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 Ming Lengxuan's face was covered with tears because she had just been ravaged by Zhao Fu and felt completely strengthless. She looked incredibly weak and pitiful, and she found it quite hard to put on her clothes. After getting off the bed, she took a few steps before almost falling to the ground.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and caught her; he felt that he had been a bit too rough on her. Seeing how pitiful she looked, he asked caringly, "Are you alright? If you're not feeling well enough, just stay here and tell me where the treasury is and how to open it."

Ming Lengxuan looked at the man who had just ravaged her showing care to her, and she could not help but burst into tears. It was because Zhao Fu had just ravaged her and because her father had violated her in the past, so she felt quite wronged and upset.

Now, she no longer had to fear Zhao Fu, and she hugged Zhao Fu as she wailed, her tears soaking Zhao Fu's clothes.

Zhao Fu did not understand why she was crying, nor did he know how to comfort her as he had never really comforted women before. All he could do was lightly hug her.

Only after a while did Ming Lengxuan stop crying. She looked at Zhao Fu with her red, puffy eyes and said, "I'm sorry, it was me who tried to harm you, so I deserved that. You don't need to treat me well."

Zhao Fu understood what she meant, but he knew what had happened. It was the elder who had forced her to do that, and he had used her as a material for casting a forbidden art.


He had only treated her like that because he had been quite angry and had vented his anger out on her. However, Zhao Fu did not have time for this right now. He picked up Ming Lengxuan and flew into the sky, and he had her tell him where the treasury was.

Lying in Zhao Fu's embrace, Ming Lengxuan looked a bit embarrassed and pointed in a direction, and she told Zhao Fu about some key traps and they soon came to a secret room.

There was a pair of silver doors ahead, and they were ten or so meters tall. There were many ghosts carved on them and they gave off an enormous aura. There were no keyholes, but it was evident that they could not be pushed open.

"Husband, these doors can only be opened by people with our imperial bloodline. Otherwise, even ordinary higher-beings would not be able to blast them open," Ming Lengxuan explained as she shyly lay in Zhao Fu's embrace.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled. Since the door was so difficult to open, it meant that the things inside were very precious.

Zhao Fu came to the doors and Ming Lengxuan pressed a hand against the silver doors, and a wave of power entered.


The massive silver doors gave off faint silver light before starting to move by themselves and opened up.

Just as the doors opened, the lights of the treasures within could be seen. Zhao Fu hugged Ming Lengxuan as he walked in and felt quite shocked as he looked at the treasures. As expected from the treasury of an Empire; even though it was just a small portion, it was still quite shocking.

Firstly, there were mountains of gold coins, and there were at least trillions of gold coins in total. There were hundreds of thousands of Legendary grade equipment, tens of thousands of Epic grade equipment, thousands of Saint Armaments, and all sorts of other precious treasures.

Moreover, those were only the ordinary treasures. There was a stone stage within the treasury, on which there were five boxes. The boxes were made of gold and socketed with all sorts of precious gems, and they looked incredibly valuable.

Zhao Fu put down Ming Lengxuan, who had regained some of her strength and could lean against Zhao Fu. He opened a treasure box and a gray jade appeared in front of him.

The gray jade was 15 centimeters long and was rectangular. There was a life-like ghost dragon engraved on it, and it gave off a faint light and felt abnormally cold.

Zhao Fu looked at its information and found that this was the Nether Spirit Empire's Art Legacy Stone. The Nether Spirit Empire's Art was Saint grade, which was a rare, top-tier Art, and it required a vessel to cultivate.

However, anyone who had this jade could learnt the Saint grade Art. However, the prerequisite was that one had to have the Nether Spirit Empire's imperial bloodline and it had to be a pure bloodline.

This was incredibly important to the Nether Spirit Empire but Zhao Fu was not interested in it at all, as he did not have the Nether Spirit Empire's bloodline. Only Ming Lengxuan had the imperial bloodline.

Zhao Fu put this away for now and opened the second treasure box, revealing a silver-colored hexagonal metal. It gave off a faint silver light and contained a powerful Yin energy.

After looking at its information, Zhao Fu felt incredibly delighted because this metal was a Yin Soul Beast's heart, and a top-grade heart at that. It was something necessary for nurturing Yin Soul Beasts, and with it, Zhao Fu could nurture even more Yin Soul Beasts and cause Great Qin to have more Stage 2 soldiers.

Zhao Fu opened the third treasure box and a command medallion was revealed.

This command medallion was as big as a palm and was black and seemed to be made of wood. There was a moon carved on it and it gave off dense demonic qi.

After looking at its information, Zhao Fu found that it was a historical remnant's command medallion and could open a historical remnant.

Zhao Fu remembered the words the elder had said to him before, that there was a historical remnant in the Demon Domain. Before, he had thought that the elder was lying to him, but it turned out that this was true, and this command medallion could open it.

The item in the fourth treasure box was a small bottle that was as big as one's thumb. Zhao Fu was not sure what it was.

Looking at its information, he found that it was a Ten Thousand Year Yin Liquid that could be used to nurture flowers and cause flowers to grow faster by about 3,000 years. He could use this to nurture the Dark Night Flower.

Zhao Fu felt that these things were all incredibly useful and corresponded to the rewards from before. Could it be that the elder had never given these things out?


The final treasure box contained a round jade dish that was covered with runes and looked quite profound.

After looking at its information, Zhao Fu was quite shocked, because this was a magic formation that could rival the Six Great Heaven-Defying Magic Formations. If it wasn't for the fact that creating it was extremely difficult and the ingredients were all quite difficult to obtain, it would definitely be the seventh Heaven-Defying Magic Formation.

This formation was called the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation. It could seal Fate, lock Heaven's Secrets, and separate the heavens and earth. As such, it required thousands of Nation Armaments to create, as well as refined Nation Armaments.

If this magic formation was set down, one's world would become independent of the Heaven Awaken World and would no longer be bound by the restrictions of the Heaven Awaken World. Its Fate would not decline and its Heaven's Secrets would be locked, making it impossible to divine its location.

This magic formation could allow one's world to not be restricted by the Heaven Awaken World; even Celestials could not escape from the control of the Heaven Awaken World, which showed how terrifying this magic formation was. As expected from something that could rival the Six Great Heaven-Defying Magic Formations.


Suddenly, this space violently trembled and Zhao Fu's face fell as he sensed people on the outside attacking the historical remnant. The power was incredibly monstrous, or else there would not be such a violent reaction.