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 After entering Zhao Fu's body, the elder gave off cries of shock, and Zhao Fu no longer hid anything either and coldly laughed as he said, "Father-in-law, are you satisfied with my body? IF you take over my body, your power will be unimaginable in the future."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the elder's expression fell and he coldly yelled, "Boy, so you realized what was happening! However, do you really think you're a match for me? You're too inexperienced; even though I'm just a trace of a remnant soul, I was once a higher-being who almost stepped to the Half-Step Celestial Realm.

"Now, you can die! I'll properly use your body, and this old man will enjoy those women you brought as well."


A massive power exploded out as countless traces of green light blasted out from within Zhao Fu's body. The green magic formation also quickly spun, and a massive wave of Nether Spirit energy entered Zhao Fu's body.

The palace was filled with green light, and the air seemed to freeze and became incredibly oppressive. The temperature dropped by tens of degrees and seemed to be able to freeze people solid.

The powerful green light continuously entered Zhao Fu's body and the elder rushed towards Zhao Fu's head. This was because the soul was in the head, and if the elder could take over Zhao Fu's head, he would obtain Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he said, "Old man, did you really think I was not prepared at all? And do you think I'm someone to be trifled with? Without those two powers controlling me, how likely do you think it is for you to take over my body? Celestial Mode... Activate!"


A rainbow light exploded out from Zhao Fu's body and a rainbow-colored ring of runes appeared around him. The rainbow light started to resist the green light, and Zhao Fu's soul became rainbow-colored. The Celestial Mode not only increased his power but his soul's strength as well.

The elder panicked as he cried out, "Celestial Mode?"

Because Zhao Fu had fused with a trace of Celestial source energy, Zhao Fu's Celestial Mode was a true Celestial Mode and was many times more powerful than ordinary ones.

The elder sensed the power from Zhao Fu's soul and felt that things had become quite difficult, but he had no path of retreat.


A powerful aura burst out of Zhao Fu's body as the elder formed a battle armor using energy, which rushed towards Zhao Fu's head with an immense aura.

Zhao Fu said coldly and mockingly, "Old man, I'll send you to reincarnate now. Six Paths of Reincarnation... Open!"

A massive cold aura flowed out and six gray vortexes appeared within Zhao Fu's body. The six vortexes formed a gray magic formation, and a massive attractive force burst forth and sucked in the elder.

The elder cried out angrily, "Boy, don't think that Six Paths of Reincarnation Power of this level can deal with me. Nether Spirit Guard!"

Nether Spirit energy flew out from the elder's body and floated around him, giving off powerful energy as they formed a green energy barrier that blocked off the attractive force.

Zhao Fu's gaze was cold as the Underworld Pearl surfaced, and he started to use the Six Paths Demon Images' power, causing the magic formation to erupt with even greater attractive force.

The elder was incredibly shocked and understood how Zhao Fu could use the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power; it was by sealing the Six Paths Demon Images in his body. He did not know how he had done this, but seeing the barrier start to crack, the elder became ruthless.

"Boy, you forced my hand. I'll show you what higher-being power is like; don't think you can defeat me."


An almighty explosion sounded out as the elder's body started to melt and became a ball of green flames. Countless traces of light spread out, passing through the historical remnant and reaching outside it as well.

The weather started to change as clouds swirled, and the world's source energy madly gathered, causing a power that seemed to be able to seal all things to explode out.

The experts waiting outside the historical remnant felt their bodies sink, and their expressions fell as they looked towards the silver doors. A higher-being's power had just come out from there, and looking at the sky covered by green light and sensing the coldness that filled the world, they understood that this was not the power of an ordinary higher-being.

Now that the elder had turned into this ball of green flames, he was igniting his source energy, which was incredibly dangerous to him.

However, as long as he could suppress Zhao Fu and obtain Zhao Fu's body, it would all be worth it. This was because he found that Zhao Fu was a supreme treasure.

Now, Zhao Fu's body could not move at all, and his soul seemed to be restricted by an immense power as well. His blood vessels cooled and his body was filled with green light. All of his powers had been suppressed, and he could not resist at all.

Zhao Fu was greatly shocked; the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power had been dispelled by the elder as well, and now he was charging towards Zhao Fu's head.

At that moment, Zhao Fu became resolved; he would not allow the elder to take over his body.


A massive power exploded out, causing winds to sweep out. The palace could not withstand this power, and parts of it were blown away, as four aura flames ferociously rushed into the sky.

The other women felt that something was off and hurried over. However, they were stopped by the soldiers, and the two sides started to fight.

Outside the historical remnant, the sky suddenly darkened, causing everyone to have a bad feeling. Soon, the soon became pitch-black, as if all light was being devoured, creating an oppressive atmosphere.

A star giving off a blood-red light and an aura of chaos appeared, followed by a star giving off golden light and an Emperor's aura. A star giving off gray light and a cold aura then appeared, then a star giving off violet light and devil qi.

The massive might that they gave off seemed unbearable for the heavens and earth, which continuously trembled. The sky was filled with light and all creatures sank into terror.

The many experts gathered at the entrance of the historical remnant looked at the resplendent stars in shock. Those were four Emperor Stars, and they had the Human Race's Emperor Star, Death Race's Emperor Star, and the Devil Race's Emperor Star.

What was going on? Why did four Emperor Stars simultaneously descend? Moreover, the auras they gave off were quite similar, which meant that they belonged to one person. How could one person have four Emperor Stars?

Moreover, wasn't that Nether Emperor Star the one that seemed to suppress the Underworld before? Could it be the same one as before?

Everyone felt quite confused and could not work out what was happening, but soon their guesses were confirmed.

"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!" Six terrifying roars tore through the sky and spread out, sounding throughout the entire Underworld. The six terrifying roars once again caused the Underworld's Yin Qi to descend into chaos.

Sensing Zhao Fu daringly reveal his aura, the Six Paths Demon Images could not control themselves and gave off massive roars, wanting to crush Zhao Fu into dust.