendingly as he looked at Zhao Fu mockingly.

Zhao Fu did not bother responding to him because they were on completely different levels. The World Realm only had a basic control over Heaven and Earth Power, while the Divine realm could control the power of three worlds. If Zhao Fu did not use his Nation Armament, Zhao Fu naturally would not be a match for him.

However, his goal was to escape from this place, so Zhao Fu did not focus on him.


The six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun and his cross-shaped pupil also spun. A massive wave of Yin Qi flowed out of his eye and seemed to cover the sky, and the surrounding aura became cold and chaotic.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Countless ghosts were formed from the Yin Qi and gave off terrifying roars as they savagely looked at Xie Yue, and they rushed towards him like a flood, wanting to devour him.

Sensing the aura that Zhao Fu gave off, the other people's bodies froze and they looked shocked as they looked at each other.

Facing this massive tide of ghosts, Xie Yue also looked quite shocked. A violet snake appeared on his arm, and Xie Yue swung his sword and the snake's body expanded, opened its massive mouth, and exploded out with a suction power and devoured the incoming ghosts.

The snake was incredibly ferocious and extremely fast, and it agilely moved about, devouring everything in its way, making it so that no ghosts could get close.

However, Zhao Fu had summoned far too many ghosts and Xie Yue was unable to get rid of them all, and Zhao Fu prepared to use this opportunity to get away.

However, just as Zhao Fu was about to move, the other people from the pavilion blocked his path.

Zhao Fu frowned and asked coldly, "What is the meaning of this? Why are you stopping me? Are you helping him?"

The crude-looking young man was the first to speak. He laughed as he said, "Don't misunderstand, that's something between the two of you and we won't interfere. However, we're quite shocked at how you have the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power. Can you please tell us? I am the Yama family's Yan San."

The next to speak was the handsome-looking young man. He smiled as he said, "I am the Tai family's Tai Liuwen. I am also extremely interested in sir's Six Paths of Reincarnation Power. If you can tell us how you obtained this power, we will be extremely grateful."

The mature-figured and beautiful woman said flirtatiously, "Sir, you should know that the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power is a supreme power in the Underworld. If you can give this kind of power to me, I can guarantee that you will be able to live your whole life free and unfettered. My name is Meng Yao."

"Hmph, with your status, you don't deserve to have this kind of power. Hand it over or tell us how you obtained it, and I can spare you from death." The noble-looking young man threatened in a cold voice. He was Hades Empire's Ming Di.

The young man dressed in monk clothes was called Di Ming. He did not say anything and looked at Zhao Fu seriously.

Last was the beautiful woman with half white and half black hair. She was from the Black and White Impermanence family and was called Bai Qingya. She smiled as she said, "I feel that you staying behind is beneficial to everyone; I advise you to stay."

Zhao Fu coldly looked at everyone and felt a trace of fury. He put away the Sadistic Killing Sword and equipped the Emperor Killing Sword.

The instant Zhao Fu took out the Emperor Killing Sword, the expression of Di Ming, who had not said anything, suddenly fell and he said, "That sword is a sword of disaster and chaos. All of you be careful."


As he spoke, Zhao Fu sent his Divine Bloodline's power into the sword and a massive sword hum could be heard, tearing through the sky. An incredibly sharp and terrifying sword intent madly flowed out, forming a sword storm.

The heavens and earth seemed to dim, and under this aura, the seven people felt a chill in their hearts, and their hair stood on end.


At that moment, Zhao Fu slashed out and an enormous black crescent containing destructive power flew out, seeming to slash apart the heavens and earth.

The others were greatly shocked and they exploded out with their power, and they hurriedly unleashed defensive barriers.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The massive black crescent sent the others flying back over 1,000 meters, and it caused the surroundings to become deathly silent.

The seven people now looked quite afraid, as their defensive barriers were covered with cracks. If they had not reacted in time or had been careless, they might have died from that attack.

Zhao Fu did not want to continued being tied up by them, and he turned into a ray of light and shot over the horizon.

"Earth Sealing!" Di Ming looked at Zhao Fu and put his palms together as he spoke with a Buddha-like voice.

Clang! Clang! Clang...

Black chains shot out of the ground, containing terrifying power as they shot towards Zhao Fu; there were hundreds of thousands of them.

Facing the countless chains, Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword and a sharp sword light flashed out.


A clear sword hum sounded out as the chains shooting towards Zhao Fu were all cut apart, and they fell like rain.

However, a person now blocked in front of Zhao Fu; it was Xie Yue. He raised his sword and hacked towards Zhao Fu.


The massive violet snake gave off an ear-piercing hiss, opened its terrifying mouth, and bit at Zhao Fu like a bolt of lightning, wanting to devour Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and the Emperor Killing Sword gave off an intense sword light. The moment that the snake was about to bite Zhao Fu, he slashed out.


The air around him seemed to explode as countless traces of black sword light shot into the surroundings. The violet snake exploded under Zhao Fu's attack and turned into countless traces of violet aura that dissipated and created a violet wind.

"Impermanence!" Bai Qingya looked at Zhao Fu as she lightly cried out and she rapidly performed hand seals with her hands, and a strange aura flowed out.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt a chill on his back as two ten meter tall figures giving off enormous eerie auras appeared behind him.

It was a Black Impermanence and a White Impermanence, and two pairs of eyes coldly looked at Zhao Fu. They raised their staffs and slammed down towards him with immense power, causing the air to explode.

Clang, clang, clang...

In that moment, the golden pupil in Zhao Fu's left eye quickly spun, and golden chains shot out from the air, binding up the Black and White Impermanences behind Zhao Fu and dragged them into the sealed space, not giving them any opportunity to resist.

"Ten Thousand Ghosts!" Ming Di waved a black flag and countless traces of ghostly qi flowed out, turning into countless ghost. They gave off ferocious auras as they sprang at Zhao Fu; there were millions of them and gave off massive sounds.

However, Zhao Fu merely turned his head and a gray vortex appeared in his right eye socket. An enormous attractive force rushed out, and the countless ghosts were sucked into Zhao Fu's eye.