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 Hearing these six terrifying roars, everyone was certain that this was the same Nether Emperor Star as before. They had never expected that this person who already had such a terrifying Emperor Star would have four in total.

No one could imagine such a thing, and no one would believe that this was true without seeing it for themselves. It seemed that they had unintentionally stumbled across a massive secret.

Within Zhao Fu's body, the elder was incredibly shocked as he looked at the four Emperor Stars in the sky. Emperor Stars had massive amounts of Fate, so if he tried to take over Zhao Fu's body, he would suffer a terrifying Fate backlash. What's more, there were four Emperor Stars.

Even if the elder used to be a higher-being, he cried out in fear, "Boy! Wait, maybe we can resolve things peacefully."

Zhao Fu's heart was cold and his eyes were filled with killing intent, as he did not trust this elder, nor did he have the ability to control him. If he did not kill him now, there would be endless trouble in the future.


The four Emperor Stars gave off intense starlight, forming four pillars of starlight that gave off immense power and terrifying sounds as they landed on Zhao Fu's body.

Massive amounts of Emperor Star power flowed into Zhao Fu's body, and under the assault from this power, the elder screamed before going silent. The green ball of flames dissipated, and Zhao Fu quickly devoured that power.

A while later, Zhao Fu once again opened his eyes, and his eyes shot out a ray of green light. Zhao Fu smiled - his cultivation had reached the Earth Realm and he had preserved a trace of the higher-being's source energy.

This trace of the source energy was very weak and much of it had been used up by the elder and also been weakened by the Emperor Stars' Fate. However, a benefit was that Zhao Fu obtained some of the elder's memories, as well as some of the skills he had used.

Hearing the sounds of fighting outside, Zhao Fu called out, "All of you stop!"

Both sides immediately stopped fighting and looked at Zhao Fu. Shang Long and the others did not know what had happened, and since Zhao Fu had told them to stop, they stopped fighting. The other side was not certain if the one speaking was Zhao Fu or their master.

However, because there was a possibility that it was their master, they still stopped and looked at Zhao Fu with suspicion. After all, the process of the elder trying to take over Zhao Fu's body had not gone smoothly and might have failed.

Facing their suspicious gazes, because Zhao Fu had absorbed some of the elder's power and memories, he acted like the elder and gave off his aura, saying, "I am Ming You!"

Hearing this, they were at ease because the aura Zhao Fu gave off, the way he spoke, and his demeanor belonged to their master.

Shang Long did not panic because the restrictions left within his body were still present. This meant that Zhao Fu was fine, and because he did not know what had happened, he gave off a confused expression.

The cold and beautiful woman walked to Zhao Fu's side and coolly called out, "Father!"

Zhao Fu now knew what this woman was called. She was called Ming Lengxuan and had once been the Crown Princess of the Nether Spirit Empire. Hearing her call out, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Five extremely beautiful women also came to Zhao Fu's side and called out flirtatiously, "Your Majesty!"

There was one who had a voluptuous figure and had a graceful and sumptuous aura; she was the Empress of the Nether Spirit Empire, You Yue. There was also a tall and slim woman who gave off a seductive aura, and she was a Senior Concubine called Yin Huaye. There was also a fiery-figured, lewd-looking Concubine called Gong Danduo.

The remaining two were also Concubines. One was quite slim and gave off a noble and virtuous aura, and she was called Hua Xuan. The other had a mature figure and gave off a gentle aura, and she was called Ye Fang.

Because Zhao Fu had obtained some of the elder's memories, he knew some things about the Nether Spirit Empire. The Nether Spirit Empire had been a real Empire but had been destroyed, and it had been by a few of the most terrifying factions in the Underworld.

Back then, only a small portion of people from the Nether Spirit Empire had hid into the historical remnant and turned into Nether Spirits, allowing them to live until now.

The Emperor of the Nether Spirit Empire, that elder, had only left behind a very weak trace of his remnant soul, as the large factions definitely would not have spared him. Keeping this trace of his soul was already a miracle.

That was why there were so few Concubines and soldiers. Moreover, in the fight before, many of them had been injured or killed. This was because in order to keep living, their power had greatly declined, or else they would not have been able to live for so long.

On Zhao Fu's side, Gui Ji was now an Emperor Heaven Realm expert and You Qinglan was also extremely powerful, while the others weren't weak either.

Right now, they could only hope that their master had taken over Zhao Fu's body, or they would all die; they were not a match for Zhao Fu's side at all.

"Your Majesty, now that you have a real body, you need to properly show us love," the fiery-figured Gong Danduo hugged Zhao Fu as she said thirstily.

As the Emperor of the Nether Spirit Empire, the elder was quite licentious and originally had over 1,000 Concubines, but he had only kept five of them. Before, they used to do it with the elder every day and had great needs that needed to be satisfied.

Even the dignified Empress You Yue's eyes looked quite hazy as she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful face.

The Passion Desire Flowers on the fourth level were nurtured by the elder, and he had used many Passion Desire Pearls to take many women.

Zhao Fu looked at the beautiful women and did not mind. He brought them into a room and called over Ming Lengxuan as well.

Under Zhao Fu's body, the five women became incredibly lewd, and Zhao Fu then started to ravage Ming Lengxuan without showing any mercy at all. Zhao Fu did not hold back because this woman had tried to harm him, so she had to be punished.

"Father, I was wrong!" In the end, Ming Lengxuan cried out and begged for mercy; only then did Zhao Fu let her off.

Even despite Zhao Fu ravaging her, she did not realize Zhao Fu's identity because her father had violated her in the past, which was why she was cold and showed such repulsion towards men.

After doing it with them, Zhao Fu went to find his own group of women.

Only then did You Yue and the other women realize Zhao Fu's identity. Their man had not taken over Zhao Fu's body, and he had instead been killed by Zhao Fu.

They looked quite sad but did not do anything, as Zhao Fu had set down restrictions in their bodies. Moreover, they had felt great pleasure from doing it with Zhao Fu.

"Get up and take me to the Nether Spirit Empire's treasury," Zhao Fu put on his clothes and said coldly as he looked at the sobbing Ming Lengxuan. The Nether Spirit Empire had preserved a small portion of its treasures, but they would still be quite useful to Great Qin.

Because Zhao Fu had only obtained a portion of the elder's memories, he did not know the exact location of the treasury or how to open it, so he asked Ming Lengxuan.